UK chipping potato producer installs Dutch technology

Following the successful installation of Omnivent’s suction ventilation system, PJ Lee and Sons renovated their stores with the OmniCuro control system for 9 box stores (12.200 tons) at the Sutton Gault Pack House facility and have retrofitted the control systems into their other outlying stores. PJ Lee and Sons have been in business for around 60 years. The company consists[Read More…]

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2016 triennial EAPR Section Post Harvest meeting

The 2016 triennial EAPR Section Post Harvest meeting will be held on the 29-30th June 2016 in Wageningen, The Netherlands. The meeting will cover different aspects of post-harvest research in potatoes, with an emphasis on relevance to the industry. Themes will range from diagnosis and detection of disease, dormancy and sprout control, quality management and technology in post-harvest management. The program will[Read More…]

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Video: Techniques to control potato storage rots

During AHDB Potatoes in the UK’s Storage Forum 2016, Simon Alexander of SA Consulting presented on optimal store management techniques to control potato rots in store, and ultimately maximize longevity of potato stocks. Watch the video of this presentation on YouTube.

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Video: Ethylene – Its potential for use alongside CIPC in potato storages

In this video, Dr Glyn Harper (Potato Pathologist at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research in the UK) presents on the promising findings from AHDB Potatoes’ project ‘R464: Ethylene for Processing’, showing the potential for use of ethylene in combination with CIPC as an effective sprout control strategy for potatoes. Watch the video on YouTube

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Tong Engineering presents latest potato handling equipment

Tong Engineering, a vegetable handling equipment manufacturer, will be exhibiting at the UK’s largest arable event, Cereals, to present its latest equipment range for 2016. Exhibiting at this year’s event – held on June 15th & 16th – Tong will have the latest model of its Storemaker hopper cleaner machine on stand 258. The Storemaker is suitable for multi-site use;[Read More…]

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US: Potato researcher of the year named

Jiwan Palta, a professor in the horticulture department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was awarded researcher of the year by the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association during the organization’s annual education conference in February. Palta was recognized for his numerous contributions to the Wisconsin potato industry, including his research on the beneficial impact of calcium nutrition on potato-tuber quality.[Read More…]

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UK: Potato store technology puts control in the hands of the grower

A Norfolk potato grower said a pioneering new storage technology can help reduce his energy costs – and meet the strict quality demands of the crisp manufacturer he supplies. The new SmartStor controller, developed by Crop Systems, based in Gimingham near Mundesley, won a national certificate of merit for innovation at the LAMMA farm machinery show in January. It continually monitors all[Read More…]

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Potato storage rots likely this winter

This fall might be a tough one for a few Manitoba potato growers battling rots like pink eye, bud-end decay, late blight and leak in storage. Generally, these diseases are present in storages but the levels are not abnormally high, so a caution is warranted. According to Vikram Bisht, Manitoba’s provincial plant pathologist, leak and late blight infected tubers have already[Read More…]

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US: Field trials of cold-storable potatoes complete

Calyxt, a Minnesota-based company focusing on developing healthy food products to benefit both consumers and farmers, announced that it has completed the first field trials in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan of its cold-storable potato. A significant amount of potatoes harvested each fall are cold-stored to ensure a continuous supply throughout the year. During cold storage, reducing sugars can accumulate in the[Read More…]

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New innovations in potato storage technology

To protect their investment, it’s important for growers to keep on top of the latest innovations in ventilation, humidification and spout control when storing their potato crops. Spud Smart magazine in Canada talked to some industry experts about new equipment, products and technologies aimed at ensuring storage success. Ashley Gorman, vice-president of sales at P.E.I.-based Gorman Controls, believes the most important[Read More…]

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UK: Norfolk firm’s agri-tech investment in potato store monitoring

A Norfolk crop store manufacturer has launched a software innovation which allows remote access to control systems – and improves safety for lone farm-workers. Crop Systems, based in Gimingham near Mundesley, specialises in the design and installation of storage controllers and equipment for the agricultural industry. Its new SmartStor controller will give users access to the control settings from any[Read More…]

