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A leap forward in food processing solutions: CMP and FPS unveil state-of-the-art innovation center in Canada

Charlottetown Metal Products Ltd (CMP) and FPS Food Process Solutions have inaugurated an Innovation Center in Prince Edward Island, Canada, emphasizing hygienic food processing solutions. This venture will enhance collaborations with educational institutions, government bodies, and global food processing clients. The 10,000 sq. ft. center, housing seven ongoing projects, aims to improve energy use, automation, and production yields. Both company presidents expressed their commitment to innovation and future growth.

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Idaho’s potato future looks bright with Lamb Weston’s $415M investment

In a major boost to Idaho’s potato industry, Lamb Weston is investing $415 million to expand its American Falls facility. The project aims to increase the plant’s french fry production by 40%, making it one of the world’s largest frozen potato processors. Slated for completion by mid-2024, the expansion will add 12,000 acres of potato farmland in Idaho and create approximately 280 new jobs, reinforcing the state’s leading role in the global potato market.

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A booming global potato snacks market: Flavors and health trends shape its future growth

The global potato snacks market is booming, valued at $92.31 billion in 2023 and expected to grow at a 3.1% CAGR to $125.04 billion by 2033, according to Persistence Market Research. Factors such as rising disposable incomes, increasing population, and urbanization are driving this growth. The market is also influenced by trends like demand for flavored and organic snacks, and innovative packaging. Potato snacks, including chips and fries, have become a staple in global snacking culture.

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Fries on the rise: Nearly half of potatoes now go into frozen products

The USDA’s Economic Research Service reveals that the majority of potatoes in the U.S. are now sold in processed forms like frozen, chipped, or canned products. The popularity of french fries in quick-service restaurants has led to a rise in frozen potato products since 1979. However, the trend saw a slowdown as consumers adopted low-carb diets and explored alternative foods. Despite this, frozen potato availability increased by 8% during the pandemic years of 2019–21. Quick-service restaurants account for two-thirds of french fry consumption.

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Agronico joins Simplot: A milestone deal in Australia’s agricultural landscape

In a landmark deal, Simplot is set to acquire Agronico, Tasmania’s leading seed potato producer. The acquisition, pending regulatory approvals, promises to reshape Tasmania’s agricultural sector. Judith Shaw, Agronico’s owner, expressed confidence in Simplot’s ability to continue the company’s 35-year legacy. Agronico, known for its innovative use of hydroponics, produces 8,000 tonnes of seed potatoes and 25,000 tons of minitubers annually.

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Crispy and healthy? The science behind air frying and traditional potato frying methods

The National Autonomous University of Mexico conducted a study comparing traditional immersion frying and air frying methods for French fries. The research found that air frying offers benefits like reduced oil consumption by 50-70% and a potential 90% reduction in acrylamide levels, a carcinogen. The study also examined how each method affects the fries’ texture, color, and moisture content, aiming to provide insights for healthier frying alternatives and influence consumer choices.

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The booming demand for frozen potatoes: A decade’s outlook

The global frozen potato market is projected to grow from $60.30 Billion in 2021 to $92.70 Billion by 2031, driven by rising disposable incomes, especially in emerging economies. China’s increasing purchasing power and the expansion of fast-food chains in Latin America play significant roles. However, developed countries are witnessing a shift towards healthier food alternatives. The growth of quick-service restaurants offering budget-friendly frozen potato options further propels the market.

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From precision blades to a pristine website: FAM STUMABO’s brand evolution

FAM STUMABO, a prominent name in the food processing sector, has launched a redesigned website, merging two major brands. The site highlights their expertise in high-capacity machinery and precision blades, offering a detailed overview of solutions tailored to user needs. The modern logo embodies the brand’s innovative spirit. The platform invites users to delve into their approach, products, and updates, underscoring their dedication to industry excellence.

