Canada: Potahto Week returning to Winnipeg in February

Registration is now open for restaurants hoping to be crowned champion during the 2nd annual Potahto Week, sponsored by Peak of the Market. The week-long event challenges restaurants to put forward a signature dish made with Manitoba grown potatoes and lets the public vote on their favourite creation. “Potahto Week is back and so are the tasty dishes created by talented local chefs[Read[Read More…]

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UK: Three years of potato research at Elveden Estate aims to spark a ‘quantum leap’ in farming

A three-year research project at an East Anglian farm has shown growers a myriad of small improvements which could spark a “quantum leap” in potato production – and taught some broader lessons about communication and knowledge-sharing. More than 100 farmers, agronomists and suppliers gathered at Rowley Mile Racecourse in Newmarket to hear the results of trials undertaken at the Elveden[Read[Read More…]

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Gene find unlocks potato colouring

Scientists at The James Hutton Institute have unlocked the genetics of potato skin and flesh colour paving the way for new colourful varieties. A new study identified a genetic molecule that regulates the production of anthocyanin, a natural pigment which influences skin and flesh colour. Researchers also discovered previously unknown inhibitors of anthocyanin, meaning potato breeders could target these genes[Read[Read More…]

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Cold storages face the heat as potato prices crash in India

Owners of cold storages in major potato-producing States in India, including Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and Gujarat are worried a lot these days. A sizeable amount of loans they took from banks to lend to potato farmers and traders have not been repaid and have turned into non-performing assets. With the price of potatoes crashing, a majority of the[Read[Read More…]

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Europe: “Processors lift mood on potato market, but price ceiling has been reached in export”

After a busy period until the week before Christmas, potato export in Europe is now marking time. The coming weeks will show which way it will turn, according to Jan Westhoeve of Westhoeve Potatoes from Ouddorp in the Netherlands. “The Dutch factories appear to be arriving on the market, and farmers are holding on to their trade a bit more[Read[Read More…]

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US potato growers taking the fight to nematodes

No matter how healthy the plants look in a potato field, the power is in the ground and the proof is in the digging. That’s why potato growers list root protection as a top priority. Says Drew Nielsen, Bayer customer business advisor: “The top of the plant doesn’t make you any money. It’s all beneath the soil. Roots are important.[Read[Read More…]

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Potato pathogens meet their match through $8 million multi-state research initiative

For nearly four years, plant pathologists Courtney Jahn and Jane Stewart have worked closely with Colorado potato growers, leading state-funded research to assess soil health, disease mitigation and crop rotation strategies. Now, together with researchers from nine other universities, Jahn and Stewart will continue exploring best practices for strong, disease-resistant potato crops in Colorado and beyond, as co-recipients of an[Read[Read More…]

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The traceability trend: From Farm to Smartphone to Table

Mintel, a global market research company, named traceability—the ability to see where food comes from, what it’s made with, and by whom—one of the five most important food and drink trends for 2018. According to Mintel, the trend is fueled by “widespread distrust” in how our food is made, the “need for reassurance about the safety and trustworthiness” of food,[Read[Read More…]

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Tyson variety delivering a heavyweight punch for British potato growers

Greenvale Seed, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of seed potatoes has announced it’s intention to exclusively supply UK growers with a new variety of potato. The variety named Tyson lives up to its big name punching above many other varieties on the UK market with its high yielding and disease resistant properties. Greenvale Seed have been supplying UK potato[Read More…]

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Why potato means bad news in India’s Punjab state right now

The potato bomb has exploded in the face of Punjab farmers once again—another year when they are unable to get acceptable prices for their produce. Farmers in Punjab say that after spending Rs 7 to produce a kilo of potatoes, all they get back is Rs 2.50 per kg for fresh potato meant for immediate fresh consumption. The situation is[Read[Read More…]

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Spanish potato chips a sellout in Australia

Galician exporters in Spain closed 2018 with record figures, mainly due to the boost of the automotive industry. However, with the start of the New Year, another product, namely Galician potatoes, could also contribute their bit to a statistic that indicates the health of the region’s economy, but this time in snack form. Bonilla a la Vista, one of the[Read[Read More…]

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Tong showcases equipment advances at LAMMA 2019

Leading vegetable handling equipment manufacturer, Tong Engineering, is once again exhibiting at the UK’s largest farm machinery show LAMMA, and this time at the event’s new location, the NEC Birmingham, on stand 8.600 in Hall 8. Further to recent advancements and developments in the company’s wide range of potato and vegetable washing, grading and handling equipment, which have most recently[Read[Read More…]

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ImpacTrack, the latest game-changing technology to tackle food waste in agriculture

Using low-cost digital technologies to meet the challenge of reducing food waste was the theme adopted by Dr Gavin Lishman, Managing Director of Martin Lishman Ltd, in his presentation at the recent Game Changing Technologies for Agriculture conference organised by the Department of International Trade in London. “The fact that 1.3bn tons of food are wasted globally each year, with[Read[Read More…]

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Haith to showcase innovative packing-line machine at LAMMA show

The Haith Group’s representatives will be at the LAMMA 2019 trade show in the UK this week, displaying their latest products and looking forward to discussing future plans with growers and processors visiting the show. Recent product launches from the company include the new Haith Smart Drier, an innovative packing-line machine that features a bed of heated stainless-steel rollers designed[Read[Read More…]

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British potato growers to be updated on latest Strategic Farm trial results

Potato growers in Britain are invited to come along to Newmarket this Thursday, 10 January (all day) when AHDB Potatoes will host Strategic Farm Results Day – SPot East, Elveden Farms. Attendees will hear results from the 2018 trials and demonstrations carried out at Elveden Estate. 2018 Trials/Demos Programme: Residual and contact Herbicides trialVariety & PCN (Pallida): resistance and toleranceTrap[Read[Read More…]

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Frito-Lay North America announces appointment of new CEO

Pepsico recently announced the appointment of Vivek Sankaran as CEO of Frito-Lay North America. Kirk Tanner will become CEO of North America Beverages. The appointments were officially made in late December, following the announcement that Albert P. Carey, Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo North America, will retire at the end of March 2019, after nearly four decades at PepsiCo. Both[Read[Read More…]

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