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How Chemistry Can Rot Potatoes, And Also Save Them

A bacteria that infects potatoes gets its job done with the help of chemical weaponry, a new study shows. The microbe secretes molecules that allow it to survive in air while also bumping off competing bacteria. It’s yet another example of the powerful chemistry happening in nature every day. In the future, this find could help farms save potatoes from rotting,[Read More…]

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US: Research site boosts spuds nationwide

Unless you’re part of the U.S. potato industry, you’ve probably never heard of the U.S. Department of Agriculture research facility in East Grand Forks, Minn. But to people who work in the industry, the USDA Agricultural Research Service’s Potato Research Worksite is a unique, invaluable resource that helps develop better chips, fries and dehydrated flakes through improved storage and processing.[Read More…]

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Netherlands: alarming increase in rot

At first it seemed as though water-rot was occurring in a diagonal swath through the Southwest of the Netherlands. Now it is known that the rot has been found in other places as well, as a result of large rain storms. We are also seeing rot in places where less rain has fallen. The intensity of the rainfall has most[Read More…]

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Controlling silver scurf

This common disease that causes unsightly blemishes on potatoes can be a headache for fresh market producers. What options are available to growers for controlling silver scurf? One of the more pervasive tuber diseases in North America, silver scurf has been increasing in incidence and severity in recent decades. This has resulted in economic losses that have been most clearly[Read More…]

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UK Research project to tackle uneven airflow in potato storages

A new two year research project will harness the latest aeronautic industry technology to develop testing tools that will help crop store owners to optimise the efficiency of their premises. The £800,000 project is 70% funded by The Technology Strategy Board and is “industry led”, with lead partner being Crops Systems Limited, the leading store designer and developer. Other partners[Read More…]

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Venezuela: Potato seed go rotten in state silos

Earlier this year, it was reported that McDonald’s in Venezuela could neither import potatoes to make fries nor find a reliable supply domestically. The reason has recently come to light and it appears that it is not just because of currency controls. Venezuela’s National Seed Service (Senasem) has been asleep at the switch, and let 175,000 metric tons of potato seeds[Read More…]

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US: Calyxt launches field trials of its cold storable potato

Calyxt, Inc., a Minnesota-based company focusing on developing healthier food products, today announced that it has started the field trials of its cold storable potato. Calyxt has previously validated in the greenhouse its potatoes developed by inactivating a single endogenous gene responsible for sugar accumulation when stored at cold temperatures. The multi-location field trials aim to provide the first proof[Read More…]

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Potato consumption in Spain down 12% in six years

The preference of large distribution chains to import old potatoes in storage, bought at low prices, has caused a 12% drop in potato consumption in Spain over the last six years. According to data from the Food Consumption Panel MAGRAMA 2014, Spain has gone from an annual domestic consumption of 1,147,000 tonnes in 2008 to 1,028,000 tonnes in 2014. Supermarkets are selling[Read More…]

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Processing and Storage Convention 2015 – Approaching key topics of the potato industry

Bucharest, June 17-19: Romania’s Capital was the host of the International Potato Processing and Storage Convention, an exclusive event that succeeded in bringing together in the same room key personalities from the vibrant world of potatoes. The emphasis of the Convention was set from the very beginning on creating a stream of valuable ideas and developing valid solutions for the entire potato[Read More…]

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New turnkey potato project for China

Strategic partners Tolsma-Grisnich and Kiremko recently supplied a turnkey project at Ningxia Yujing Food Co. in China. The project existed out of a complete French fries and hash brown production line including potato storage and grading system. Kiremko and Tolsma-Grisnich are strategic partners for more than 30 years. The cooperation in China is so strong that both companies share a[Read More…]

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International potato storage and processing event to take place in June

The International Potato Processing and Storage Convention will take place during June 17 – 19, 2015, at the Radisson Blu Hotel Bucharest, Romania. This unique Convention brings together two key elements of the potato industry, where value adding and quality are of paramount importance for business success. But the Convention is not limited to those two disciplines. The Speaker Program contains[Read More…]

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