US: Research site boosts spuds nationwide

Unless you’re part of the U.S. potato industry, you’ve probably never heard of the U.S. Department of Agriculture research facility in East Grand Forks, Minn. But to people who work in the industry, the USDA Agricultural Research Service’s Potato Research Worksite is a unique, invaluable resource that helps develop better chips, fries and dehydrated flakes through improved storage and processing.[Read More…]

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Netherlands: alarming increase in rot

At first it seemed as though water-rot was occurring in a diagonal swath through the Southwest of the Netherlands. Now it is known that the rot has been found in other places as well, as a result of large rain storms. We are also seeing rot in places where less rain has fallen. The intensity of the rainfall has most[Read More…]

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Controlling silver scurf

This common disease that causes unsightly blemishes on potatoes can be a headache for fresh market producers. What options are available to growers for controlling silver scurf? One of the more pervasive tuber diseases in North America, silver scurf has been increasing in incidence and severity in recent decades. This has resulted in economic losses that have been most clearly[Read More…]

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UK Research project to tackle uneven airflow in potato storages

A new two year research project will harness the latest aeronautic industry technology to develop testing tools that will help crop store owners to optimise the efficiency of their premises. The £800,000 project is 70% funded by The Technology Strategy Board and is “industry led”, with lead partner being Crops Systems Limited, the leading store designer and developer. Other partners[Read More…]

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Venezuela: Potato seed go rotten in state silos

Earlier this year, it was reported that McDonald’s in Venezuela could neither import potatoes to make fries nor find a reliable supply domestically. The reason has recently come to light and it appears that it is not just because of currency controls. Venezuela’s National Seed Service (Senasem) has been asleep at the switch, and let 175,000 metric tons of potato seeds[Read More…]

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US: Calyxt launches field trials of its cold storable potato

Calyxt, Inc., a Minnesota-based company focusing on developing healthier food products, today announced that it has started the field trials of its cold storable potato. Calyxt has previously validated in the greenhouse its potatoes developed by inactivating a single endogenous gene responsible for sugar accumulation when stored at cold temperatures. The multi-location field trials aim to provide the first proof[Read More…]

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Potato consumption in Spain down 12% in six years

The preference of large distribution chains to import old potatoes in storage, bought at low prices, has caused a 12% drop in potato consumption in Spain over the last six years. According to data from the Food Consumption Panel MAGRAMA 2014, Spain has gone from an annual domestic consumption of 1,147,000 tonnes in 2008 to 1,028,000 tonnes in 2014. Supermarkets are selling[Read More…]

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Processing and Storage Convention 2015 – Approaching key topics of the potato industry

Bucharest, June 17-19: Romania’s Capital was the host of the International Potato Processing and Storage Convention, an exclusive event that succeeded in bringing together in the same room key personalities from the vibrant world of potatoes. The emphasis of the Convention was set from the very beginning on creating a stream of valuable ideas and developing valid solutions for the entire potato[Read More…]

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New turnkey potato project for China

Strategic partners Tolsma-Grisnich and Kiremko recently supplied a turnkey project at Ningxia Yujing Food Co. in China. The project existed out of a complete French fries and hash brown production line including potato storage and grading system. Kiremko and Tolsma-Grisnich are strategic partners for more than 30 years. The cooperation in China is so strong that both companies share a[Read More…]

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International potato storage and processing event to take place in June

The International Potato Processing and Storage Convention will take place during June 17 – 19, 2015, at the Radisson Blu Hotel Bucharest, Romania. This unique Convention brings together two key elements of the potato industry, where value adding and quality are of paramount importance for business success. But the Convention is not limited to those two disciplines. The Speaker Program contains[Read More…]

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Tong Peal launches a new crop cleaning solution

Tong Peal Engineering, the UK designer and manufacturer of equipment, has launched its latest innovation in crop cleaning with the new EasyClean Hydro-Sep. Designed for the vegetable processing market the new EasyClean Hydro-Sep offers growers, processors and packers the ultimate crop cleaning solution with effective cleaning results. It also helps to significantly reduce wear and tear on packhouse equipment by removing[Read More…]

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Biochemistry analyser adds data benefits for potato storage managers and processors

The 2900 from YSI has been launched with additional data flexibility for in-house quality assurance in fields such as the monitoring of sucrose and glucose levels by potato growers. Sucrose and glucose levels are closely monitored by potato growers while in storage and by manufacturers during processing. As potatoes age, the carbohydrates convert to sugars and regular sample testing allows[Read More…]

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Company launches a new solution for potato sprouting

BioSafe Systems announces the introduction of ARRET Sprout Treatment for the 2015 potato storage season, a solution approved by the US EPA for fresh pack line treatments, as well as fogging treatment applications. This new chemistry utilizes a green and sustainable fatty acid formulation that burns down sprouts on contact. This highly cost-efficient and effective product provides potato growers with a[Read More…]

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US: Idaho researcher to study potato storage

