Dear folks, I wish to welcome you to Potato News Today! Thank you for taking time to visit here – I do hope you find it to be worth your while? I can assure you that I do my honest and utmost best to publish sensible, breaking potato related news stories on this site as soon as it comes to my attention. Potato News Today is edited, published and maintained by me, Lukie Pieterse.

I sacrificed my own potato farming operation in South Africa in 1996 when my family and I emigrated to Canada – in essence so that my two beautiful young children could grow up and live in one of the most civilized countries in the world. I never regretted that decision, although I still miss my potato operation dearly to this day…

Although I earned a doctorate degree in Sociology, the passion of my working life has always been potatoes, without a doubt. During the years when I was privileged to operate my own 2,500 acre farming operation in South Africa, I grew potatoes under drip irrigation and contracted with some of the major french fry and chip processors in the industry, including McCain Foods, Frito-Lay, Heinz and a couple of others.

I launched the first online news portal available for potatoes on the Internet in late 1996, and have been publishing potato related information on many websites ever since. Potato News Today is a “modern-day” version of that first bare-bones website of 25 years ago, and was launched in 2014. I am humbled and grateful to have met a great many dedicated potato folks online in most countries around the world where potatoes are produced over this time.

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