Prediction: McDonald’s will adopt eco-friendly GMO potato

On Friday, November 7, 2014, the U.S. Department of Agriculture cleared the path to commercialization for a “genetically modified” potato developed by J.R. Simplot. This is big. This is very big. It’s big for a host of reasons, but at the top of the list is one: French fries. Some news stories have reported that McDonald’s won’t be buying Simplot’s[Read[Read More…]

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Solynta “Hybrid Potatoes from True Seeds” technology named Dutch National Icon

In the presence of HRH King Willem Alexander, the Dutch Government through Minister Kamp honored Solynta as Dutch National Icon for its breakthrough discovery ”Hybrid Potatoes from True seeds”. King Willem Alexander and Hein Kruyt CEO Solynta “This breakthrough technique makes it possible to grow potatoes from true-seed instead of seed-tubers and makes targeted breeding possible. Valuable traits can now[Read[Read More…]

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McDonald’s rejects Simplot’s genetically modified potato

The J.R. Simplot Co.’s freshly approved genetically modified potato is not being welcomed by one of the company’s oldest business partners. McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast-food company and a longtime buyer of Simplot potatoes for french fries, says it doesn’t plan to buy Simplot’s latest genetically modified organism, the Innate potato. “McDonald’s USA does not source GMO potatoes, nor do[Read[Read More…]

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McDonald’s not interested in GMO potatoes

McDonald’s has turned down genetically modified potatoes, but its developer seeks to sell them through alternate channels. A new genetically modified potato has gotten the stamp of approval from USDA, but not from McDonald’s. Innate potato was engineered by the J.R. Simplot agribusiness company to bruise less and to produce less of a potentially cancer-causing compound when fried. The USDA[Read[Read More…]

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The potato that could feed the world

As millions of acres of farmland are lost to salt contamination, a Dutch farmer figures out how to grow crops in saline water. On a sandy windswept island off Holland’s north coast that has twice as many sheep as people, organic farmer Marc van Rijsselberghe is performing a promising act of agricultural alchemy—growing fields of potatoes, carrots, and cabbages in diluted[Read[Read More…]

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Kenya: Dutch potatoes on the menu at Agri-ProFocus Annual Network day in Nairobi

During the Agri-ProFocus Annual Network day which will be held the 13th November 2014, at Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi, a side-event will be organised featuring the high quality Dutch potatoes that have become recently available in Kenya. Selected institutional buyers and producers of potatoes in Kenya will address the forum. In addition, there will be an exhibition area –[Read[Read More…]

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Agrico presents promising variety Constance at Slovenian varieties show

Thursday 6 November saw the opening of Agrico’s annual presentation of varieties and seedlings at its propagation & research facility Agrico Research in the Dutch town of Bant. The show, which was also open on Friday 8 November, attracted many interested visitors from within and outside the Netherlands. During the opening day Agrico’s managing director Jan van Hoogen presented Constance,[Read[Read More…]

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International Danespo variety presentation 2014

Danespo is a Danish company with subsidiaries companies in Holland, France & Germany. Professional potato breeding carried out since 1946. The focus in the first 50 years was on finding the right varieties for the Scandinavian soils. From the end of the last century, the breeding horizon has been extended and the quite unique accumulation of the genepool showed some[Read[Read More…]

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India: Himachal’s cold desert seed potatoes tingle palates

Virus-free potatoes grown only in Himachal Pradesh’s cold desert, which mainly find a market for plantation, are much sought after these days owing to the shortage of table potatoes in the country, trade representatives said. Officials of the state agriculture department say 8,200 tonnes of Kufri Jyoti and Kufri Chandramukhi varieties, grown only in the Lahaul Valley of Lahaul-Spiti district,[Read[Read More…]

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US: Yellow spud varieties make debut

Yellow is becoming the new gold standard for specialty potato varieties, Northwestern spud industry experts say. “We have seen explosive growth in the yellow potato subcategory in our whole potato group,” said Ralph Schwartz, Potandon’s vice president of marketing sales and innovation. Schwartz said double-digit growth gains by the yellow category have led Potandon to believe that consumer preferences are[Read[Read More…]

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Salt-tolerant potatoes may save the planet

A farmer and a couple doctors from the Netherlands have been able to engineer potatoes that drink diluted seawater without the use of lab-based genetic modification — just plain old farming. Considering that most of the world’s water is salinated, using saltwater to grow our food may help solve world hunger.Source: ca.askmen.comSee on – Global Potato News You are[Read More…]

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French seed potato company Germicopa acquired by Florimond Desprez Group

Florimond Desprez, an independent family‐owned company, has acquired Germicopa, the leading French potato seed company and world leader in firm flesh potato varieties. Germicopa, whose head office is located in Quimper (Finistère), employs 65 people and generates annual sales of EUR 38 million.  Each year the company produces 80,000 tons of seeds, on a contractual basis with 170 farmers, from[Read[Read More…]

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On the safety of Simplot’s GMO spuds – expert’s opinion

According to Dr Steve Strauss, a distinguished genetics professor at Oregon State University, “Your company up there in Idaho, Simplot plant sciences, they have been working on modifications to potatoes that are really scientifically cool, and are going to create some of the first products that consumers are going to say, this technology really does have something for me.” More[Read More…]

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US: Specialty potatoes making impact at trials

As university experts, market specialists and industry professionals combed through more than 55,000 new potato breeds this week, some company and grower representatives had a chance to put in their two bits for the more unique spuds in the field. Every fall the Tri-State Potato Research and Breeding Program harvests new types of potato varieties in Oregon, Idaho and Washington.[Read[Read More…]

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US: Potandon Produce debuting new items at PMA Fresh Summit

Potandon Produce LLC will be showcasing two new varieties at the PMA show in Anaheim next weekend.  Klondike Royale, a yellow fleshed potato of French heritage that brings a unique plate presentation as the surface of the skin is adorned with naturally occurring kiss-shaped purple marks.  Also being showcased at the show are Smiley’s, a petite yellow-fleshed potato with naturally[Read[Read More…]

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Northern Ireland: The importance of our potato heritage

What do the following names have in common? – Robinta, Irish Cobbler, Winston and Lumper. The answer is they are all traditional potato varieties that have long since been grown commercially in this part of the world. But one man, who has devoted his life to ensuring that these vitally important ‘gene pools’ are maintained for future plant breeding purposes[Read[Read More…]

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Ireland: Get peeling those Bikinis – but not on the beach

Bikini: the latest potato variety from the same team that brought the Rooster to international prominence. Described as a novel red and white skinned first cousin of the Rooster, the first batch of Bikini spuds hit the shelves in Tesco stores over the weekend. It has been grown by a number of farmers supplying Tesco packer, Country Crest, and has[Read[Read More…]

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