Potatoes have field day in Canada

About 150 potato producers from across North America participated in the first Potato Field Day Aug. 15 in Ste-Croix, Quebec. More than 112 different varieties were on display at the event, organized by Quebec Parmentier Inc. and its partners. Varieties ranged from a pink fingerling to a purple creamer, plus many new white, yellow and red varieties. In the morning, potato[Read[Read More…]

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True Potato Seed technology: New potato seeds could spark revolution

Research underway in Saskatchewan in Canada is part of a worldwide revolution in potato production, say officials at Tuberosum Technologies Inc. At a recent open house at the company’s facility in Saskatchewan’s irrigation district near Broderick, TTI showcased its work with true potato seed (TPS) technology. “True seed is basically a sexually produced seed, or the botanical seed in green[Read[Read More…]

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World Catalogue of Potato Varieties: Latest edition published

The 6th Edition of the World Catalogue of Potato Varieties has been published. Edited by Lukie Pieterse and Julian Judd, the Catalogue contains descriptions of more than 4,500 different potato varieties which are cultivated in over 100 countries world wide. The Catalogue also contains descriptions of approx. 1,900 wild potatoes. You are unauthorized to view this page.

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UK: Growers could save money with varieties resistant to late blight

Growers of conventional potatoes could save money by growing late-blight-resistant varieties rather than relying on regular spraying, Sarvari Research Trust director David Shaw said at an open day earlier this month. The trust has recently stepped up efforts to commercialise the Sarpo varieties for which it owns the rights, though chiefly to the home gardener. But Shaw said: “Big growers[Read[Read More…]

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HZPC still sees a lot of potential for Annabelle

During this year’s Potato Europe in Germany, HZPC was one of the exhibitors. In its stand, various potato varieties were shown, but the emphasis was on Annabelle. “This variety has been in existence for a number of years, but it still has a lot of potential,” says Feico Born, product manager Retail Fresh. “We began with this potato in Southern[Read[Read More…]

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US: MSU professor is leading the quest for a better potato

This is National Potato Month. Many of the potatoes that make their way onto America’s dinner plates, into French fries or into potato chip bags come from Michigan. There’s some pretty interesting research and development happening right now, all focused on the honest, humble potato. We found out more from the man known on the Michigan State campus as “Mr.[Read[Read More…]

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Canada: The country’s private potato breeders are calling for a bigger say in how new varieties are developed

Three years ago, Quebec’s Andre Gagnon and 10 other potato breeders located across the country got together to form the Canadian Private Potato Breeders Network. Their goal — to forge a stronger, collective voice. “We are quite isolated,” says Gagnon, president of potato research firm Progest. “That’s why we started this network, to work together.” Fellow breeder Peter VanderZaag, owner[Read[Read More…]

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US: Texas AgriLife researchers growing colorful potato varieties to appeal to younger consumers

The decline in overall potato consumption has Texas A&M AgriLife Research breeders working on “designer” spuds that meet the time constraints and unique tastes of a younger generation. Creighton Miller, AgriLife Research potato breeder from College Station, recently conducted the Texas A&M Potato Breeding and Variety Development Program field day at the farm of cooperator Bruce Barrett south of Springlake.[Read[Read More…]

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UK: Maris Piper makes a rebound in potato plantings

Britain’s most popular potato variety Maris Piper is back on the rise with plantings up this season after seven years of decline. The variety accounts for 16% of plantings this season with the rise reflecting its versatility as it can be use in the pre-packing, chipping and processing sectors.Source: on – Potato News You are unauthorized to view[Read More…]

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India: Punjab Agricultural University signs MoU with CPRI

Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) today said it has inked  an  MoU with Central  Potato Research Institute (CPRI),  Shimla  for the production of breeder seed of potato varieties. University Vice Chancellor B S Dhillon said this pact will strengthen the  collaboration with CPRI, and their benefits will percolate to the end users more  easily at affordable prices.Source: economictimes.indiatimes.comSee on -[Read[Read More…]

