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McCain Foods India releases second edition of Sustainability Report

McCain Foods has launched the second edition of the India Sustainability Report 2021 – titled ‘Together-Towards Planet-Friendly Food’ earlier this week, highlighting the steps taken by the company towards delivering planet-friendly food, encouraging the use of sustainable practices and helping communities thrive with a sustainable livelihood.

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McCain switching from coal to woodchips to make potato chips in New Zealand

A $5.6 million project to eliminate CO2 emissions and reduce demand for heating fuel at McCain’s Timaru factory in New Zealand will soon use woodchips to make potato chips. As Yashas Srinivasa reports for, the company is converting its boiler from coal to domestically sourced woodchips, which will help McCain reduce its carbon emissions by approximately 30,000 tonnes per year.

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PepsiCo to add new line to Lay’s plant, expanding its largest food plant in India

PepsiCo India today announced expansion plans for its largest greenfield foods manufacturing plant that produces the popular LAY’S potato chips in Kosi Kalan, Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. As part of its expansion plan, PepsiCo India will increase the capacity of the state-of-the-art foods plant, by setting-up a new manufacturing line which will produce one of world’s leading nacho chip brand Doritos. 

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‘Leading with purpose, not profit’: Canada’s first plastic-free packaged, organic potato chip company launches

Humble Snacks, Inc., based in Canada’s Ontario province, is disrupting the snack industry with the Humble Potato Chips, Canada’s first plastic-free packaged, organic potato chips. Founded by Jeff and Alicia Lahey, the chips – made from locally sourced, organic potatoes – are traditionally cooked with the skins and lightly dusted with seasoning, as Nithya Caleb reports for Food in Canada magazine.

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Canada: Snack maker establishes new state-of-the-art potato chip processing facility in Alberta

Super-Pufft, one of North America’s largest manufacturers and co-packers of salty snacks for retailers and national brands, has established a new state-of-the-art potato chip processing facility in Alberta. The new $50-million facility will support Alberta potato producers and create more than 100 jobs for the Airdrie area. It will use about 78,000 tonnes of Alberta potatoes each year.

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‘Arch Chips’: First and all-women managed potato chips company established in India’s Uttar Pradesh state

The company ‘Arch Chips’ in the Shikohabad area is not a typical business firm. It has 10 directors and 650 shareholders – all of them women and members of a self help group (SHG) with none having business experience and only a handful whom have studied beyond school. The SHG members contributed Rs 3,000 (about US$38) each while the 10 directors additionally took a loan from a bank to set up the factory in April last year.

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Belgium: How PepsiCo used a Lays potato chip plant to help heat neighboring homes

Belgian real-estate developer Ion was looking for sustainable heating alternatives for a new residential area in the city of Veurne when it received a proposal from a surprising source: PepsiCo. The vapor from cooking up to 20 tons of potatoes per hour could heat a water circuit, replacing natural gas with a more environmentally efficient process while simultaneously providing PepsiCo with a valuable carbon offset.

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How Herr’s feeds potato chips to cows to help the environment

Herr’s potato chips have been enjoyed by the greater Philadelphia area for more than 75 years. But not every chip is perfect. In fact, some are marked with imperfections and would otherwise become food waste. The concoction of chips, pretzels, popcorn, and more become food for cattle on the adjacent Herr Angus Farm.

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Fry crisis in Asia: KFC Singapore stops selling french fries; McDonald’s Philippines serving just regular fries

KFC Singapore said on Thursday (28 April) that it is not offering French fries for now but assured customers that the item “will be back soon” amid a global potato shortage. McDonald’s Philippines has paused sales of larger portions of their fries due to “the global freight crisis,” saying they are “working hard to bring back all sizes very soon.”

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Belgians launch UK processed potato push

A substantial new two-year marketing campaign to promote Belgian processed potatoes is launching for the UK retail and foodservice sectors under initiative of VLAM, the Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board. “Belgian processed potato products are a strong and proven solution for retailers and caterers, with excellent quality in-home and out-of-home options to meet consumer trends, said Katrien De Nul, promotion manager at VLAM.

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Lamb Weston reports financial and operating progress during fiscal third quarter 2022

Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. announced its fiscal third quarter 2022 results and updated its fiscal 2022 outlook in early April. Tom Werner, President and CEO said in a press release:: “We continued to make financial and operating progress in the quarter through strong execution of pricing actions to manage significant input, manufacturing and supply chain cost inflation.”

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Calbee’s new ‘wet chips’ – fad or game changer?

Japanese snack companies are always looking for new and exciting ways to tantalise our taste buds, writes Oona McGee in this news article for SoraNews24. She says the country’s leading potato chip maker, Calbee, is ‘changing the game entirely’ by taking the crunch out of their potato chips, with a new product called “Nure Jaga“, which translates to “wet potato“.

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Branston to develop potato protein for use in plant-based food

Potato supplier Branston in the UK has partnered with new technology provider Root Extracts to develop a potato plant protein for use in vegan and vegetarian food. Potato protein is high in amino acids and had a high level of functionality – meaning it could, for example, be used as an egg replacement binding agent, the supplier added.

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Global food crisis: Potato chips and candy at risk over export freeze

Supplies of potato chips and various confectionaries are now under threat as a result of disrupted export of key ingredients caused by sanctions and the Ukraine War. As Peter Caddle reports for Breitbart, Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine has led to significant disruptions in global supply chains, with the West losing access either partially or fully to some essential goods and resources from the two nations.

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Maine potato growers expecting hit after processing plant fire

The large fire at a potato processing plant in Maine is expected to have ripple effects across Maine’s agriculture industry. The Penobscot McCrum plant in Belfast processed Maine-grown spuds into products sold around the country. Don Flannery, executive director of the Maine Potato Board, said the loss of the plant will have a negative impact on the state’s potato growers.

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Massive fire at Maine potato factory believed to be caused by fryolator

Officials believe a deep-frying machine is behind the fire that destroyed a potato processing facility in Belfast, Maine. WMTW News 8 reports that multiple fire crews were called to the fire at the Penobscot McCrum potato processing facility in Belfast Thursday morning. According to officials, eight employees were working at the time of the fire but were able to evacuate the building.

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McCain Foods scraps plans for Russian plant, donates to Red Cross in Ukraine

McCain Foods has scrapped its plan to open a potato processing plant in Russia following the country’s invasion of Ukraine. “We have now made the decision to discontinue the project entirely,” Charlie Angelakos, McCain’s vice-president of global external affairs and sustainability said to the CBC in an emailed statement. “In addition, we are also suspending all shipments of our products into the Russian market.”

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Paardekooper’s new delivery packaging keeps fries warm and crispy for longer

Cold and limp fries is a problem that many catering entrepreneurs encounter. Dutch based Paardekoper says in a news article that with its new Depa® French fries box, this problem is a thing of the past. The company says the revolutionary material composition and shape provide the ideal combination of ventilation, absorption and insulation. As a result, fries and snacks stay warm and crispy longer than in traditional delivery packaging.

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