Netherlands: ‘Increasing demand for wash suitable potatoes’

There is more and more demand for real specialist work on the potato market. This was testified by Jaap Kodde of potato wholesaler Flevostar Dronten. “The demand is coming both from Europe and outside. We have been supplying wash suitable potatoes to the Middle East for some time. That work takes a lot of time and energy, and you take[Read[Read More…]

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Duitsland: Aardappelmarkt flink onder druk

De aardappelmarkt in Duitsland staat flink onder druk. In m.n. de markt van het tafelaardappelsegment is er sprake van een flauwe stemming wat versterkt wordt door de tot nu toe niet uitgekomen hoog gespannen verwachtingen. Door de tegenvallende oogst in m.n. het zuiden van Duitsland als gevolg van een grillig verlopen groeiseizoen (wateroverlast in juni gevolgd door droogte) was het[Read[Read More…]

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US: In 2013 commodities, the potato was hot

It looks like the price of potatoes was the biggest mover of 2013 among four agricultural commodities the Times tracks quarterly as economic indicators. While a December price was not yet available the average price per 100 pounds this year was $10.33, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That’s a jump of almost 50 percent from 2012. More You[Read More…]

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US: Potato prices recover, but still in the red

The good news for potato growers is that the prices they are receiving for fresh spuds this winter is about twice what they were getting last January. The bad news is that price is still below their cost of production. “Growers are probably paying their bills, but they’re not making much,” said Paul Patterson, University of Idaho extension economist at[Read[Read More…]

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Northern Ireland: Potato growers ‘must secure a fair price’

Potato farmers are being urged to strongly market their remaining stock over the coming weeks in order to secure a fair price for their product. That is the advice of the Ulster Farmers’ Union potato chairman Adrian Jamison who also highlighted the need to watch market signals carefully. Mr Jamison explained: “The good summer and mild autumn/winter of 2013 has[Read[Read More…]

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Menor demanda de patatas en Rusia

De acuerdo con Fruit-Inform, la actividad mercantil en el mercado ruso de la patata ha estado decayendo. A pesar de las esperanzas de los agricultores de una subida de precios tras la caída de las temperaturas, los precios han permanecido estables más de un mes en la Federación Rusa. Sin embargo, los agricultores rusos no se quejan de esta temporada,[Read[Read More…]

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India: Sizzling business of french fries; sales up 30%

A market that’s growing 30% annually, and can grow even faster, a business big enough to accommodate giant western MNCs and small Indian startups, a supply chain that allows mouth-watering margins to all players and a product that many consumers, adults or children, find addictive – selling frozen French fries in India is a sizzling business that’s set to sizzle[Read[Read More…]

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Midden-Oosten hamstert Nederlandse poters

De Nederlandse pootgoedhandelshuizen laten zich positief uit over de export overzee waaraan nu ongeveer een einde is gekomen. Vooral naar Azië liep het dit seizoen lekker door, zo zeggen Agrico, HZPC en Stet Holland. HZPC-frontman Gerard Backx: ‘De verkoop naar Noord-Afrika ligt lager dan vorig jaar. Toen was de export naar Algerije exceptioneel. Dit jaar ligt de hoeveelheid meer in[Read[Read More…]

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Panamanian supermarket imports first container of U.S. table-stock potatoes

Riba Smith is a Panamanian supermarket that opened in 1920 and continues to sell local and imported products today. The Riba Smith supermarket recently sent their Production and Purchasing Manager to the United States for the USPB’s Table-Stock Reverse Trade Mission (RTM) held in October, 2013. During the RTM they toured growing operations in Oregon and Washington, participated in a USPB[Read[Read More…]

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Proposed potato Bill to curb exploitation of Kenyan farmers

Plans are in top gear for a  Bill to be presented in the Senate regulating the sale and processing of  potatoes in the country. The  Bill aims at coming up with guidelines on produce marketing and processing in counties that grow the crop. It aims to wipe out middle men who have for a very long time exploited  farmers by[Read[Read More…]

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UK: Potato sales drop in 2013

Spending on fresh potatoes increased 21.5% on the previous year to £1.35bn in the 52 weeks to 8 December 2013, despite volume sales falling 7.9%. The fresh potato price now stands at 87p/kg – 9.4% higher than this time last year. Frozen potato spending grew by 9.6% to £715,699, while volume sales dipped by 0.7%. Potato servings also declined in[Read[Read More…]

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2014 strategy for French seed potatoes