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Beyond soy and wheat: The rise of potato protein as a superfood in the health market

The potato protein market is set to experience significant growth, doubling its value from US$ 144 million in 2023 to US$ 300 million by 2033. This surge is driven by rising health consciousness, environmental concerns, and the vegan trend. Potato protein, a high-quality plant-based alternative, is gaining traction against other proteins like soy and wheat. Key regions include the U.S., China, and Japan, with innovative market developments propelling demand.

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North American frozen potato market shows remarkable resilience: An in-depth analysis with Bret Nedrow of Simplot

At the 2023 Potato Business Summit, Bret Nedrow of J.R. Simplot discussed the North American frozen potato market’s resilience amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. has been pivotal, with robust demand for frozen potatoes. Key processing regions include the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, and East Coast, with major industry players ensuring efficient distribution. Retail trends show potato chips as top sellers, and the food service sector is recovering. Internationally, 20% of U.S. potatoes are exported, with Mexico as a significant market. Challenges include rising costs and water scarcity, but the market’s adaptability promises continued growth.

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FPS acquires GEM equipment: A new era of integrated food processing solutions begins

FPS Food Process Solutions, a leader in freezing and cooling technology, has acquired GEM Equipment of Oregon, renowned for its fryers and blanchers. This move enables FPS to offer an expanded product range, including end-to-end solutions for French fry and specialty potato lines. GEM will access broader global markets, while FPS, having previously acquired CMP and TSL, strengthens its comprehensive offerings for global food processors.

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Lamb Weston’s mega expansion: A game-changer for the potato processing industry?

Potato processor Lamb Weston is channeling a whopping $415 million into the expansion of its facility in American Falls. This strategic move is designed to amplify its french fry production capacity by an impressive 40%. This will position the facility among the top-tier frozen potato processing units globally. The project promises to usher in 280 new employment opportunities. The expansion project is expected to result in about 12,000 additional acres of potatoes in Idaho.

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‘Waste not, want not’: Innovative research reveals how potato peels could fuel our future

At Tecnológico de Monterrey University, a team of students, under Dr. Alberto Mendoza Domínguez, has introduced a novel solution to global waste management: converting potato peel waste into bioenergy. Their research emphasizes the untapped potential of PPW as a renewable energy source, presenting an alternative to traditional waste disposal. By exploring processes like pyrolysis and gasification, the study showcases the economic and environmental benefits, potentially transforming the food industry’s approach to waste.

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Potato chip bags: The unexpected heroes in the fight against global warming

Researchers have developed a method to repurpose aluminium-plastic composite (APL) films, typically used in potato chip bags, into energy-efficient cooling films. Led by Prof. Dr. Markus Retsch from the University of Bayreuth in Germany, this upcycling process addresses APL recycling challenges and global energy demands. The transformed APL films, with a simple coating, act as cooling systems, reflecting sunlight and radiating heat, offering a sustainable solution to rising energy needs.

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A new era of innovation and growth: Reyco Systems bolsters team with appointment of industry veteran, Patrick Hester

Reyco Systems, a prominent player in the food processing equipment sector, has appointed Patrick Hester as Director of Sales and Marketing. With over 25 years of experience at HP Inc, Patrick brings extensive expertise to Reyco. Clay Cooper, General Manager, expressed confidence in Patrick’s leadership. Patrick acknowledges Reyco’s potential and aims to educate more customers about their innovative solutions. The company looks forward to growth and enhanced customer support under Patrick’s guidance.

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‘From Struggle to Success’: India’s HyFun Foods transforms Gujarat’s potato farming landscape, elevating livelihoods of farmers

Indian potato processor HyFun Foods has significantly improved the lives of over 4,000 Gujarat farmers through contract farming. Previously challenged by low potato prices, these farmers now see substantial profits. HyFun, established in 2015, champions quality in the frozen food sector and is set to launch Farmoji, an app enhancing agribusiness connectivity. The company’s global footprint spans 40 countries, emphasizing farmer empowerment and product excellence.

