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Boerenbond, Belgapom and VITO together towards digital agriculture

Boerenbond, Belgapom and VITO are teaming up to strengthen the future of the Belgian potato chain by further developing the online platform WatchITgrow. WatchITgrow is a Belgian platform launched to support growers to monitor arable crops and vegetables, in view of increasing yields, both qualitatively and quantitatively. WatchITgrow uses various types of data starting with satellite data combined with e.g.[Read More…]

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Australia: New tech doubles potato production at Bornholm potato farm

A potato farm in Bornholm is the first in the country to receive game-changing sorting technology, allowing them to more than double production. A Visar Sorting machine separates unwashed potatoes into grades using high-speed cameras to capture photos of the potatoes and direct them to the correct conveyor belt. The potatoes are shot through the machine at 3.2 m/sec; up[Read More…]

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New potato app helps with crop management and yield data

A new potato-specific smartphone app has been developed to help growers improve crop management and marketing decisions right through the supply chain. Developed by the Peterborough-based potato supplier Greenvale AP, the Crop4Sight app’s first key feature improves understanding of how crop development will impact on marketable yield. Many growers will start the season with a planned tonnage from each field,[Read More…]

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US: Black Gold Farms appoints Chief Production Officer

Black Gold Farms recently announced that Kerwin Bradley has joined the organization as the Chief Production Officer (CPO). As CPO, Kerwin will support all aspects of crop production and sit on the executive team. His role will be to implement best practices, lead variety selection and development, drive the adaption of new and innovative technologies which will improve agronomic decision[Read More…]

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Influencing potato dry matter content

Dry matter content is important for both fresh market potatoes and potatoes destined for processing. Tubers with a dry matter above 18-20% tend to be more susceptible to bruising and tubers disintegrate more readily when cooked. However, for processing high dry matter content is required to achieve a good fry color and often 20-25% is specified. Nitrogen, potassium and magnesium[Read More…]

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DripByDrip: Joint project to develop new tools for crop protection using drip irrigation

Bayer, Netafim and BGN Technologies join forces in a research project that combines soil research, digital prediction tools and state-of-the art drip technology by Netafim to develop best practices for using drip irrigation as a delivery system for the Bayer nematicide Velum Prime in Israel. Lately, social acceptance of the use of chemical crop protection products became limited, which resulted[Read More…]

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Canadian potato specialist advises growers on the proper use of Orondis Gold for pink rot and late blight management

Dr Eugenia Banks, long time potato specialist and consultant for the Ontario Potato Board in Canada writes in her most recent email newsletter to potato growers that potato growers who used Orondis Gold during the wet 2017 season were pleased with the performance of this fungicide. She says growers can continue using Orondis Gold for late blight during the season,[Read More…]

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Canadian potato grower embraces 4R Nutrient Stewardship

4R Nutrient Stewardship (Right Source @ Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place®) is a science-based framework offering verified best management practices proven to increase crop yields and economic return while reducing environmental impacts such as greenhouse gases and nutrient losses to water. Modern day farming has come a long way, benefitting from decades of innovations that have made agriculture a[Read More…]

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The advent of online, global crop consultancy services?

It was announced recently that German AgTech startup Farmee teamed up with leading Dutch agricultural consulting company Delphy to support farmers remotely – anywhere in the world. In a press release issued by Delphy, it is said that the two consultancy companies have now launched the online platform Farmee Experts. Combining their services, both partners will provide affordable crop consulting services[Read More…]

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How do you harvest 50 million pounds of potatoes in one season?

Get an up-close look at the people, planning and processing technologies that help the Keenan family at Rollo Bay Holdings on Canada’s Prince Edward Island send 50 million pounds of potatoes from field to table during a busy harvest. Video highlights: An innovative harvesting system using two unique harvesters dig 15 tonnes of potatoes every five minutes Soil dug during[Read More…]

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World Potato Congress launches Webinar Series

The World Potato Congress (WPC) is looking to increase its networking role for the global professional potato value chain, especially during the interval between congresses.  As a result, WPC is setting up a webinar series to bring potato professionals together by offering presentations to share inspiring and innovative knowledge or visions.  On Monday, February 25, 2019 at 09:00 a.m. Eastern[Read More…]

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Climate change impacts Michigan potato chip industry

Michigan is the nation’s largest grower of potatoes for chips — about one in four bags sold in the U.S. is made from Michigan potatoes. Can climate change jeopardize the state’s dominance? Maybe, a new study warns. That’s because warming temperatures will require more ventilation and refrigeration — and thus higher energy bills — to store potatoes after harvesting and[Read More…]

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Canada: Mancozeb fight calls potato growers to share on-farm use

Mancozeb is on the regulatory chopping block. Now Manitoba potato producers are being urged to share how they use the chemical as their industry attempts to preserve it as an aerial fungicide, and they have just days to do it. Why it matters: Health Canada has proposed a ban on mancozeb for potatoes and other horticultural crops. Meanwhile, Manitoba potato[Read More…]

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Soil pH: What’s the scale of the issue?