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Sweden: HZPC ends participation in HZPC Sverige Ab

HZPC has decided to end its participation in HZPC Sverige AB (Sweden, Billdal). Reason for the decision is insufficient profitability, caused by the slow modernization of the Swedish Seed potato market. Through several distributors, HZPC varieties will continue to be available on the Swedish Seed potato market. Going forward, seed potatoes for the Swedish market will be grown in Finland[Read[Read More…]

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Canada: Growers on lookout for next big thing in spuds

A huge array of new potato varieties were on display in Ladner last week. The B.C. Potato Industry Variety Trial Field Day, which showcased many spuds that are new to this region, was held last Thursday at Bates Brothers Farms, where members of the local farming community provided their input on the marketability of the many reds, whites, yellows and[Read[Read More…]

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Biennial Seed Industry Event to be held in Scotland

The biennial Seed Industry Event (SIE14) will be held on 25 November 2014 at the Crieff Hydro, one of Scotland’s premier venues. SIE14 is a fast-moving, one-day strategic potato industry conference, hosted by Potato Council in a beautiful and easily accessible location. This year’s theme is ‘from seed to ware’ and will look at key issues from seed certification and[Read[Read More…]

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Unique potato varieties showcased at Sunrain open house

Some 60 different “unique and proprietary” varieties of potatoes shared the limelight at an Aug. 13 open house at .Sunrain Varieties LLC in Idaho Falls, ID. The company, which was formed about six years ago as a partnership of Potandon Produce LLC in Idaho Falls and Toronto-based Earth Fresh, specializes in development of potato varieties of all sorts and the[Read[Read More…]

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Peru’s potato power

The world’s favorite root vegetable, the humble potato comes in all shapes and sizes. And nowhere is that diversity more apparent than in Peru. The country is home to over 4,000 varieties of tubers. Researchers are also working on creating more resilient and nutritious spuds that can defy warming temperatures.Source: www.dw.deSee on – Potato News You are unauthorized to[Read More…]

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Obituary: Researcher Christian Thill developed better potatoes

This summer, farmers in Montana and North Dakota are growing a new variety of potato developed by renowned breeder and plant geneticist Christian Thill. The MonDak Gold, a red-skinned potato with a yellow flesh named for the region in which it is being grown, is in its first commercial growing season this year. It is the latest breed of specialty[Read[Read More…]

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US: Renowned Minnesota potato breeder dies

Christian Thill, the head potato breeder at the University of Minnesota died suddenly on Aug. 9. He was 53. Thill was an associate professor in the Department of Horticultural Science at the University of Minnesota according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. As a potato breeder, plant geneticist and professor, Thill was involved in collaborative efforts in the development of new[Read[Read More…]

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New variety of brightly-coloured potato bred in Belarus

Belarusian plant breeders have spent two years on breeding a new variety of potato, and finally by the end of July 2014 they have achieved the goal, informs. This potato variety is drastically different from all existing varieties. The colour of a split potato tuber, depending on the type of variety, varies from pink to purple. Although the colour[Read[Read More…]

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UK: From seed to potato in conference spotlight

‘From seed to ware’, Potato Council’s biennial seed strategy conference, widens its appeal for the whole supply chain on November 25. This fast-paced, one-day industry event has been ‘refocused’ to appeal to the whole industry. This year’s Seed Industry Event theme reaches ‘from seed to ware’ and will look at key issues from seed certification and emerging overseas markets through[Read[Read More…]

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Australia: Potato growers hit purple paydirt with colourful crop of spuds

Boring mashed potato is a thing of the past at Wendy and Terrence Rattray’s house. The couple’s Tasmanian-grown potatoes are now being used by top chefs and home cooks across the country and overseas to add colour to their dishes. The Rattrays operate their Yum Tasmania Gourmet Potatoes business at Pyengana, in the state’s North-East, and grow about 20 different[Read[Read More…]

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