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Calbee’s potato crisis: A lesson in supply chain management

Calbee, Asia’s leading potato chip producer, faced a significant potato shortage due to weather and supply chain issues. This prompted multiple price hikes and a reevaluation of sourcing methods. As the company plans a $1 billion global expansion, it’s working with Japanese farmers to boost domestic supply and diversifying imports. The crisis highlights the importance of supply chain resilience. Based on content by Michelle Toh, CNN.

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Leading potato processing equipment manufacturer appoints new Director

Idaho Steel welcomes Rick Garrett as the new Director of Sales and Marketing, bringing over 30 years of industry experience. Rick’s expertise and strong track record make him a valuable addition to the team. He chose Idaho Steel for its customer focus and commitment to employee well-being. Jon Christensen, the outgoing Director, will join the Board to provide guidance. Their collaboration is expected to contribute to the company’s growth and success.

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Greener horizons: Unpacking Farm Frites’ latest sustainability report

Farm Frites has published its 2022 Sustainability Report, detailing its progress in environmental responsibility and future plans. The report highlights efforts such as installing solar panels, developing sustainable potato varieties, minimizing food waste, and optimizing factory efficiency. With a strong team of over 1,500 employees, the company renews its commitment towards a greener planet, inviting stakeholders to engage with its sustainability mission.

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The end of an iconic era? Scotland’s fish and chip shops at a crossroads due to economic challenges

Scotland’s renowned fish and chip industry in East Neuk of Fife is under threat, with escalating costs forcing cherished shops to close. The war in Ukraine, Brexit complications, and rising energy costs have made it increasingly difficult for these businesses to survive. The National Federation of Fish Friers warns that up to a third of the UK’s 10,500 shops might close, marking a potential “extinction event” for this iconic British industry. As costs continue to rise and economic conditions worsen, the future of the industry remains uncertain.

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A twist in the tale: Delhi High Court rejects PepsiCo India’s potato variety patent appeal

The Delhi High Court upheld a decision to revoke PepsiCo India’s intellectual property protection for a potato variety, FL 2027, used in its Lay’s chips. The Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Authority (PPVFRA) had earlier revoked the registration, citing PepsiCo’s incorrect application for the potato as a “new variety” despite it being commercialized in India in 2009. The court found that PepsiCo had failed the test of novelty required for a “new variety”.

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TNA Solutions helps Mister Bee Potato Chips increase production capacity by 400%

TNA Solutions partnered with Mister Bee Potato Chips to revolutionize snack production, achieving a 400% capacity increase. The partnership involved a comprehensive upgrade of the manufacturing site, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and installing TNA’s state-of-the-art packaging system. The result was a significant boost in output, meeting increasing demand without compromising quality.

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Revolutionizing potato processing: Kiremko’s cutting edge hydrocutting technology a game changer

Kiremko has revolutionized potato cutting with its hydrocutting technology. This method uses water pressure to cut potatoes into precise strips, outperforming traditional mechanical cutting in efficiency and capacity. Kiremko’s ongoing research and development, including Pulsed Electric Field treatment and water flow optimization, continually enhance this technology. Their KnifeGuard system also monitors knife usage for improved yield, contributing to the broader trend of automation and data-driven decisions in potato processing.

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Interconnected machinery: How TOMRA Food is transforming the food processing landscape and accelerate innovative solutions

TOMRA Food is pioneering strategic partnerships to enhance operations and innovation in the era of interconnected machinery. Driven by the philosophy of “trusted togetherness”, these collaborations with companies like ICOEL and Marel are providing tailored solutions, superior support, and advanced technologies to processors and packhouses. The partnerships are simplifying processes, improving efficiency, and enabling faster introduction of new solutions, empowering the food processing industry to achieve its full potential.

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The path to net-zero: PepsiCo UK leverages green fuel to power potato transportation for Walkers Crisps

PepsiCo has announced that it will use hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) to power all potato transportation to its Walkers Crisps factory in Leicester, UK. The move, in partnership with AB Texel, is set to save 2,650 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually. This is part of PepsiCo’s wider sustainability plan, which includes a goal to reduce its GHG emissions by 75% by 2030.

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