US: Web seminar discusses post-harvest phosphorus for spuds

With potato harvest winding down in many regions, growers have changed their focus to post-harvest tuber management and storage. Phosphorous acid-based products can help control many post-harvest diseases if applied following best management practices. To assist growers, Extension agents and consultants with the use of these products, Focus on Potato has produced a nine-minute Web seminar. More

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Tomra Sorting opens a new research and development center in Dublin

Tomra Sorting in Dublin has created a new center of excellence for its food optical sorting and peeling business, and is set to improve its R&D capabilities after moving to a new facility in Citywest, Dublin. Tomra Sorting Food was formed following the acquisition of Irish company Odenberg in 2010 and the Belgian company Best Sorting in June 2012, by[Read More…]

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Management practices to minimize potato bruise damage

Potato bruising is a serious problem in the potato industry. The effects of bruising are felt by every handler and consumer of potatoes and are a major economic drain on the industry. Potato bruising is estimated to cost the U.S. potato industry at least $298 million annually. With bruise-free incentive clauses in processor contracts and an increasing emphasis on limiting[Read More…]

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Russia: New logistics centre in Penza to hold 15,000 tonnes of potatoes

Construction of logistics centre has started in Penza region. New well-equipped hangars will hold up to 15 000 tonnes of potatoes all year round. Following the production logistics requirements, a dispatch building for potato packaging is to appear in the nearest future. By 2018, the stores will be able to hold more than 200 000 tonnes of vegetables. Source:[Read More…]

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BioSafe Systems introduces complete potato storage protection programme

OxiPhos, a broad-spectrum bactericide/fungicide, is used to protect potatoes from pathogens such as Bacterial Soft Rot, Early Blight, Fusarium Tuber Rot, Silver Scurf, Pink Rot and Late Blight Tuber Rot.  OxiPhos is a green chemistry composed of phosphorous acid and activated peroxide that is proven to yield powerful results. HOLDit, a deposition aid, strengthens the performance of BioSafe’s peroxygen chemistries by creating a residual to allow a lengthier contact and kill time.


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UK: Register for potato storage event

See on – Potato News Potato growers are being reminded to register for the Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research 50th anniversary celebrations. The world-class post-harvest applied research facility marks the anniversary on Thursday, July 3 (9am to 4.30pm) with a special day showcasing storage development, knowledge exchange past and present, and the latest best practice on key storage issues.[Read More…]

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UK: Potato Council Marks 50 Years of Storage Research

See on – Potato News The Potato Council division of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) marked last week the 50th anniversary of the opening of its Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research (SBCSR) facility, near Spalding in Lincolnshire. The leading post-harvest applied research centre for agricultural storage in the UK, SBCSR (then known as Sutton Bridge Experimental Station)[Read More…]

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Detecting potato rot in storages with Lonestar

See on – Potato News Maintaining the quality and health of stored potatoes is vital for growers, processors and consumers but each year there are consistent and substantial losses due to storage diseases. The Lonestar portable freshness monitor can detect volatile chemical signatures associated with bacterial diseases such as blackleg and potato soft-rot in real time. This allows the[Read More…]

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UK: Taperstor – bespoke potato storage perfected

Crop Systems Ltd’s new TaperStorTM offers operators total control over the stored crop and the environment in which it is kept, combined with the ability to maximise the volume of storage available on any given footprint and so reduce storage costs per tonne. TaperStorTM enables accurate airflows and allows crops to be loaded to a greater height and – by[Read More…]

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US: Spud farmer goes on offensive against ring rot

See on – Potato News A southeast Idaho potato farmer changes his farming practices after dealing with bacterial ring rot. Russell Fehringer has implemented tough new farming policies and procedures in his fight against ring rot, and constant cleaning and sanitizing of equipment and facilities will now be the norm. See on

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Franse aardappelsector investeert in bewaring

See on – Potato News De Franse aardappelsector gaat investeren in bewaarcapaciteit om zo de bewaarperiode te verlengen. Per individuele teler kan er een subsidie worden verkregen tussen de 22.500 en 30.000 euro, zo blijkt uit stukken op FranceAgriMer. De uitvoeringsinstantie van het Franse Ministerie van Landbouw, FranceAgriMer, stelt geld beschikbaar voor de bouw of modernisering van aardappelopslaginstallaties. Zowel consumptie-,[Read More…]

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UK: Managing stored potatoes

Management of stored potatoes requires regular inspections to check tuber quality and store conditions. David Hudson suggests that you shouldn’t apply CIPC ‘by the calendar’. For effective sprout control, accepted advice is now not to apply CIPC as soon as there are signs of renewed sprouting. This first response is often just slight movement or swelling of the sprout after[Read More…]

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UK: Storage Conference focused on ‘365 days a year potato supply’

The Storage 2020 International Conference, sponsored by Certis, takes place 13 February and has a unique agenda focused on the future of 365 days a year potato supply.  The Conference, hosted by Potato Council, features horizon scanning plenary sessions which will consider the role storage will play in the future production of potatoes and other agricultural crops. Online registration is[Read More…]

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Tolsma-Grisnich en De Kubbe BV: Pootgoed-innovatiedag

Tolsma-Grisnich en De Kubbe BV tonen de nieuwste trends en ontwikkelingen op het gebied van hygiëne en logistiek bij de opslag en verwerking van pootaardappelen. Kijk, luister én oordeel zelf: Het Track & Trace kistenregistratiesysteem in de praktijk Innovaties op het gebied van bewaar-, sorteer- en transporttechnologie  (o.a. Quadro compact koeler en potato scanner). Interessante vakgerichte lezingen* over de volgende[Read More…]

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UK: Storage 2020 International Potato Conference – speaker line-up announced

Next month over 200 growers, packers, processors, retailers, researchers, specialists, consultants, and international visitors are expected to attend the Storage 2020 International Conference at Peterborough Arena. Sponsored by Certis and supported by Omnivent, Storage 2020 takes place 13 February and has a unique agenda focused on the future of 365 days a year potato supply. The conference, hosted by Potato[Read More…]

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The ins and outs of potato storage

Post-harvest potato storage expert Todd Forbush of Techmark Inc. in Lansing, Mich., says quality potato storage requires just two things: quality storage facilities and quality potatoes to store. “Neither will meet their potential without both working successfully together,” he says. The first step is to evaluate your existing facility to decide if it needs just an upgrade or something different[Read More…]

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UK: Taperstor – Total control in potato storage

Crop Systems Ltd’s new TaperStor offers operators total control over the stored crop and the environment in which it is kept, combined with the ability to maximise the volume of storage available on any given footprint and so reduce storage costs per tonne. TaperStor enables accurate airflows and allows crops to be loaded to a greater height and – by[Read More…]

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Vrees kwaliteitsverlies Nederlandse aardappel

In tegenstelling tot een heleboel andere sectoren is de aardappelsector crisisbestendig. Misschien kun je wel spreken van oorlogsbestendig, want ook als spanningen in landen oplopen blijft de aardappel als eerste levensbehoefte nodig. Maar om die marktpositie te behouden, moet Nederland fyto als speerpunt benoemen. Dat zei Jan Muijsers, vicevoorzitter van de Nederlandse Aardappel Organisatie (NAO) dinsdag op de Themadag Aardappelen[Read More…]

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