Organic potatoes: Climate change clearly felt

Even if the current temperatures suggest a normal winter, the weather extremes from last year are still having an impact. Never before has climate change been so clearly felt.At temperatures of around 25°C potatoes react with stress; at higher temperatures the plant stops its growth completely. According to the Deutscher Wetterdienst, there were 55 days of over 27°C during the[Read[Read More…]

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J.R. Simplot company in legal battle

J.R. Simplot, the largest supplier of fresh potatoes in the US tried to convince the Ninth Circuit on Monday that a business partner improperly took over a vegetable processor without paying. Washington Potato Company won a judgment in federal court in 2017 allowing it to purchase Pasco Processing for $0, after U.S. District Judge Rosanna Peterson ruled its contract with[Read[Read More…]

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Registrations now open for Europatat Congress

The Norwegian Association of Fruit and Vegetable Wholesalers (NFGF) and Europatat, the European Potato Trade Association, are pleased to announce the opening of registrations for the upcoming annual Europatat Congress. The event will take place in Oslo (Norway) from 12 to 14 June 2019 at the unique Holmenkollen Park Hotel, set in the impressive Holmenkollen Park, which is located 350[Read[Read More…]

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Mart Produce keeps added value from potato crops at home

Nearly four decades ago, a group of local farms started a company to wash, sort and package fresh potatoes harvested from their fields — keeping more of the dollars gained from the process at home. “It allowed them to own a little bit more of that value chain,” Jason Allen CEO for Mart Produce said. The Mart Group LLC, operating[Read[Read More…]

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How a combine works…

Two years ago I went to Ag In Motion excited to see DOT launch! Here is just a little explanation of what a #combine is & how it works! You are unauthorized to view this page.

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India: Punjab CM announces slew of initiatives to help state’s distressed potato growers

In a bid to help the state’s distressed potato farmers, Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has ordered release of Rs 5 crore for providing freight subsidy to the producers for marketing their crop out of Punjab. Announcing a series of measures to support the potato farmers, the Chief Minister has directed the Department of Agriculture to take all possible steps[Read[Read More…]

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The potato chip: Created in the eighteen hundreds, and still popular…

In 1853 while working as the head chef at Cary Moon’s Lake House in Saratoga Lake, near Saratoga Springs New York. One day some of his guests complained that he made french fries to thick. Irritated, he made another batch but sliced the potatoes extra thin on purpose. He deep fried them and added salt. The result was a thin, crisp and delicious treat his[Read[Read More…]

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Canada: Mancozeb fight calls potato growers to share on-farm use

Mancozeb is on the regulatory chopping block. Now Manitoba potato producers are being urged to share how they use the chemical as their industry attempts to preserve it as an aerial fungicide, and they have just days to do it. Why it matters: Health Canada has proposed a ban on mancozeb for potatoes and other horticultural crops. Meanwhile, Manitoba potato[Read[Read More…]

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US: Potato Council CEO – Immigration deal ‘doable’

Discussions between political leaders in Washington, D.C., on immigration and border security are as “petty” and “fruitless” as John Keeling has ever seen. Keeling, CEO of the National Potato Council, spoke Jan. 23 at the Washington-Oregon Potato Conference in Kennewick, Wash. “Everybody knows what we need to do on immigration,” he said. “We need to have a guestworker program that[Read[Read More…]

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Anyone with Yukon Gold seed ready for shipment to Dublin?

Dear folks, one of our ardent and loyal readers in Ireland is in dire straights right now, needing 2 tonnes of Yukon Gold potato seed to be shipped to her at Dublin Port as soon as possible? Anyone that can possible help? Most appreciated folks, thank you… Her name is Maria Flynn at Ballymakenny Farm in Ireland. You will find[Read[Read More…]

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Soil pH: What’s the scale of the issue?

The issue of soil pH and its importance receives a lot of publicity. The key message is that at lower pH the efficacy of chemical fertiliser and availability of soil nutrients is reduced. However despite efforts by Teagasc in Ireland to promote the significance of the issue some 63% of soils are suboptimal pH. The scaleThe scale is open to[Read[Read More…]

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Brexit and the UK fresh produce industry

The Chief Executive of the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC) spoke to BBC Radio Kent’s Ian Collins earlier today about the supply chain problems surrounding the fresh produce industry in Britain post-Brexit. Watch the video on YouTube here. You are unauthorized to view this page.

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Precision Agriculture Conference an important event for growers and agronomists

After a successful 5 years, is excited to announce that its Precision Agriculture Conference for 2019 will be moving to the London Convention Centre in London, Ontario, eastern Canada on February 5-6, 2019. The 2019 conference will once again be a day-and-a-half program comprised of expert speaker presentations, as well as hands-on workshops. The conference’s workshops are designed for[Read[Read More…]

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Potato specialist advises growers on the management of pink rot and Pythium leak

Dr Eugenia Banks is a respected potato specialist and also consultant for the Ontario Potato Board in Canada. In her email newsletter sent to grower subscribers earlier today, Dr Banks advises on chemical management solutions to suppress pink rot and Pythium leak. Dr Banks wrote: Most of you probably know that Orondis Gold Potato, a co-pack containing Orondis and Ridomil,[Read[Read More…]

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Consumer values: ‘Trends in the USA will be replicated in other parts of the world’

Modern consumers spend more and more money on food. They also often eat out. Foodservice is flourishing more than ever before. According to Paul Oomen, food service specialist at potato breeding company HZPC, consumer values are changing rapidly. He identifies and analyses developments that have a major impact on the food industry.   ‘Nowadays people are spending considerably more on[Read[Read More…]

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Potatoes New Zealand continues work in response to potato mop-top virus find

In the latest Update newsletter to the industry, Communications and Engagement Officer at Potatoes NZ, Gemma Carroll, writes that the 2018-2019 Summer Season in that country is stable so far, with occasional short bursts of torrential rain and in the last week of January a heatwave has moved across the country from Australia, which could bring short-term challenges.  Overall there’s[Read[Read More…]

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Pass the chips and dip! Snacking and the American Super Bowl

For the second year, SNAC International, the international trade association for the snack industry, examined just how many snacks Americans purchased for the Super Bowl.  “The Super Bowl is primetime for the entire snack industry. Our members, including snack producers and their suppliers prepare for this monumental snacking holiday months in advance,” said Elizabeth Avery, President & CEO, SNAC International. [Read[Read More…]

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European farmers concerned about looming CIPC ban

According to a report by the Spanish news publication Agrodigital, there are mounting concern among European growers that the commonly used sprout inhibitor Chlorpropham (CIPC) might be banned. CIPC was approved for use on potatoes in longterm storage during the 2018/19 production season, but there is wide concern that it will not be approved for the next storage season. The[Read[Read More…]

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