Research: A predictive risk model analysis of the potato cyst nematode in Idaho

Globodera pallida is a major nematode pest of potato and is of great economic importance for the potato industry. Assessing potato yield loss caused by the Idaho G. pallida population under field conditions was not performed due to its quarantine status in Idaho where it is prohibited by regulatory statutes to grow potato in any infested fields. Researchers Jean-Bertrand Contina, Louise-Marie Dandurand, and[Read More…]

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Potato specialist provides update on Britain’s ‘Fight Against Blight’ initiative

Dr Alison Lees, a research leader for AHDB-funded research into late blight at the James Hutton Institute in Dundee speaks to Heather Briggs about this year’s Fight Against Blight. “We have currently received 576 samples from 86 blight outbreaks this season, with more arriving every day due to the weather conditions being favourable for late blight in large parts of[Read More…]

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Potato tuber greening: A review of redisposing factors, management and future challenges

In this scientific paper, published in the American Journal of Potato Research, scientists Sabine Tanios, Alieta Eyles, Robert Tegg, and Calum Wilson wrote that greening is a major cause of quality loss in potato tubers. As underground stems, potato tubers are non-photosynthetic plantorgans that lack photosynthetic machinery. However, after light exposure, amyloplasts convert to chloroplasts in tuber peripheralcell layers, which[Read More…]

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CIP research benefitted more than 7 million households during 2013 – 2018

The International Potato Center (CIP), based in Lima, Peru says in its recently released Annual Report that between 2013-2018, research for development by CIP has benefitted more than 7 million households. In the foreword to the Report, Barbara H Wells (Director General) and Rodney Cooke (Chair, Board of Trustees) say innovative technologies and dynamic markets can offer women and young[Read More…]

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Targeted treatment tactics for slugs

Targeted treatment of the most mollusc-riddled parts of a field has taken a step closer, thanks to an innovative research programme that tags and tracks grey field slug populations. AHDB-funded PhD student Emily Forbes in the UK has been hot on the ‘slime trail’ of these major crop pests for the past three years. Based at Harper Adams University (HAU),[Read More…]

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John Innes Centre looking for researcher to develop long-term programs in plant and microbial science

The John Innes Centre is looking for creative early-career or established researchers who wish to develop exciting long-term independent programs in plant and microbial science and be part of the highly collaborative culture of the John Innes Centre. As an international centre of excellence, the Centre encourages applications from researchers from all branches of life sciences. We particularly welcome those[Read More…]

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Reduction of available pesticides in the spotlight when potato specialists gather for EAPR meeting

The European Association for Potato Research (EAPR) Pathology and Pests Section Meeting 2019 will take place next week the 2nd to the 5th of September 2019 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The EAPR says on the Symposium website that ‘reducing pesticide use while preserving potato productivity and profitability’ will be an important focus of several presentations during the meeting. It is stated[Read More…]

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Life post-diquat: Alternative and new potato desiccants now intensively trialed in Britain

In a recent report, AHDB Potatoes in the UK says achieving adequate skin-set is the key part of any desiccation programme, and will be a challenge post-diquat. AHDB’s national desiccation trial is considering 4 chemical options (2 that are currently approved for UK use, and 2 that may gain approval in the future) and 5 mechanical methods. Knowledge Exchange Manager,[Read[Read More…]

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Research: New method reveals whether your potato is organic or not

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have developed a new approach that helps public agencies and commercial interests combat fraudulently-labelled organic foods. By looking at how organic plants are fertilised, the method provides a deeper, more accurate portrayal of whether eco-labelled produce is indeed organic. According to experts, imported organic fruits and vegetables are susceptible to food fraud. Assistant Professor[Read More…]

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Join the CIP-organized entry level training school on using potato biodiversity in breeding

The International Potato Center (CIP) is organizing an entry level training school where you will learn about crop biodiversity and how genetic resources can be used in pre-breeding. The training school will take place at the International Potato Center (CIP) in Lima from November 5th until November 7th, 2019. This training school is aimed at (Junior) potato breeders and researchers from Latin America who are interested[Read More…]

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US entomologists fighting potato psyllids

University of Idaho Associate Professor of Entomology Erik Wenninger and his lab are monitoring the pests in fields throughout southern Idaho and studying them at U of I’s Research and Extension Center in Kimberly in order to improve potato psyllid defense strategies. In July, the lab found liberibacter-positive psyllids in two fields in Twin Falls County. For much of the[Read[Read More…]

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Biotechnology Potato Partnership: Late blight field trials underway in Michigan

The Feed the Future Biotechnology Potato Partnership says in its latest Quarterly Update that it is testing one of it’s two 3 R-gene late blight resistant potato varieties in field trials this summer. Private sector project partner, Simplot Plant Sciences transformed the Diamant variety and Michigan State University (MSU) propagated mini-tuber certified seed via nutrient film technique (NFT) and grew[Read More…]

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Audio: NPPGA hosts Annual Field Day in northeastern North Dakota

KFGO reports from North Dakota where the Northern Plains Potato Growers Association hosted its Annual Field Day 2019. Producers, industry professionals, and participants not only from North America, but also from other countries around the world, gathered at this field day.  The participants got a look at what research is going on at North Dakota State University and the University[Read More…]

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Leadership position available at newly formed Scottish potato partnership

SRUC, SASA and The James Hutton Institute, the major Scottish knowledge, consultancy and research centres for potatoes in Scotland, have joined forces to launch a new potato initiative. The new partnership brings together the combined complementary skills and outputs of the three institutions to create a world-leading centre for all aspects of potato, scientific, KE and consultancy activities. The strategic[Read More…]

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Canada: Lethbridge College, potato growers to partner for irrigation study

Lethbridge College announced on Thursday it will be partnering with local potato growers to study irrigation and watering methods in the region. The four-year research project is a partnership between Lethbridge College’s Centre for Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the Potato Growers of Alberta. It is made possible through a grant from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. The $397,595 grant[Read More…]

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