Yi Wang aims to help the Idaho potato industry better understand the physiological mechanisms responsible for problems that may take place in potatoes during storage. Wang, 29, who will start March 20 as University of Idaho’s new potato storage physiologist, has already made a name for herself as a national leader in the potato industry. As a post-doctoral researcher with[Read More…]

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UK: UV bursts offer chemical-free destruction of seed potato and fresh produce pathogens, says supplier

Techneat Engineering will use next week’s LAMMA 2015 agricultural equipment show to unveil its new pulsed UV light system for cleansing seed potatoes and fresh produce. The patented technology concentrates UV energy into a flash lasting fractions of a millisecond, at a wavelength which terminally disrupts the DNA and cell structure of pathogens. Researchers at the Potato Council’s Sutton Bridge[Read More…]

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Canada: Minimizing bruise damage in potato production

Minimizing bruise damage is a primary concern for potato growers, not only when harvesting the crop but during handling and storage. Spud Smart magazine put the question of best management practices (BMP’s) for preventing or reducing tuber bruising to three growers from across Canada: Randy Visser of Gerrit Visser and Sons in Orwell Cove, P.E.I., Mark Keller of Elk Haven[Read More…]

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UK: Keeping sprouts at bay

During September nationwide CIPC Stewardship meetings focused on the new 2014/15 label requirements, Best Practice for CIPC use and the ways alternatives can complement a successful sprout suppression regime. In July, the CIPC Approval Holders announced new label rates for 2014/15. These are now 30 grams/tonne for the fresh market and 58 g/t for processing. The maximum single dose has[Read More…]

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Lack of warehouses for potato storage in the Czech Republic

According to the president of the Central Potato Association of the Czech Republic, Miloslav Chlan, the Czech Republic’s potato harvest has been about a quarter larger than last year, reaching a total of around 660,000 tonnes. Growers are selling at a loss, receiving only 2 to 2.50 CZK per kilo (0.07 to 0.09 Euro). Some growers said part of the[Read More…]

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Tips on equipping a new potato storage facility

When opening a new storage facility one has to think about long-term usage. In this case, the developer has to consider as many as possible changes that may happen in the future. Flexibility is one of the key factors in this investment. Potato Business Digital has spoken to Jan van Maldegem, Marketing Manager at Tolsma regarding flexibility in equipping a[Read More…]

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Storage technology: SV-Agri and Mooij Agro start Joint Venture in India

SV-Agri, based in India, and Mooij Agro, based in the Netherlands, have signed a memorandum of understanding for the establishment of a Joint Venture in India. This was done at the annual convention, held on September 10 and 11 in Pune, India. This Joint Venture will enable SV-Agri and Mooij Agro to design, install and implement the latest dedicated storage technologies for potatoes.

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US: Web seminar discusses post-harvest phosphorus for spuds

With potato harvest winding down in many regions, growers have changed their focus to post-harvest tuber management and storage. Phosphorous acid-based products can help control many post-harvest diseases if applied following best management practices. To assist growers, Extension agents and consultants with the use of these products, Focus on Potato has produced a nine-minute Web seminar. More

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Tomra Sorting opens a new research and development center in Dublin

Tomra Sorting in Dublin has created a new center of excellence for its food optical sorting and peeling business, and is set to improve its R&D capabilities after moving to a new facility in Citywest, Dublin. Tomra Sorting Food was formed following the acquisition of Irish company Odenberg in 2010 and the Belgian company Best Sorting in June 2012, by[Read More…]

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Management practices to minimize potato bruise damage

Potato bruising is a serious problem in the potato industry. The effects of bruising are felt by every handler and consumer of potatoes and are a major economic drain on the industry. Potato bruising is estimated to cost the U.S. potato industry at least $298 million annually. With bruise-free incentive clauses in processor contracts and an increasing emphasis on limiting[Read More…]

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Russia: New logistics centre in Penza to hold 15,000 tonnes of potatoes

Construction of logistics centre has started in Penza region. New well-equipped hangars will hold up to 15 000 tonnes of potatoes all year round. Following the production logistics requirements, a dispatch building for potato packaging is to appear in the nearest future. By 2018, the stores will be able to hold more than 200 000 tonnes of vegetables. Source:[Read More…]

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BioSafe Systems introduces complete potato storage protection programme

OxiPhos, a broad-spectrum bactericide/fungicide, is used to protect potatoes from pathogens such as Bacterial Soft Rot, Early Blight, Fusarium Tuber Rot, Silver Scurf, Pink Rot and Late Blight Tuber Rot.  OxiPhos is a green chemistry composed of phosphorous acid and activated peroxide that is proven to yield powerful results. HOLDit, a deposition aid, strengthens the performance of BioSafe’s peroxygen chemistries by creating a residual to allow a lengthier contact and kill time.


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UK: Register for potato storage event

See on – Potato News Potato growers are being reminded to register for the Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research 50th anniversary celebrations. The world-class post-harvest applied research facility marks the anniversary on Thursday, July 3 (9am to 4.30pm) with a special day showcasing storage development, knowledge exchange past and present, and the latest best practice on key storage issues.[Read More…]

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