Latest Canadian Potato Crop Update issued; 3000 acres of potatoes expected to be lost because of big hailstorm in the West

Kevin MacIsaac, General Manager of United Potato Growers of Canada issued the latest update on the potato crop this past Thursday. He thanked all the provincial directors of UPGC for their input on this report. Prince Edward Island: PEI’s potato crop got off to a good start and most fields have achieved full canopy. Unfortunately, weather in the past month[Read[Read More…]

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McDonald’s adds international favorites to the menu, including sweet potato fries from the Netherlands

Fed up of classic McDonald’s fries? Then make sure you try out the new sweet potato fries that have been introduced as part of the international menu. Look, let’s be perfectly honest here, McDonald’s is not known for their fries, writes Cullum Gunn in an article on Fansided. They’re OK and they will certainly curb that craving you get for[Read More…]

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Fries are still America’s favorite potato dish

The most popular potato preparation in America is the French fry. That’s according to an analysis of food ordering data between January 2018 and July 2019 by DoorDash, America’s largest food delivery service (and the world’s second-largest, after Uber Eats). Now that DoorDash is delivering from McDonald’s, famous for its fries, maybe the quantity ordered will rise even higher. This is how long[Read[Read More…]

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US: Survey reveals potato consumption habits, favorite attributes

A survey commissioned by The Little Potato Co. found that 55% of Americans rank potatoes as their favorite comfort food. Spuds outranked pizza (21%), macaroni and cheese (15%) and pasta (9%), according to a news release. Another finding from the survey was that one in four millennials would give up cheeseburgers if forced to choose between them and potatoes. Favorite ways to[Read[Read More…]

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New packaging laws launched across potato growing counties in Kenya

Potato farmers in fourteen counties in Kenya are the winners following the introduction of new packaging regulations which will be implemented across the country. The Crops (Irish Potatoes) Regulations 2019, which were gazetted two months ago by the National Government’s Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, require that all potato packaging in the country be capped at 50 kilograms bringing to[Read More…]

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Retail potato sales value in the US increases

According to a report issued today by Potatoes USA, IRI data for the July 2018 through June 2019 marketing year (MY19) show both successes and opportunities for the potato category. Total potato sales are reportedly increased in dollars by 2.0%, while sales volume declined by (1.0)%. The increase in volume sales occurred in April 2019 through June 2019, finishing the[Read[Read More…]

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Potandon sees strong growth in yellow and mini potatoes

Potandon Produce LLC in Idaho Falls, ID, one of the largest potato and onion shippers in the United States and the exclusive marketer of the Green Giant brand for fresh potatoes and onions, is seeing significant growth in yellow potatoes and mini-potatoes, according to Carter Bray, vice president/general manager, variety potato division. Growth in the red potato category, whether it[Read[Read More…]

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Designing a better low-fat potato chip

Munching on low-fat potato chips might reduce the guilt compared with full-fat versions, but many people don’t find the texture as appealing. Now, researchers have developed a technique to analyze potato chips’ physical characteristics from simulated first bite to swallow, which they say could be used to help formulate a tastier low-fat snack. They report their results in the Journal of[Read[Read More…]

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Can the potato processing industry raise the bar for sustainable food?

In this article, written by Steven Tsirakos, Senior Analyst at Annual Insight in the Netherlands, the author points out that Lamb Weston / Meijer and McDonald’s announced their joint efforts to reduce food waste last month. Sustainability is apparent within all food chains, Tsirakos writes, and cross value chain collaboration is a widely shared initiative. Many food companies actively showcase[Read[Read More…]

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Australian potato growers plan to send more spuds overseas

West Australia’s embattled potato growers plan to collaborate to drive a sevenfold increase in spud exports within five years. WA Potato Growers Association chief executive Simon Moltoni said the State’s potato growers faced diminishing returns in a shrinking industry. But after commissioning industry and export development plans Mr Moltoni said he was confident growers could achieve better prices and grow[Read More…]

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Trailblazing Women of the Idaho Potato Brand

Eagle, Idaho – For eight years, the Big Idaho® Potato Truck, a 4-ton spud on wheels, has been turning heads and stopping folks in their tracks everywhere it goes. This summer, there’s another reason why people are taking a second look at the oversized vegetable. The Tater Team, the trio that travels with the Truck promoting famous Idaho® potatoes, is all women, including the[Read More…]

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Idaho Potato Commission approves higher budget, redistricting plan

The Idaho Potato Commission on July 24 approved a $15.9 million budget for the fiscal year that starts Sept. 1, up from just over $15 million a year earlier, according to a report by Capital Press. Commissioners also approved a redistricting plan that will give growers in the high-production eastern part of the state additional representation if the Legislature approves,[Read[Read More…]

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US potato growers concerned over trade

Like other commodities, trade remains top of mind for potato growers across the Northwest. Chris Voigt, Executive Director of the Washington state Potato Commission says a year into the trade war with China, local growers and processors are starting to see and feel the impact. Making matters worse, the U.S. still does not have a trade deal with Japan, the[Read[Read More…]

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Nutrition for Today: Are potatoes friend or foe?

