US: Specialty spud growth keeps steaming along

See on – Potato News While traditional potato types, such as whites and russets, struggle to maintain consumer sales, specialty potatoes continue to enjoy double-digit growth at retail. Tasteful Selections LLC is one grower-shipper capitalizing on those changing consumer tastes. Part of Bancroft, Wis.-based RPE, it grows exclusively baby and specialty potatoes in Kern County, said Randy Shell, vice[Read More…]

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India: Mahindra’s agri division enters into a JV with Holland-based HZPC

See on – Potato News The agri division of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, part of the $16.7 billion Mahindra Group, today signed a joint venture agreement in Chandigarh with Holland’s HZPC, one of the leading innovative companies in the world in potato breeding, seed potato growing and seed potato trading. According to Gerard Backx, CEO, HZPC, “We feel confident[Read More…]

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News from the US Potato Board Chip Program

The Chip Program completed another successful sale of material from the Fast Track Seed Program. The material sold from the program provides the chip industry with one of the only supplies of clean seed for commercial development, while providing funds back to the chip program. Varieties sold in the January auction, hosted by AIS Consulting, LLC, included: Michigan State University[Read More…]

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UK: Potato king recognised at last

See on – Potato News The name of Archibald Findlay may not be instantly recognisable but anyone who enjoys tatties, chips or even crisps owe him a debt of gratitude  Findlay, who died in 1921 at the age of 80, was a pioneer of the potato industry whose achievements had far-reaching effects throughout the world. See on

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US: Two new Maine potato varieties to debut this year

Orono and Presque Isle: Two new potato varieties will make their debut this year. Developed by the Maine Potato Board and the University of Maine, the Easton and Sebec are the first two varieties to be released by UMaine in 10 years. The Easton is a new french fry processing potato variety, and the Sebec was created for potato chip[Read More…]

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Cameroon: Improved potato varieties to increase 2014 production

See on – Potato News According to Éveline Ouokam, National Coordinator of the Potato Re-launch Support Programme, twenty tonnes of improved potatoes from the 2013 crop have begun to be harvested. They will produce a total of 500 tonnes of improved varieties of which a portion will be made available to the nation’s farmers. See on

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Argentina provides Cuba with potato genetic material

See on – Potato News A technical team from the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) in Argentina shared information about harvest and postharvest mechanization technologies to increase and improve the varietal diversity of potato production in Cuba. According to the INTA, as part of the cooperation efforts made Argentina’s Foreign Ministry, a team of specialists from this institution[Read More…]

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US: New potato varieties enter the market

See on – Potato News With the rise of specialty potatoes in the retail world, several new varieties are emerging in the race to find new favorite options for retail and processing application. One variety, MonDak Gold, is nearing the retail market, according to Chuck Stadick, potato consultant with Spud Viking Potato Consulting, Caldwell, Idaho.  The new, branded potato variety,[Read More…]

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GM helps spuds beat blight

See on – Potato News In a three-year genetic-modification research trial, British scientists from The Sainsbury Laboratory boosted resistance of potatoes to late blight – their most important disease – without deploying fungicides. See on

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Kenya looks to certified seed potatoes

See on – Potato News Kenyan farmers have challenges getting certified               seed potatoes, a government official said on Wednesday.Agriculture Principal Secretary Sicily Kariuki told a food forum  that as a result average yields remain at 10 tons per hectare         which is way below the potential of 40 tons per hectare. Since Kenya gained independence, certified potato seed production has remained low[Read More…]

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Potato Breeding for the Processing Industry

See on – Potato News Champak Mehta, CEO of Potatoes New Zealand, Bryan Hart from A.S. Wilcox & Sons and Geoff Hobson from Mr Chips explain the potato characteristics required by … See on

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A better potato for India, via Israeli technology

See on – Potato News The Times of Israel A better potato for India, via Israeli tech The Times of Israel “The biggest crop in India is the potato, and in fact India is the second largest producer of potatoes in the world after China (the country produced 45 million… See on

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British shoppers willing to pay more for named potato varieties

Potato Council’s latest campaign to encourage shoppers to trade up from generic whites to a named potato variety has been a great success. Advertising, which ran from the end of September through to the end of October, reached a combined total of nine million mums through print and online platforms and the overall campaign resulted in a 6% point uplift[Read More…]

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Canada: Scientists strive to produce perfect potato for chips

Potatoes bred to make great potato chips were the feature attraction at the annual unveiling of new potato varieties at the federal Potato Research Centre in Fredericton this week. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada estimates potato chips could be a $1.7 billion industry in Canada by the end of 2016. Research scientist Benoit Bizimungu says the new varieties should suit the industry.[Read More…]

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Washington State University potato researchers seek new fresh pack varieties

Washington State University researchers are examining new potato varieties as an alternative for the leading fresh pack variety, the Russet Norkotah. WSU research assistant Rhett Spear says newer varieties can offer farmers more disease resistance and improved yields. The Russet Norkotah is fairly uniform with good yields and economic return, said Rhett Spear, Washington State University research assistant. But it’s[Read More…]

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Kazakh diet potatoes: A new healthy alternative?

Kazakhstani plant breeders have produced a new type of potatoes, Tengrinews reports. Vladimir Shvidchenko, Director of Astana-based Agrobiological Research Center of the Kazakh Argotechnical University told TengrinewsTV about the properties of the new product. The main difference between the new product and an ordinary potato is its dietary qualities. The breeders call the new diet potato a low calorie potato.[Read More…]

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