Got resistant weeds? Microwave them

Australian researchers are taking an innovative approach to dealing with herbicide-resistant weeds. Australian farmers have long fought a large battle with combating resistant weeds. They have had to resort to methods considered “old school” and “old fashioned.” They may have a new way to combat these hard-to-control weeds in the future thanks to Australian researchers. Melbourne University engineer Graham Brodie[Read More…]

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Global warming could benefit potato industry

See on – Potato News Climate change could result in a positive outcome for the potato industry and possibly lead to potatoes becoming one of the top staple crops in the world, sa… See on

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Soil erosion effects beyond the farm

See on – Potato News A Potato Council growers’ day in Hereford recently looked at ways of planning for what could be, for west of England producers, a difficult spring ahead. David Jones reports. See on

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Understanding Potato Blight Evolution May Help Farmers Protecting Crops

See on – Potato News Scientists have discovered vital clues as to how the pathogen responsible for the Irish potato famine adapted to spread between different plant species. Researchers at Oxford University and The Sainsbury Laboratory (Norwich, UK) looked in unprecedented detail at how Phytophthora infestans, a… See on

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Seed Potato Management – FlyPress Films

See on – Potato News So, you want to see what it takes to grow the perfect potato crop for the potato chip industry? Sunrise Potato has been growing potatoes in Alliston – Ontari… See on

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Webinar: Fertility Considerations for Optimal Potato Production …

See on – Potato News On Wednesday, March 12, 2014, Dr. Brian Levene, AgroLiquid Specialty Crops Researcher, will join Steve Holland, owner and operator of Holland Agricultural Services, for a free webinar on optimizing potato production for … See on

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A better potato for India, via Israeli technology

See on – Potato News The Times of Israel A better potato for India, via Israeli tech The Times of Israel “The biggest crop in India is the potato, and in fact India is the second largest producer of potatoes in the world after China (the country produced 45 million… See on

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Research aims to break the potato yield plateau

An increasing disconnect between scientific advances and their practical application is being blamed for the lack of any large step changes in potato yields since the end of the Second World War. That is despite the relentless amount of scientific research being published, which continues to grow, said NIAB CUF head of agronomy David Firman.

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UK: Alternaria advice

Nutrient deficiency could be just one of the causes of stress that can increase a potato crop’s risk of Alternaria attack, warned Syngenta Field Technical Manager, Stephen Williams. Other stress factors including drought, heat, or pest damage, which could all make plants more susceptible to infection and losses from early die-back, he added. “Plant stress appears to play a greater[Read More…]

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US: Seminars at International Crop Expo offer a wealth of information

If you grow small grains, soybeans or dry beans, or potatoes you will want to attend this year’s International Crop Expo (ICE) at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks. Information seminars will be offered on Feb. 19-20 for each of those crops, according to Lionel Olson, Grand Forks County Extension agent, and one of the organizers of the show. “Each[Read More…]

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UK: Potato growers alerted to spread of alternaria infections

Incidences of the potato disease alternaria is increasing, growers attending a Potato Council winter forum in Shropshire were warned. Potato crop expert John Keer, of Richard Austin Agriculture, told the meeting climate change, changes in fungicide use and variety choice could be behind the spread of the disease.

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Jersey Royal potato planting suspended by heavy rain

Sustained heavy rain and poor weather conditions has put the planting of Jersey Royal potatoes on hold. The crop, which was worth nearly £30m to the island in exports last year, depends on an early harvest to maintain its value. Heavy rain has left fields far too wet for the sowing of seed potatoes. William Church from the Jersey Royal[Read More…]

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Australian probe into NZ potato imports

An Australian Senate Inquiry into the importation of fresh potatoes from New Zealand has been praised by the Australian industry. “This represents a significant step in the right direction towards stopping the proposed importation of fresh potatoes from New Zealand, which are infected with the devastating Zebra Chip disease,” said AUSVEG Public Affairs Manager, William Churchill. The Zebra Chip disease[Read More…]

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Researchers: Volunteer plants not a source of in-season spread of zebra chip disease

Volunteer potato plants growing from seed infected with zebra chip are likely too few in number and survive too briefly to contribute to the spread of the crop disease, according to new Oregon State University research findings. According to OSU plant pathology laboratory manager Jordan Eggers, “It looks like volunteers won’t be a source of the bacterium for in-season spread.[Read More…]

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Study shows PVY costs Idaho $34 million

Spud yield losses caused by potato virus Y cost Idaho’s economy about $34 million per year, according to results of a recently completed economic impact study by University of Idaho agricultural economist Chris McIntosh. The estimate includes $6.5 million in lost wages from 184 Idaho jobs that would otherwise be filled if not for PVY. McIntosh estimates direct losses to[Read More…]

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Vigilance required to keep ring rot out of the UK

Imported seed remains one of the biggest threats to UK potato crop health, according to the Potato Council’s Rob Burns. And despite the Safe Haven seed assurance scheme – launched in 2004 and which now voluntarily covers 60 per cent of UK seed – having largely done its job, individual parties and practices can still put the national crop at[Read More…]

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US: Potatoes thrive under higher carbon dioxide levels

Although some plants may suffer under global climate change and increased carbon dioxide levels, potatoes appear to thrive. Under trials that simulated elevated CO2 levels, potato tuber yield was as much as 60 percent greater than from plants growing under current CO2 levels, according to a news release. The studies, conducted by an Agricultural Research Service group led by agricultural[Read More…]

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UK: Managing stored potatoes

Management of stored potatoes requires regular inspections to check tuber quality and store conditions. David Hudson suggests that you shouldn’t apply CIPC ‘by the calendar’. For effective sprout control, accepted advice is now not to apply CIPC as soon as there are signs of renewed sprouting. This first response is often just slight movement or swelling of the sprout after[Read More…]

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UK: Storage Conference focused on ‘365 days a year potato supply’

The Storage 2020 International Conference, sponsored by Certis, takes place 13 February and has a unique agenda focused on the future of 365 days a year potato supply.  The Conference, hosted by Potato Council, features horizon scanning plenary sessions which will consider the role storage will play in the future production of potatoes and other agricultural crops. Online registration is[Read More…]

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Cuba (Colón): Vigilancia fitosanitaria en cultivo de papa augura buenos rendimientos

La situación fitosanitaria en el cultivo de la papa mantiene los niveles adecuados de desarrollo en la Cooperativa de Producción Agropecuaria (CPA) VI Congreso Campesino y la Unidad Básica de Producción Cooperativa (UBPC) Gispert, entidades dedicadas al cultivo en el matancero municipio de Colón. A veces las bajas temperaturas desagradan, sin embargo en la agricultura para el período de siembra[Read More…]

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US: Logan Farm Equipment in Idaho launches new website

Logan Farm Equipment recently announced the release of the new and improved user-friendly website., a new website that provides a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing interface showcasing new potato equipment the company manufactures. “Our company is committed to providing durable, purpose built potato equipment. We are pleased to have a website that reflects the quality of our product and showcase our[Read More…]

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Canada: Scientist warns Prince Edward Island farmers about wireworm

Farmers packed Charlottetown’s Dutch Inn Tuesday to hear the science surrounding wireworms. It’s a tiny pest that’s difficult to eradicate and is a serious threat to the Island’s potato, vegetable and cereal crops. Bob Vernon, an Agriculture Canada scientist, spoke to about 300 farmers. He’s been researching wireworm for 20 years. The tiny pest burrows into crops and leaves holes[Read More…]

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