US: Interpreting post-harvest test results

Seed certification is a quality control program that consists of a number of components intended to ensure that specified quality standards are met. One of the more important of these components is post-harvest testing. Post-harvest testing may consist of an off-season grow-out in the field or greenhouse, laboratory testing, or some combination of these. The vast majority of Idaho seed lots[Read[Read More…]

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New disease crosses the Atlantic

Soon after their spuds were planted in 2014, some growers in the northeastern United States knew they had a problem. Much of the crop didn’t even emerge. Growers were looking at stands of only 40 percent, said Steve Johnson, an Extension crops specialist with the University of Maine. Soon, wilting and blackleg-like symptoms began to appear in affected fields. But this didn’t[Read[Read More…]

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First UK deposit in Global Seed Vault

The Commonwealth Potato Collection (CPC), an invaluable repository of potato germplasm held in trust by the James Hutton Institute with support from the Scottish Government, is set to make the first deposit of plant genetic material by a UK institution into the Global Seed Vault. The deposit is built in accordance with the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for[Read[Read More…]

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Late blight resistant potato variety gaining popularity in Bangladesh

The potato variety Sarpo Mira, highly resistant to late blight, is getting popular among farmers in the main potato-growing areas of Bangladesh, due to its higher output, said farmers and officials. Potato growers can get 38-42 percent more output at considerably 20 percent lower costs by cultivating the late blight resistant potato variety Sarpo Mira, they said. Giant Agro Processing Ltd (GAPL),[Read[Read More…]

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University of Idaho to grow nuclear potato seed program

University of Idaho has hired a new director for its nuclear seed potato program and plans to build additional facilities to help her expand production. The planned investments; which include construction of a new greenhouse and laboratory; would move the university toward its long-term goal of becoming a national repository for potato germplasm. Jenny Durrin filled the director position vacated[Read[Read More…]

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Bangladesh: Disease-resistant Danish potato seed getting popular for higher yield

Danish potato seed variety Sarpo Mira, highly resistant to the deadly late blight disease, is getting popular among farmers of the Bangladesh potato-growing hubs due to its higher output, said farmers and officials. The growers can get 38-42 per cent more output at considerably 20 per cent lower costs by cultivating the Danish let-blight resistant potato variety Sarpo Mira, they said. Giant Agro[Read[Read More…]

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Potatoes USA plants third seed potato trial in Myanmar

Potatoes USA has just completed the planting of a third seed variety trial in the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar (also known as Burma). The purpose of this USDA-funded trial is to establish field data of US varieties for government registration in Myanmar. Peter Joyce, Potatoes USA International Seed Representative, provided technical assistance to demonstrate seed cutting techniques and planted a[Read[Read More…]

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Videos: Spudman Grower Profile – CSS Farms’ CEO

Milt Carter, CSS Farms CEO in the US, discusses the genesis and growth of CSS Farms during the past 31 years…. watch. He further discusses growing bio-engineered Innate potato seed for Simplot…. watch. And Carter also shares details about his philosophy of growing whole seed and narrower seed bed widths…. watch. You are unauthorized to view this page.

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US: New Northwest spuds offer strong disease resistance

Officials representing the Idaho, Oregon and Washington potato breeding programs say they’re releasing a pair of new russet varieties that should help position the industry to cope with more stringent regulations on soil fumigants. The new Tri-State Potato Breeding Program varieties — Castle Russet and high-yielding Echo Russet — are billed as medium- to late-maturing potatoes appropriate for use in both[Read[Read More…]

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Scottish institute contributes rare potato seeds to global seed vault

A global seed vault designed to protect resources from future environmental catastrophes has received the first genetic potato material from the UK. The seeds are part of the Commonwealth Potato Collection (CPC) based at the James Hutton Institute near Dundee. The material will be stored at the Global Seed Vault, which is housed in a mountain on an island halfway between mainland[Read[Read More…]

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Euro-Potato: UK seed potato exports show signs of recovery

So far this season, total seed exports from the UK are up 14% year-on-year, helped by a rebound in sales to Egypt compared to 2015/16. The 2015/16 season saw a 24% year-on-year decline in seed potato exports, according to data from HM Revenue & Customs. Countries such as Spain and the Netherlands decreased the amount of seed potato they imported from[Read[Read More…]

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Jamaica: Industry strives to supply 100% of local potato seed demand in three years

The agricultural sector is striving to is reduce their dependency on imported Irish potato seeds and to supply 100% of local demand within the next three years. This was noted by Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Karl Samuda, in an interview with JIS News at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the in vitro propagation of[Read[Read More…]

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Jamaica: $18-m project to cut need for imported Irish potato seeds

The Government has pumped more than $18 million into the establishment of an in vitro propagation of Irish potato seeds programme in a bid to reduce the country’s dependence on imported seeds. The Government is also hoping that the programme will increase the yields of Irish potato farmers across the island. The project, which is a component of the Ministry of Industry,[Read[Read More…]

