Back when Maine potatoes were at the root of a trade war with New Brunswick

Nearly 40 years ago, Maine farmers brought their rotten potatoes to Canada’s New Brunswick border crossings and put them to use. Angry about cheaper potatoes imported from New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, they staged protests and blockades, which is where the potatoes came in. Trucks, protesters and piles of potatoes blocked several border points, preventing the transfer of all goods[Read[Read More…]

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On Farm Story from New Zealand: Spud family name’s on the packet

James Bowan grows potatoes for a nationwide paddock-to-packet potato chip brand. Nearly a decade after the business started he’s still happiest in the paddock. Tim Fulton reports from New Zealand. The Bowan family farms more than 600ha at Orari in South Canterbury. Down the road at industrial Washdyke, in the slipstream of Timaru, the family also runs the Heartland chips[Read More…]

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Popular potato sprout suppressants CIPC and MH on the menu

Head of Storage Research at AHDB Potatoes in the UK, Adrian Cunnington, discusses the current political and regulatory situation around popular sprout suppressants CIPC and MH with AHDB Potatoes Director Rob Clayton. The discussion includes a review of currently available sprout control options, and what might be available in the future. You are unauthorized to view this page.

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AHDB spot trials: SPot Scotland shows how to save money and increase potato yields

Reducing nitrogen without reducing yields Once more SPot Scotland has shown you can vastly reduce nitrogen use without seeing any negative impact on yield or crop quality. In fact, we have seen better yields when less nitrogen has been applied. Marc Allison of NIAB CUF explains: “We’ve almost halved nitrogen use at SPot Scotland and seen yield maintained or increased. Also, there[Read[Read More…]

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Video: Potato planting races ahead in the Suffolk sunshine

Potato planting kicked off this week on one large Suffolk Breckland estate, with high hopes for the early-maturing crop after it went into the ground in ideal conditions. The light land Elveden Estate took advantages of the highest February temperatures on record to start planting 13ha of Maris Peer aimed at the early salad market. Farm manager Rob Ball has[Read[Read More…]

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Outlook for US fresh retail sector looks bright with the ‘right products, right audiences, right messages,’ says CMO

John Toaspern, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Potatoes USA assumed the new position of Chief Marketing Officer at the National Potato Promotion Board in July, 2014. As the Chief Marketing Officer John oversees both the international and domestic marketing programs at Potatoes USA as well as the Industry Outreach programs. The marketing programs cover frozen, fresh, dehydrated and seed potatoes[Read[Read More…]

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DripByDrip: Joint project to develop new tools for crop protection using drip irrigation

Bayer, Netafim and BGN Technologies join forces in a research project that combines soil research, digital prediction tools and state-of-the art drip technology by Netafim to develop best practices for using drip irrigation as a delivery system for the Bayer nematicide Velum Prime in Israel. Lately, social acceptance of the use of chemical crop protection products became limited, which resulted[Read[Read More…]

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How do you harvest 50 million pounds of potatoes in one season?

Get an up-close look at the people, planning and processing technologies that help the Keenan family at Rollo Bay Holdings on Canada’s Prince Edward Island send 50 million pounds of potatoes from field to table during a busy harvest. Video highlights: An innovative harvesting system using two unique harvesters dig 15 tonnes of potatoes every five minutesSoil dug during harvest[Read[Read More…]

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New NPPGA President discusses challenges facing the potato industry

New Northern Plains Potato Growers Association (NPPGA) President Donavon Johnson sat down with Red River Farm Network’s Carah Hart to discuss some of the challenges in the potato industry. The conversation took place at the Potato Expo in Austin earlier this month. Watch the video below, or find it on YouTube here You are unauthorized to view this page.

