Research suggests fumigants have very low long-term impact on soil health in potato fields

It started with curiosity. How does a fumigant, commonly used for nematode management in potato cropping systems, influence soil microbial communities? To explore this question, scientists at Colorado State University and Oregon State University used high-throughput sequencing techniques to investigate changes in soil bacterial and fungal community structure in response to the application of 1,3-Dichloropropene (1,3-D) in Pacific Northwest potato[Read More…]

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Researchers found that Phytophthora infestans has a virus accomplice

Descendants of the pathogen Phytophthora infestans may have had a “helping hand” in recent U.S. outbreaks of the costly blight disease, writes Jan Suszkiw of USDA ARS in the Fence Post. Reporting in the September 2019 issue of Virus Research, a team of Agricultural Research Service, Cornell University and Rutgers University scientists announced they had identified a virus that infects[Read More…]

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‘Edinburgh Potato’ used in fight against potato blight

A hybrid potato that is resistant to the crop-destroying fungus known as blight is being trailed as a potential saviour of some of the country’s best-known varieties of spud. The so-called “Edinburgh Potato” mixes domestic and wild Mexican breeds. There are fears it could wipe out family favourites such as King Edwards and Maris Pipers in the coming decades. Researchers[Read More…]

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Syngenta commits $2 billion and sets new targets for innovation to tackle climate change

In a press release issued yesterday, Syngenta announced $2 billion will be spent over the next five years to help farmers prepare for and tackle the increasing threats posed by climate change. The investment supports a new Syngenta sustainability goal of delivering at least two technological breakthroughs to market each year, to reduce agriculture’s contribution to climate change, harness its[Read More…]

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Bringing the humble potato into the new plastics economy

As CEO of BioLogiQ, Brad LaPray is the beating heart of a team that is pushing ahead with the company’s strategy. He speaks to Liz Gyekye about the company’s roots, its products and the challenges of certification. Brad LaPray is a man on a mission. The bioplastic resin manufacturing company he founded in 2011, BioLogiQ, is aiming to help build a world free of pollution[Read More…]

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Yield10 Bioscience signs agreement with J. R. Simplot to evaluate novel potato yield traits

(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Yield10 Bioscience, Inc. today announced that it has signed a research agreement with Boise, Idaho-based J. R. Simplot Company, to evaluate three novel yield traits in potato. Under the agreement with Yield10, Simplot plans to conduct research with these yield traits within its research and development program as a strategy to improve crop performance and sustainability. The[Read More…]

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‘Survival of the Fittest Tuber’: Potato breeding in Maine

Pinto Gold, a potato variety developed by the University of Maine’s potato breeding and variety development program, made its debut in May 2018. Named for its alternating patches of red and yellow skin colors, the yellow-fleshed tubers range from oval to fingerling shapes, said Gregory Porter, professor of crop ecology and management at the university. He leads the potato breeding[Read More…]

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Study: Potato effective for boosting athletic performance

Consuming potato puree instead of commercial carbohydrate gel gives the same result to athletes for sustaining blood glucose levels during long workout sessions, claims a study. “Research has shown that ingesting concentrated carbohydrate gels during prolonged exercise promotes carbohydrate availability during exercise and improves exercise performance,” said University of Illinois kinesiology and community health professor Nicholas Burd, who led the[Read More…]

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Post-doc position: ‘Oomycete biology with impact’

Wageningen University is looking for a post-doc ‘Oomycete biology with impact’. Are you a connecting person who enjoys teaching? That’s our core too! Post-docs at the Laboratory of Phytopathology truly dedicate time to teaching, the Univ says in a release.. This comprises supervising MSc and PhD students as well as practical courses, and mentoring students performing mini-projects or assignments. Are[Read More…]

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Latest American Journal of Potato Research now online

This is Issue 96, April 2019 to August 2019. Follow the links below: August 2019, Issue 4, Pages 317-445 June 2019, Issue 3, Pages 217-315 April 2019, Issue 2, Pages 95-215 Special Issue: The Contribution of Potatoes to Human Nutrition.