It’s pretty safe to say potatoes are America’s most loved vegetable. No matter whether they’re baked, fried, mashed, boiled, whether they’re eaten alone or as an ingredient in soup or potato salad, we just love potatoes. Yet everything we hear says they’re bad. They tell us potatoes are high in calories, high in carbs, have a high glycemic index and make[Read[Read More…]

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UAE company signs Lamb Weston

Foodservice distributor, Bidfood Oman, previously known as HORECA Trade, has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for frozen potato product producer, Lamb Weston. Lamb Weston has been partners with Bidfood UAE since 2007 and the partnership has yielded milestones and accomplishments, which rendered the partnership-decision an easy one for Bidfood Oman. Commenting on the new business partnership, Bidfood Middle East’s[Read[Read More…]

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National Potato Council meeting in the US draws many industry leaders

Almost 150 potato growers and industry leaders met at the National Potato Council’s summer meeting in Wisconsin Dells, Wis., to discuss industry policy priorities.  From speakers at the July 10-12 meeting, attendees deepened their knowledge about farm and food exports, climate change, and leadership development, according to a council news release. There was a special celebration for outgoing council president and[Read[Read More…]

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PepsiCo buys stake in one of China’s biggest natural food companies

PepsiCo is taking a stake in one of China’s largest natural food producers as it seeks to capitalize on the global health food craze. The American soda and snack company said Friday that it was buying 26% of Natural Food International for $131 million, becoming the company’s second largest shareholder. Shares in Natural Food International added 14% in Hong Kong. The[Read More…]

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The Cape Cod Potato Chips factory has a new and improved tour

Visitors to the Cape Cod Potato Chips factory in Hyannis this month are experiencing an updated nautical-themed tour full of original factory artifacts and a new patio where they can relax and eat complimentary chips. After four months of renovations, the tour — which the factory says attracts 250,000 visitors each year â€” reopened July 8. The free, self-guided, 30-minute tour allows[Read More…]

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Idaho Potato Commission partners with Mexican retailer

The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) recently partnered with Mexican retailer Calimax for a four-week promotional campaign to introduce Idaho Potatoes to the Mexican consumer.  The IPC chose Calimax to sell Idaho potatoes due to its proximity to the U.S. state, just south of the San Diego border.  “The Idaho Potato Commission and its commissioners have been enthusiastic about the partnership[Read[Read More…]

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Early potato growers in Britain look to new markets to survive

Pembrokeshire potato growers are looking to focus their early spud crops on the local Welsh market and also expand into chipping and baking markets to drive customer demand. Competition from early growers in England and the ability to store “baby” potatoes over the winter has hit the Pembroke growers and they are having to work hard to market their crops.[Read[Read More…]

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Mail order spud company spreading love ‘one potato at a time’

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations – there’s a spud for every moment, the man behind Potato Post NZ says. Srinivas Kalakota founded the startup, which lets customers send a potato with a personalised, handwritten message anywhere in the country, and said the aim was to “spread love, one potato at a time.” The online service launched two weeks ago and the response had[Read[Read More…]

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European Commission explains decision to granting an exemption from the rules on competition

In a press release, the Commission says it has stated that the rules applied by seven regional economic agricultural committees dealing with the production and marketing of new potatoes are outside the ambit of Article 85(1) because these rules form an integral part of a national market organisation existing in France in this sector. The French legislation entrusts the regulation[Read[Read More…]

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Global food brands ranked: McCain entered food top ten list first time

Brand Finance’s research revealed the compelling link between strong brands and stock market performance. It was found that investing in highly-branded companies would lead to a return almost double that of the average for the S&P 500 as a whole. Acknowledging and managing a company’s intangible assets taps into the hidden value that lies within it. The latest Brand Finance[Read[Read More…]

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Marketing opportunities in the US abound, potato suppliers say

Potato marketers in the Pacific Northwest of the US have multiple plans for their spuds this year, as usual. “As with most years, our goals are to assist our customers in building their business and helping solve problems by providing the best customer service we can and the highest-quality product we can grow,” said Matt Yeoman, salesman with Mount Vernon, Wash.-based Skagit[Read[Read More…]

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