UK: Lidl nearly doubles orders from Kent Potato Company

Lidl has nearly doubled orders of Kent-grown potatoes as discount shoppers lap up local produce. The supermarket has increased requests for Kent Potato Company’s own-brand Amber spuds from six tonnes a week in April to 11 tonnes a week last month. The tatties are grown at farms across the county and packed in a factory in St Nicholas-at- Wade, near[Read[Read More…]

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Ireland: Lowest potato area planted on record

The area of potatoes planted in Ireland is down 10.8% on the year, from 9,500ha to 8,400ha, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) has said. According to the IFA, this is the lowest potato area planted on record. IFA Potato Chairman Eddie Doyle has said two years of abysmal farmgate prices have resulted in a record low in the area of potatoes planted this[Read[Read More…]

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Strong dollar, port slowdown reduce U.S. potato exports

U.S. potato exports dropped for the first time in a decade, according to to new estimates. The value of U.S. spud exports, estimated at nearly $1.625 billion, was down 7 percent from the previous year, according to the report. Export volume — estimated at nearly 68 million hundredweight on a fresh weight equivalent — was down about 5 percent, but[Read[Read More…]

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End in sight for Spud Shed founder’s long fight for West Australian potato market deregulation

The man who almost single-handedly forced the West Australian Government to commit to reforming its potato market has revealed when his deep distrust of the industry regulator began. Tony Galati admits he has a chip on his shoulder over what happened to his Sicilian-born father at the hands of the so-called “potato police”. Francesco Galati grew potatoes on a small[Read[Read More…]

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China’s urban growth and appetite for food, fuels Tasmanian potato growers’ optimism

Trevor Hall, a Scottsdale potato grower and chairman of the Tasmanian Farmers and Growers Association’s (TFGA) Simplot growers committee, said be believed Tasmania’s farming future was almost guaranteed by China’s growth. Mr Hall said his recent trip to the World Potato Congress in China had raised his hopes for the future. “One of the facts that was put to us[Read[Read More…]

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Exports of U.S. potato products grow

The United States is the world’s top exporter of processed-potato products. Over the past decade, those exports have grown 127 percent, reaching a record $1.5 billion in 2014 and far outpacing growth in U.S. exports of fresh potatoes. Export markets for U.S. potato products have become more diversified in recent years, and sales have been especially strong to new Asian[Read[Read More…]

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Minnesota potato company ‘feeding the world’

A Minnesota-based seed potato company recently expanded its operations. Founded in 1945, Pieper Farms, LLC supplies seed potatoes to farmers/growers, both nationally and internationally, who then raise them to maturity, becoming the potatoes consumers buy at the store or eat at restaurants. The company exports its seed potatoes to Africa and South America. Cole explained that residents in those countries “don’t eat[Read[Read More…]

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Potatoes NZ welcomes Vietnamese market

Fresh potatoes from New Zealand have been approved for export to Vietnam, providing a new export opportunity for growers. Champak Mehta, Chief Executive of Potatoes New Zealand Inc., said the development, which follows four years’ of negotiations, would absorb excess potatoes in good growing seasons and provide better export prices for growers in less abundant years. “We currently export about $100m[Read[Read More…]

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Falling prices: Protesting growers in India to distribute potatoes for free

Potato growers have now decided to distribute the crop for free at Jalandhar on Friday, to protest, what they termed the government’s apathy to their plight and retailers’ reluctance to streamline prices. potato growers have now decided to distribute the crop for free at Jalandhar on Friday, to protest, what they termed the government’s apathy to their plight and retailers’ reluctance[Read[Read More…]

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US potato industry continues push for access to Mexican market

The U.S. potato industry continues to be directly involved in the effort to fully gain access to Mexico for U.S. fresh potatoes. Last week in an action to appeal the decision by the first court to grant a temporary injunction, a Circuit Court terminated the temporary injunction granted in that particular case. While this is a significant positive step, it[Read[Read More…]

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On the volatility of the British potato sector

The potato sector could be viewed as one of the purest supply and demand driven markets for UK farmers. The industry’s cyclical price trends often follow the sentiment of a large domestic crop leading to surplus supplies and subsequently price pressure. But a long-term trend of falling fresh potato consumption is causing the industry’s gears to change and the UK supply chain has[Read[Read More…]

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Signs of a recovery in the Canadian french-fry business

While the rest of the agriculture sector nervously eyes the oil melt-down, the Canadian potato industry might actually be poised for a comeback. There may be early signs of hope. The U.S. recovery has taken hold and consumers have begun to spend again — including buying fries at quick-serve restaurants. Oil prices have plummeted, dragging down the Canadian dollar. Will[Read[Read More…]

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Germany: Demand for potatoes drops even further

The nice summer weather has a negative influence on the demand for potatoes on the German market. This, states Carsten Berger of the Hamburger potato wholesaler “Carsten Berger Kartoffelhandel”. “With temperatures of around 40 degrees the is demand low,” says the wholesaler. Prices, especially for new potatoes are high, explains Berger. “Prices for new produce is relatively high while the[Read[Read More…]

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Early potato prices in Spain continue falling trend

The Ministry of Agriculture is carrying out a promotional campaign to support Spanish new potatoes. The Coordinator of Agricultural and Livestock Organizations (COAG) has provided some data that illustrate the poor performance of early potatoes, which are grown in Mediterranean regions in winter or early spring, depending on the weather in each area, and are harvested between April and June. Prices[Read[Read More…]

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The ‘foreign’ impact on South Africa’s potato industry

Be it the economic repercussions of the recent wave of xenophobic violence sweeping the country; the import tariff war waged against European markets; or the effects of foreign viruses on domestic crop yield, it is clear that the market environment of South Africa’s potato industry is currently bound by a single common denominator: that of the ‘foreign’. The local industry[Read[Read More…]

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Australia: Potato growers still harvesting due to flat market

In sheds across Thorpdale, in Victoria’s South Gippsland, potatoes are starting to spoil. The produce was harvested and packed weeks ago but cannot be sold. The market is so flat that farmers, who have spent tens of thousands of dollars growing and harvesting these vegetables, now cannot sell them. Grower Des Jennings said some potatoes would be fed to livestock.[Read[Read More…]

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Alaska: Export program spared from budget cuts

For growers in the Kenai Peninsula’s developing agriculture industries, exporting internationally is still an option. A Division of Agriculture inspector position that issues phytosanitary certifications, or phytos, which are required by some importing countries, has been restored indefinitely, after it was on the table during this year’s budget cut discussions. “I put it forward because we had to make cuts,” said Division of[Read[Read More…]

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NAPMN: Global french fry trade surges

The global french fry trade grew 12.5 per cent in the first quarter of 2015 compared to the same period a year earlier, according to the North American Potato Market News (NAPMN). It reports major exporters shipped 1.46 billion pounds of french fries and other frozen potato products to countries outside of their local trade zones during the January-March quarter.[Read[Read More…]

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US: Clarification – Potato cartel-settlement story

In a story June 19, The Associated Press reported that a federal judge signed off on a $25 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit between Associated Wholesale Grocers, United Potato Growers of America and United Potato Growers of Idaho. AP issued a release today, stating that the story should have included that Associated Wholesale Grocers is still pursuing a separate[Read[Read More…]

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