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Potatoes and vitamins

Bob Larson reports for AgInfo. New studies here in the Northwest US are showing promise for fighting devastating diseases like Potato Virus Y, he says. From Oregon State University Hermiston Ag Research and Extension Center, professor Aymeric Goyer says it’s kind of like a person visiting the doctor to get vaccinated … GOYER … “So, it’s about the same principle[Read More…]

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Family of deadly crop viruses at the molecular level

For the first time, we can take a molecular-level look at one of the world’s deadliest crop killers. The Luteoviridae are pathogenic plant viruses responsible for major crop losses worldwide. Transmitted by aphids, the viruses infect a wide range of food crops including cereals, legumes, cucurbits, sugar beet, sugarcane, and potato. Until now researchers have been unable to generate the[Read More…]

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Seed potato farmers in South Africa warned about resistant black dot disease

Seed potato growers attending the recent biannual Potatoes South Africa Seed Potato Growers’ Forum in Cape Town were warned about the potentially devastating effect that resistant black dot disease could have on the quality and quantity of their crops, Farmers Weekly magazine reports. Research conducted by Dr Leah Tsror of the Department of Plant Pathology at the Gilat Research Center[Read More…]

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Teeth reveal important clues into diet of Irish potato famine victims

Clues into the Irish population’s diet during the Irish potato famine were discovered in new research carried out on the teeth of famine victims from the 1840s. The new research, headed up by the University of Edinburgh, carried out scientific analysis of dental calculus—plaque build-up— on the teeth of 42 victims.  The analysis revealed that the diet during the Irish potato famine[Read More…]

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Canadian potato business gets huge funding boost

Last Friday, Sept. 6, Pam Damoff, Oakville North-Burlington MP joined EarthFresh Farms Inc. chief financial officer Brad Wiseman and CEO Tom Hughes to announce more than $1.2 million through the National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) for a new multi-vegetable one-step product line. Located in Burlington, Ontario, EarthFresh Farms Inc. specializes in supplying the food[Read More…]

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University of Idaho researchers analyze quality problems in recent Idaho potato shipments

Weather conditions at harvest largely drove the prevalence of defects and the types of quality problems that retailers encountered with Idaho’s 2017 and 2018 fresh potato crops, new University of Idaho research suggests. John O’Connell of Farm and Ranch reports that, concerned by increasing customer complaints about tuber defects, the Idaho Potato Commission funded an ongoing quality study starting in[Read More…]

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Research: A predictive risk model analysis of the potato cyst nematode in Idaho

Globodera pallida is a major nematode pest of potato and is of great economic importance for the potato industry. Assessing potato yield loss caused by the Idaho G. pallida population under field conditions was not performed due to its quarantine status in Idaho where it is prohibited by regulatory statutes to grow potato in any infested fields. Researchers Jean-Bertrand Contina, Louise-Marie Dandurand, and[Read More…]

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Potato specialist provides update on Britain’s ‘Fight Against Blight’ initiative

Dr Alison Lees, a research leader for AHDB-funded research into late blight at the James Hutton Institute in Dundee speaks to Heather Briggs about this year’s Fight Against Blight. “We have currently received 576 samples from 86 blight outbreaks this season, with more arriving every day due to the weather conditions being favourable for late blight in large parts of[Read More…]

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Potato tuber greening: A review of redisposing factors, management and future challenges

In this scientific paper, published in the American Journal of Potato Research, scientists Sabine Tanios, Alieta Eyles, Robert Tegg, and Calum Wilson wrote that greening is a major cause of quality loss in potato tubers. As underground stems, potato tubers are non-photosynthetic plantorgans that lack photosynthetic machinery. However, after light exposure, amyloplasts convert to chloroplasts in tuber peripheralcell layers, which[Read More…]

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