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Canada’s Little Potato Company CEO shares mission, story, recipes

Angela Santiago co-founded The Little Potato Company Ltd. 21 years ago with her father, who missed the delicious little “Creamer” potatoes of his childhood in the Netherlands. Creamer potatoes are bred to be small but packed full of nutrition and big buttery flavor, offering convenience and versatility for today’s busy, sophisticated food lovers. Angela built The Little Potato Company from[Read[Read More…]

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Interviews with potato industry specialists at Potato Expo 2019

Bob Larson, reporter, AgInfo, hosts interviews at the #PotatoExpo2019 this past week (Jan 9 – 10) in Austin, Texas with Mark De Beaufort of the organization “Imagine A World Without Potatoes”. Also Dustin Gargas and Aaron Shultz with Ceres Imaging. Go here to watch the video with De Beaufort. More videos and photos from Potato Expo 2019 can be found on Facebook[Read[Read More…]

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Simplot Grower Solutions named 2018 Retailer of the Year

The Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) named Simplot Grower Solutions its 2018 Retailer of the Year at its 2018 Conference and Expo in Boca Raton, Fla. The award is sponsored by Bayer and AgPro Magazine and is recognized as a symbol of quality and prestige within the industry. This coveted award honors an ag retailer, large or small, that represents the best of[Read[Read More…]

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US potato specialist to go on sabbatical in Australia

Dr. Steve Johnson, a full professor with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, spends most of his time at the Aroostook Research Farm in Presque Isle. That won’t be the case starting this December when Dr. Johnson goes on sabbatical. (Johnson) I have applied for and been granted an opportunity to go learn about potato production and help some growers[Read[Read More…]

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Life as a potato…

TOMRA Food in Europe recently published this delightful short video about “being a potato”… Life as a potato is pretty good, the company says. Check out the animation video below and think of yourself as being in the world of a potato…. You are unauthorized to view this page.

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Potato crisis in Canada’s Manitoba province

Potato problems in Manitoba and across the country could cause a shortage of the starchy dinner staple. In Manitoba, Canada’s second largest potato producer, thousands of acres of land with the plant went unharvested after a bad crop. Dan Sawatzky is with the Keystone Potato Producers Association, which looks after potatoes processed in Manitoba. Sawatzky estimates about eight per cent of the[Read[Read More…]

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Video: Trial results in Belgium with controlled release fertilizers on potato production

In a video published by ICL Specialty Fertilizers, the Jolly farming operation in Ittre, Belgium shares results of their trial with Agrocote Max, a controlled release specialty fertilizer produced by ICL Fertilizers. The Interra farm project is up and running for 6 years now together with Syngenta and New Holland. Thanks to a successful trial with controlled release fertilizers, the[Read[Read More…]

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Video: Harsh potato harvest in Canada ‘worst in living memory’

From the Prairies to Prince Edward Island, a harsh fall harvest means Canada could be facing a serious potato shortage, one that is causing millions of dollars worth of Canadian potatoes to rot in the ground this year. Not only are potato growers feeling the pinch, but also the major potato processors in the country. Consumers are expected to pay[Read[Read More…]

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Potatoes down under? Yes!

Look nowhere else than New Zealand to find them spuds down under! The potato industry in NZ is valued at $982 million per annum, says Gemma Carroll, Communications and Engagement Officer at Potatoes New Zealand. Gemma says that processed products make up 65% of that value. NZ has a growing export market, primarily to neighbouring countries in the Pacific, including[Read[Read More…]

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China’s rural potato farmers embrace e-commerce

According to a report by China Global Television Network (CGTN), smallholder farmers in China’s northern Hebei Province are now enthusiastically taking part in an e-commerce program created by Mecai, a Beijing-based online fresh food supplier. The company started this program several years ago, creating its e-commerce platform as an answer to the State Council’s call to boost and innovate rural[Read[Read More…]

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Fully booked INTERPOM | PRIMEURS event certainly worth a visit

INTERPOM | PRIMEURS, the indoor trade fair for the whole potato & vegetable sector in Europe, will take place from Sunday 25 to Tuesday 27 November 2018 at Kortrijk Xpo (Belgium). The trade fair is widely acclaimed as the largest indoor potato trade fair in the world where the entire chain is represented: from growing to processing and marketing. INTERPOM[Read[Read More…]

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Photo and Video Gallery: Mechanical potato vine removal in Saudi Arabia

REMA Environmental Machinery BV in the Netherlands is a company that’s been developing and producing a series of mechanical haulm removal machines (EnviMaxX) for several years. Piet Regnerus, President and owner of REMA sent us a series of photos and a video showing his machine at work on a 1,000 ha potato operation in the Tabuk region of Saudi Arabia,[Read[Read More…]

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