US: Spud farmer goes on offensive against ring rot

See on – Potato News A southeast Idaho potato farmer changes his farming practices after dealing with bacterial ring rot. Russell Fehringer has implemented tough new farming policies and procedures in his fight against ring rot, and constant cleaning and sanitizing of equipment and facilities will now be the norm. See on

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Scotland: An ever-evolving approach to blackleg control

Blackleg was a key topic for discussion at the Scottish Society for Crop Research Potato Committee Winter Meeting in Dundee. Blackleg is the most common fault observed during growing crop inspections and is exceptionally difficult to manage as it is widespread and favours the Scottish climate. Dr Gerry Saddler of Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA) told the meeting[Read More…]

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Canada: Bayer blight product now available for potato growers as a seed-piece treatment

See on – Potato News Bayer CropScience Canada announced that its foliar potato fungicide, Reason is now registered for use as a seed-piece treatment. When applied as a seed-piece treatment, Reason provides protection against seed-borne late blight. Now growers can count on Reason to not only protect against late blight and early blight through foliar applications but can also[Read More…]

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Canada: Prince Edward Island potato farmers want to protect environment

See on – Potato News The Prince Edward Island Potato Board says farmers are doing what they can to protect the environment. Chairman Gary Linkletter said P.E.I. farmers have the highest level of enhanced environmental farm planning in Canada. Linkletter said enhanced environmental farm planning is a plan farmers and the government come up with, establishing ways to maximize[Read More…]

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Canada: Manitoba potato industry on shaky ground says McCain VP

Manitoba potato producers are pricing themselves out of the market. Christine Wentworth, McCain Foods’ vice-president of agriculture for North America, said the province is becoming a high-cost producer, sounding alarms that further cuts could be headed the industry’s way.

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US: Cavendish Farms pulls Maine potato acreage

See on – Potato News Cavendish Farms will not plant potatoes in Presque Isle, Maine this year, but the move will not affect the company’s sponsorship of an industry research and education group. Cavendish owns 6,000 acres in Maine, said Mary Keith, vice president of communications for J.D. Irving Ltd., Cavendish’s parent company. Keith would not say how much[Read More…]

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Australia: Extreme weather brings potato shortage and sends prices soaring

See on – Potato News Shoppers are spitting chips over the rising cost of washed potatoes amid reduced ­supplies. Disgruntled customers have reported $12 price tags for 3kg bags of basic cleanskin spuds at some supermarkets. Loose potato prices at some Victorian retailers have climbed by up to 20 per cent and could rise further. Industry body AUSVEG spokesman[Read More…]

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US: BLOCKER® 4F Fungicide recommended for common scab

See on – Potato News AMVAC Chemical Corporation, a subsidiary of American Vanguard Corporation, announces a 2(ee) recommendation for BLOCKER 4F fungicide for common scab (Streptomyces scabies) on potatoes. BLOCKER 4F is a preventative fungicide that can be used as a soil treatment for control of a variety of diseases, including Rhizoctonia stem canker, black scurf and white mold.[Read More…]

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Potato Farming in the US industry: Market research report now available

The Potato Farming industry produces potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams for sale to fresh markets and food processors. Potatoes are the most widely produced vegetable in the United States and form a well-accepted component of a number of prepared dishes and snack foods including french fries and potato chips. Sweet potatoes have increased in popularity in recent years, though still[Read More…]

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AU: Seed of idea now major potato phosphorous trial

See on – Potato News An initiative by Kangaroo Island Seed Potato producers has led to the development of a major state wide project. There are scientifically documented challenges for the established soil testing methods (Colwell or Olsen P test) to reliably predict potato P requirements over a range of soil types. A project was developed by local producers in conjunction with Lyn Dohle (Rural Solutions SA) and submitted through Potatoes South Australia (SA’s peak potato[Read More…]

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Scotland: Potato quality and yield boosts Produce Investments profits

See on – Potato News BORDERS-based Produce Investments, the owner of integrated potato firm Greenvale AP, has cited a marked improvement in growing conditions as it hiked profits four-fold at the interim stage, while announcing plans to close a packing site in England. S-based Produce Investments, the owner of integrated potato firm Greenvale AP, has cited a marked improvement[Read More…]