The issue of soil pH and its importance receives a lot of publicity. The key message is that at lower pH the efficacy of chemical fertiliser and availability of soil nutrients is reduced. However despite efforts by Teagasc in Ireland to promote the significance of the issue some 63% of soils are suboptimal pH. The scaleThe scale is open to[Read More…]

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Precision Agriculture Conference an important event for growers and agronomists

After a successful 5 years, is excited to announce that its Precision Agriculture Conference for 2019 will be moving to the London Convention Centre in London, Ontario, eastern Canada on February 5-6, 2019. The 2019 conference will once again be a day-and-a-half program comprised of expert speaker presentations, as well as hands-on workshops. The conference’s workshops are designed for[Read More…]

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Idaho potato pest-management seminar set

Miller Research plans its annual potato pest-management seminar from 8:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Mountain Jan. 31 at the Historic Wilson Theater, 610 Fremont St., Rupert, Idaho. Jeff Miller and Trent Taysom, field investigators with Rupert-based Miller Research, are slated to discuss how well current fungicides are working against Early Blight, Brown Spot, White Mold and Gray Mold, an announcement[Read More…]

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University in India to train farmers in potato processing methods

Giving impetus to its efforts towards helping potato farmers dealing with the current financial crunch in the potato industry, the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) is organising a training programme on potato processing techniques from January 29 to 31 this year. This is to teach farmers how to develop several value-added products from potatoes. The department is focusing on low-cost technologies[Read More…]

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Interviews with potato industry specialists at Potato Expo 2019

Bob Larson, reporter, AgInfo, hosts interviews at the #PotatoExpo2019 this past week (Jan 9 – 10) in Austin, Texas with Mark De Beaufort of the organization “Imagine A World Without Potatoes“. Also Dustin Gargas and Aaron Shultz with Ceres Imaging. Go here to watch the video with De Beaufort. More videos and photos from Potato Expo 2019 can be found on Facebook[Read More…]

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Unique way works for potato farm in Australia

Plenty of growers have a unique point of difference, something that makes them stand out from the crowd, and for Kerri Lamb it’s the way she grows potatoes. Kerri helps run the family’s Killarney property, on the Condamine River in southeast Queensland with her husband, Haydn, and you would be hard pressed to find a potato grower down south that[Read More…]

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The traceability trend: From Farm to Smartphone to Table

Mintel, a global market research company, named traceability—the ability to see where food comes from, what it’s made with, and by whom—one of the five most important food and drink trends for 2018. According to Mintel, the trend is fueled by “widespread distrust” in how our food is made, the “need for reassurance about the safety and trustworthiness” of food,[Read More…]

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AgTech Trends in 2019: Synthetic biology, Precision agriculture, and Millennial farmers

Last year G2 Crowd introduced predictions for 2018’s major digital trends, but this year the focus is on trends in specific industries and how digital transformation will affect them in 2019.  Jasmine Lee, a Senior Research Specialist at G2 Crowd, writes that with a heavy dose of innovation and disruption, agriculture technology, or agtech, has transformed the operational processes and[Read More…]

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Are 100t/ha potato crops possible?

Potato yields in the UK appear to be faltering and one expert believes a yield competition like that seen with wheat could help the sector get closer to three-digit yield figures. Yield data from the AHDB suggest there has been a slowing down in the rate of increase in yields. This is in contrast to the sugar beet sector which[Read More…]

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US potato operation building a lasting, productive system with successful biotic practices

Third-generation potato grower Brendon Rockey likes to help teach and show producers how to improve their farm health with successful biotic methods. Rockey Farms is located in south-central Colorado in the San Luis Valley. Brendon said Rockey Farms began the process of using less chemicals and fertilizers. They used compost and cover crops. Because their operation is in a region[Read More…]

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