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US: New potato insecticide/fungicide seed treatment announced

Syngenta has announced CruiserMaxx Vibrance Potato insecticide/fungicide seed treatment is now available for purchase, following its registration by EPA. It contains Vibrance fungicide seed treatment, which includes the active ingredient Sedaxane and is a new tool for potato growers. In addition to Sedaxane, the other active ingredients in the seed treatment include Thiamethoxam, Fludioxonil, and Difenoconazole. CruiserMaxx Vibrance Potato combines fungicides to[Read[Read More…]

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Colorado seed potatoes move into the international market

One of my favorite parts of participating in the Potato Expo each year is connecting with potato industry folks. For 17 years, the Colorado Certified Potato Growers has participated with a booth at the Potato Expo. I asked Manager Preston Stanley what difference the participation has made for Colorado seed potato growers. Stanley: “It is an awareness for our area and[Read[Read More…]

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Rwanda: Farmers push for affordable Irish potato seed

The soaring prices of Irish potato seed has left smallholder farmers lamenting, triggering efforts by different stakeholders to a seek remedy. The prices for seed  are soaring at the time when farmers are getting little from the produce, with the farm price for a kilogramme of Irish potato now down to between Rwf110 and 140, according to farmers from Northern and[Read[Read More…]

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Scotland: Potato exports power growth at Grangemouth

Scotland’s Port of Grangemouth has seen its busiest season in four years due to the buoyant seed potato export industry. The port, which is Scotland’s largest container facility, has handled over 50,000 TEUs during the last two months, and is on track to break volume records for this quarter. In October and November, the port recorded a 30 per cent increase on[Read[Read More…]

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Scottish producers target Sh6 billion Kenyan seed potato market in deal

Kenyan farms are set to get a makeover through potato seed straight from Scotland farmers eyeing the seed potatoes market estimated at £50million (Ksh 6.2billion). This is in the wake of a new deal reported by Scottish media that the government had signed a bilateral agreement with Kenyan authorities. Kenya, through its agricultural research units like the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute[Read[Read More…]

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Stark warning for Scottish growers using imported seed potatoes

Ware potato producers in Scotland were given a stark warning that using imported seed could lead to a long-term loss for short term gain in the wider industry. At stake is the hard-won reputation of Scotland’s lucrative seed potato trade and industry specialists lined up to pan those using imported seed at AHDB’s Seed Potato Industry event in St Andrews. Imported seed[Read[Read More…]

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Annual Report 2015/2016: HZPC benefits from European market recovery and international market efforts

The annual report of HZPC Holland B.V. related to financial year 2015/16 was published. As announced in October, the consolidated net turnover of annual year 2015/16  was established at € 289.5 million. The gross margin is € 48.1 million and the net result is € 7.0 million. The dividend on HZPC certificates is set at € 5.75 and this is well above[Read[Read More…]

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Kenya and Scotland sign seed potato trade deal

Scotland can now export seed potatoes to Kenya after a new trade agreement opened the market. The deal was announced by Scotland’s rural economy secretary Fergus Ewing, who said Kenya represents a “significant” new market, as the country currently only grows two per cent of its potatoes from certified seed. It follows a visit to Kenya by the Scottish government and AHDB[Read[Read More…]

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Punjab: Cash crunch hits country’s potato seed bowl

Shortage of new currency notes has hit potato farmers in Punjab, who are now struggling to sell their stock of potato seeds. At the peak of the potato sowing season, the lack of new notes in the market is preventing potential buyers from purchasing supplies. “There are buyers but they do not have the new currency. We have been sending our[Read[Read More…]

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AHDB committed to keep the UK Seed Potato Industry healthy

AHDB Potatoes has pledged to work closely with the seed potato sector and Scottish Government to ensure that the industry maintains a low level of the bacterial disease blackleg. Speaking at the Seed Industry event in St Andrew’s, AHDB Potatoes Strategy Director Rob Clayton said that while there are no easy answers when it comes to blackleg, the key to[Read[Read More…]

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Seed producer receives the British Potato Industry Award

Jim Cruickshank OBE, one of the most well respected seed producers in the UK, is this year’s winner of the British Potato Industry Award, organised by AHDB Potatoes. Presented to individuals for their outstanding contribution to the industry, Jim is the 20th winner of this prestigious honour. Announcing the winner at this year’s Seed Industry Event in St Andrew’s, AHDB[Read[Read More…]

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Canada: Alberta seed potato acreage may increase

It’s early days yet but the agreement reached on October 31, 2016 that allows Alberta to export to Thailand, is not expecting any challenges for its seed potatoes. “We are looking forward to developing a relationship with Thailand to get our seed over there,” said Deb Hart, Seed Potato Coordinator for Potato Growers of Alberta. “We’re so appreciative of the[Read More…]

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