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Argentina provides Cuba with potato genetic material

See on – Potato News A technical team from the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) in Argentina shared information about harvest and postharvest mechanization technologies to increase and improve the varietal diversity of potato production in Cuba. According to the INTA, as part of the cooperation efforts made Argentina’s Foreign Ministry, a team of specialists from this institution[Read More…]

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Open Access Article on Potato Leafhopper Ecology and Integrated Pest Management

See on – Potato News A new, open-access article in the Journal of Integrated Pest Management summarizes the knowledge to date on the biology of the potato leafhopper, Empoasca fabae (Harris), including its distribution, development, migration, agricultural host plants, and mechanics of injury to host plants. In this pest profile, the authors summarize knowledge potato leafhopper life history, ecology,[Read More…]

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US: Cavendish Farms suspends potato planting

See on – Potato News Between 3,000 and 5,000 acres of Aroostook County farmland could be out of production this year after Cavendish Farms, a subsidiary of J.D. Irving Ltd., announced it is suspending all potato planting operations in Presque Isle this season. The move means a loss of 13 jobs, including three full-time positions, five full-time seasonal positions[Read More…]

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Ireland: Potato growers hoping for a good year

See on – Potato News Ireland’s potato growers have not had an easy time of it over recent years. And one can only commend them on their undying spirit and commitment to their cause.  More than any other sector of Irish agriculture they are wholly dependent on the weather when it comes to getting work done. But, as we[Read More…]

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Nematode threat to Scottish potato production

See on – Potato News Scientists and specialists from Scotland’s Rural College discussed the latest lessons from their research at a Scottish Funding Council-supported potato research event in Forfar. Jo Learmonth reports. POTATO cyst nematode (PCN) populations in Scottish crops are on the increase, with a rise in the numbers of Globodera pallida being seen in samples sent to[Read More…]

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US: Potato outlook isn’t good

See on – Potato News COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — There are two likely scenarios facing U.S. potato growers in the 2014-15 season, and neither of them is sunny, according to Jerry Wright, president and chief executive officer of the United Potato Growers of America, Salt Lake Cit. And of those two scenarios, Wright said there’s an 80% chance the[Read More…]

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UK: Rice helps farmers control potato cyst nematode

See on – Potato News Without knowing the details, the suggestion of using rice to help control potato cyst nematode (PCN) sounds more of an April Fool’s Day spoof than good technical advice. But Stephen Williams, Syngenta field technical manager, is serious about the role of rice grains in tackling PCN as a means of assessing the effectiveness of[Read More…]

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UK: Nitrification inhibitor boosts potato yields

See on – Potato News Potato yields can be boosted by using nitrogen inhibitors sprayed on to the soil or applied in-furrow at planting, according to independent on-farm trials in Scotland. The nitrification and urease inhibitor Didin was used in the trials and works by slowing down the conversion of ammonium into nitrate, reducing losses by leaching and volatilisation.[Read More…]

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UK: A spud-tastic day for our potato growers

See on – Potato News The Potato Council’s West Midlands Potato Day sees more of the region’s potato growers attending each year, writes the council’s Chris Steele This year it takes place on June 19 and grower Jonathan Bubb will host the day’s programme at Lynn South Farm, Newport. The day always covers a wide agenda. This year is[Read More…]

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Canada: Environmental sustainability topic for potato growers

See on – Potato News CHARLOTTETOWN– The topic of environmental sustainability was front and centre for potato growers attending the International Potato Technology Expo Conference on Friday, at Red Shores in Charlottetown. See on

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Kenya looks to certified seed potatoes

See on – Potato News Kenyan farmers have challenges getting certified               seed potatoes, a government official said on Wednesday.Agriculture Principal Secretary Sicily Kariuki told a food forum  that as a result average yields remain at 10 tons per hectare         which is way below the potential of 40 tons per hectare. Since Kenya gained independence, certified potato seed production has remained low[Read More…]

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Controlling Zebra Chip Disease From the Inside Out

See on – Potato News Zebra chip disease in potatoes is currently being managed by controlling the potato psyllid with insecticides. But one Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service specialist is trying to manage the disease symptoms with alternative methods and chemistries. See on

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