‘Scent of a fry’: McDonald’s Japan launches limited-edition french fry perfumes

McDonald’s Japan has unveiled a limited-edition perfume collection inspired by their iconic fries, with aromas like plum nori seaweed salt, and garlic black pepper mayo. The inventive packaging resembles McDonald’s distinctive fry boxes. Announced on their social media, this release adds to their history of unique collaborations, extending their food legacy into fragrance.

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World’s largest potato crisp on display at Idaho’s celebrated potato museum

The Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot, Idaho, is notable for housing the world’s largest Pringles potato crisp, according to the World Record Academy. The Pringle crisp was created by Procter & Gamble in 1991 and measures 25 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and weighs 5.4 ounces. Besides this exhibit, the museum also showcases ancient Peruvian vessels used for potato storage 1,600 years ago and manages a hall of fame that recognizes significant contributions to the potato industry.

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Witty moments: A glimpse into life and parenting with a twist of humor

In a world filled with conflicts and tragedies, it’s crucial to find moments of joy and humor at times. A TwitterX account, “I Might Be Funny – Honest observations on life and parenting”, offers a delightful twist on parenting with humorous anecdotes. Curated by Janene, a mom who humorously shares her quirks, the account showcases hilarious quips from kids.

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Weird news: Walkers creates world’s biggest ‘billboard’ by turning 30,000 potato plants into huge advert

Walkers has created the world’s biggest-ever ‘billboard’ – a 73,532 square foot ‘cropvert’ – created in a British potato field. Yorkshire-based potato farmer Tim Rodwell helped the crisp brand turn roughly 30,000 potato plant into its biggest and most unusual campaign to date. The artwork is so big it’s visible from space, and outsizes the biggest standing billboard in the world – which covers 67,382 square feet.

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Advice from an old farmer: ‘Keep skunks and bankers at a distance’

Dear readers of Potato News Today: I just saw this wonderful piece, and feel to share it with you. It has apparently been circulating online for quite some time by now. Still, it is really worth a read – or a second read (and some thought) for that matter… Apparently there are many versions of it, but credit for the original version goes to former judge and Texas State Legislator Roy English, a popular author of several books featuring his wit and no-nonsense humor.

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12 McDonald’s locations that went rogue

From an airplane to an ancient ruin, yes, you can get fries with that, writes Sam Lin-Sommer, Gastro Obscura Editorial Fellow in this article. For a chain that prides itself on conformity, McDonald’s boasts some rebels among its franchises, Lin-Sommer writes. In Taupo, New Zealand, kids eat Happy Meals inside a red-and-silver 20-seater airplane from 1943. Sometimes, the chain’s deep fryers sit atop historical artifacts.

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And then there is the matter of the ‘packaged, skinny little tortured spud’…

“You’ve got your foodies, you’ve got your chefs and then the category of bloody good cooks. But somewhere in there are the foodsters, people who simply like food and prefer to eat it without deep fried grapes, sun dried pansies or a jus,” writes Diane Cassere in a tongue-in-cheek article published by the Daily Maverick. In her opinion, “the most prevalent abuse of a vegetable is that of the potato. Manipulate the potato at your peril, it is the start of a moral decline let alone a crime against foodstuffs…”

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To all Spud Dads…

Happy Fathers Day to all Spud Dads out there! I received a copy of a delightful little piece sent to a good friend of mine by his kids, and I translated it into English. I hope you enjoy it as well? It is titled “My Dad is an Iron Man”…

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Funny: ‘Let me help you get them spuds safely planted…’

In a video shared by a Reddit user earlier this week, it is shown how an adorable dog is enthusiastically assisting two men to plant potatoes. “I can help with potatoes too,” reads the caption. The video has since gone viral and accumulated more than 48,000 upvotes on Reddit since it was shared and the numbers are quickly increasing.

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Albert Bartlett launches search for little brother to ‘world’s largest spud’

Potato company Albert Bartlett in the UK is on a mission to track down #DougsLittleBro after the ‘world’s largest spud’ was discovered. Colin Craig-Brown, from Hamilton, New Zealand, found the huge 7.9kg potato in his vegetable garden last August, which went on to become a local celebrity in its hometown. Now the Airdrie-based potato brand have launched their #Dougslittlebro to dig up the spud’s sibling.

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‘Doug the spud’: Kiwi with giant potato goes viral in UK after hilarious interview

A massive Kiwi potato that is in the running to claim a world record has gone viral after the man who found it gave a hilarious interview to British TV. Waikato man Colin Craig-Brown in New Zealand spoke to former NZ broadcaster Philip Schofield on his popular This Morning breakfast show about the trials and tribulations of securing official recognition for his giant potato.

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Is this the largest potato in the world?

Colin and Donna Craig-Brown were having a bit of a cleanup in their vegetable garden in late August, to get ready for their usual flurry of spring planting. So he dug around it with a fork until he dug up the large root vegetable – which he realised, after poking it with the garden fork and tasting it, was a potato.

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Wednesday humor: As for the Queen’s potatoes…

According to an article by Morgan Cutolo, published by Reader’s Digest, the Queen is privy to only the very best potatoes, to such an extent that every single one served to her is hand measured beforehand to ensure it’s suitable…

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‘Potato Photographer of the Year’ competition returns for 2021

After the huge success of the inaugural competition last year, the Potato Photographer of the Year returns for 2021. The competition may not take itself too seriously, but like last year its proceeds will go to a very worthy cause – helping to tackle food poverty in the UK. Last year’s winner was Ray Spence, thanks to his inspired image ‘End of lockdown’.

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Only on Twitter: The ‘Hippopotato’ and other faces of the beloved spud…

Soon after the photo above was published earlier today by Faces in Things on its channel @FacesPicks, it went viral – creating thousands of “likes”, retweets and of course many comments from other members of the Twitter community. Several thought that simply “hippotato” will do for the now famous spud, while @Blitz4532 replied “Sure you mean

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New Zealand’s South Island and green onion chips: A love story for the ages

From the tip of Farewell Spit to the very arse end of Stewart Island, there is one delicacy that unites Te Wai Pounamu: the humble green onion chip. But why? Alice Neville embarks on a quest for the true story behind this regional snacking quirk in a delightful article. We publish a brief excerpt here – the full story can be read on The Spinoff.

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