During its General Assembly on the 14th January in Carhaux, Bretagne Plants revealed their goals for the year to come. They are essentially based on three priorities: finding new producers whilst raising the profitability of the sector and renewing pathogen detection tools. ”By wanting to go from 5,000 to 7,000 ha, we have set the bar at a high level”,[Read[Read More…]

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Aardappeltekort Turkije kan grens openbreken

Terwijl de Turken met een groot tekort aan aardappelen kampen, gaat er geen enkele Nederlandse aardappel de grens over. Maar daar kan verandering in komen. Mogelijk wordt het importverbod over een week opgeheven. Dat melden Nederlandse handelaren aan Boerenbusiness. Na een matige aardappeloogst kampen de Turken momenteel met een groot tekort aan aardappelen. Nederland zou hier prima op in kunnen[Read[Read More…]

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Fresh potato export expected to expand in Pakistan

In 2013, lower output in Iran amidst a bigger crop in Pakistan had provided the potato exports in a big way, after a lull of two years. But export volumes had fallen short of the target of 200,000 tonnes chiefly for two reasons: Russia had initially bought Pakistani potatoes in small quantities and, later on, suspended imports on quarantine issues.[Read[Read More…]

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Frankrijk: Export bepaald voor een belangrijk deel stemming

Net als in Nederland wordt ook in de Franse aardappelmarkt de stemming voor een belangrijk deel bepaald door de exportmogelijkheden. Volgens de laatste gegevens van het CNIPT loopt de Franse export goed door met 147.000 ton in november, 23.000 ton meer dan een maand eerder. Vooral de afzet naar Italië is met ruim 37.000 ton opvallend hoog. Meer You are[Read More…]

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US Congress wants more potatoes in government program

Nutritionists say Americans don’t need more white potatoes. Congress disagrees – again. Lawmakers are encouraging the agriculture secretary to allow low-income pregnant and nursing mothers to buy white potatoes with the vouchers they receive as part of a government program. That goes against the advice of the Institute of Medicine, which advises the government on health issues. The institute has[Read[Read More…]

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Vrees kwaliteitsverlies Nederlandse aardappel

In tegenstelling tot een heleboel andere sectoren is de aardappelsector crisisbestendig. Misschien kun je wel spreken van oorlogsbestendig, want ook als spanningen in landen oplopen blijft de aardappel als eerste levensbehoefte nodig. Maar om die marktpositie te behouden, moet Nederland fyto als speerpunt benoemen. Dat zei Jan Muijsers, vicevoorzitter van de Nederlandse Aardappel Organisatie (NAO) dinsdag op de Themadag Aardappelen[Read[Read More…]

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US: Potato pests, prices top concerns of potato industry

Early blight and white mold — and the yield and quality loss due to these and other potato pests — are the top concerns of many potato growers. Those are the results of the Potato Perspectives Survey that Bayer CropScience, Research Triangle Park, N.C., conducted among attendees of the Potato Expo, Jan. 8-10, in San Antonio. Of those surveyed, 48[Read[Read More…]

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Stemming wil er nog niet echt inkomen

De stemming aan het begin van het nieuwe jaar wil er nog niet echt inkomen. Toch was er de laatste dagen wat meer activiteit waarneembaar met de opmerking dat de markt aanvoelt als een motor die met horten en stoten draait. Nog altijd wordt door de belanghebbenden uit West-Europa en Rusland over exportmogelijkheden van o.a. aardappelen gesproken. Meer You are[Read More…]

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US: Industry leader cautions against over-planting potatoes

After a disastrous 2012-13 marketing year, fresh-market potato supply and demand appear more in balance for 2013-14, resulting in steady pricing and reasonable returns — but the processing sector still has the potential to affect that. “We have a balanced crop and the outlook says there’s no reason for us to give it away and there’s no reason for us[Read[Read More…]

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Russia set to resume imports of EU seed potatoes

Russia looks set to reopen its market to seed potatoes from the EU after coming under pressure from local growers ahead of the next growing season. Restrictions have been in force since July 1, but have had little impact on trade as Russian buyers secure almost all of their seed potato requirements in the first half of the year. More[Read More…]

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South Australian potato industry receives over $400,000 in federal funding

Potatoes South Australia Incorporated, the peak industry body for the potato industry value chain, has been awarded funding of $409,800 (excl GST) through the Federal Department of Agriculture’s National Landcare Innovation Grants for a two year project which will help develop a more reliable soil Phosphorus test. The project (which will be delivered by PIRSA’s consultancy business unit, Rural Solutions[Read[Read More…]

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