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Russen in Nederland voor inspectie pootgoed

Tot en met vrijdag 13 maart zijn de Russische inspecteurs in Nederland om de pootgoedexport voor te bereiden. Dat betekent volgens secretaris Jan Gottschall die namens de Nederlandse Aardappel Organisatie betrokken is bij de organisatie, dat er eind maart duidelijkheid is over het te exporteren volume pootaardappelen. Nadat inspecteurs eerder Frankrijk en Duitsland aandeden, is er deze week een inspectieteam uit Rusland in[Read More…]

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UK: Man finds whole potato in crisp packet

Aldi’s reputation could be in tatties after a customer opened a packet of crisps bought in store and found nothing but a whole potato inside. But at least the budget supermarket chain proved it uses natural ingredients when Richard Bootman discovered the unpeeled spud in some Snackrite steak and onion crisps on Monday morning. “I picked it up and it[Read More…]

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New research: Consumers willing to spend more for biotech potato products

New research from an Iowa State University economist found consumers were willing to spend more for genetically modified potato products with reduced levels of a chemical compound linked to cancer. Wallace Huffman, Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor in Agriculture and Life Sciences who contributed to the project, said the findings underscore the importance of efforts to educate consumers on the use[Read More…]

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Australië: Aardappelpromotie stopt daling consumptie

Net als in West-Europa liep ook in West-Australië de aardappelconsumptie drastisch terug. De telers investeerden zwaar in marketing en dat begint nu zijn vruchten af te werpen. Na 18 maanden komen de eerste tastbare tekenen van succes. Dat blijkt uit een persverklaring van de Potato Marketing Corporation of Western Australia. De Potato Marketing Corporation of Western Australia (PMC) durft het[Read More…]

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Transparency is key to future success of GM potatoes

Acccording to Peter VanderZaag, potato farmer and scientist from Ontario in Canada, growers in the US and Canada would be likely to grow Innate, Simplot’s new GM potato, but until consumer perceptions change, valuable new technologies that reduce waste and increase health benefits will remain underutilized, even though they are much needed in the developing world. He believes there is a significant gap between[Read More…]

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Canada: Agri-Mek offers improved insect control

Syngenta Canada Inc. is offering Agri-Mek SC, a new miticide-insecticide formulation for use on specialty and horticulture crops, including potatoes, onions, apples and grapes. Agri-Mek SC provides control of several species of economically significant mites and insects, as well as onion thrips. “Agri-Mek SC represents an improved standard for mite and insect control,” says Eric Phillips, product lead, fungicides and[Read More…]

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Aardappelmarkt België: meer aanbod dan vraag

De aardappelmarkt blijft na de voorzichtige opleving in m.n. februari hangen en tendeert eerder weer wat zwakker. Zo noteerde Belgapom vrijdag 6 maart voor zowel 35 mm opw. Bintje als 40 mm opw. andere rassen zoals Fontane en Challenger € 2,50 per 100 kg af teler excl. BTW. De stemming werd als flauw betiteld doordat er meer aanbod dan vraag[Read More…]

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US: Nelson Irrigation’s R3000 ‘brown plate rotator’ for potatoes

The so called brown plate rotator that can be fitted to Nelson Irrigation’s pivot systems are described as ideal for the use in potato irrigation. It is said to provide a crop of highly uniform tuber production because of a higher than standard diameter coverage which ensures efficient and uniform application of water and nutrients during the cropping season. Watch video

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UK: The creative thinking behind the development of McCain Ready Baked Jackets

Some of Britain’s most successful brands have teamed up to produce a series of behind-the-scenes short-films that aim to build awareness of the people and processes involved in creating the food and drink on sale today. In this film McCain Foods’ Corporate Affairs Director in the UK, Bill Bartlett, describes the consumer insight and technical innovation behind the development of[Read More…]

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Northern Ireland: Time for potato industry to fund its own destiny

Wilson’s Country chairman Angus Wilson has confirmed that his company is fully supporting the proposed potato promotional campaign, due to be launched this autumn. The targeted £120,000 initiative will run over a three year period and will be co-ordinated by a promotional group representing all sectors of the industry: growers, packers and processors. The Wilson’s Country representative is just one[Read More…]

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McDonalds seeking its fast-food soul

McDonald’s is having an identity crisis. Its core customers still line up at the drive-through window for cheap, quick cups of coffee and hash browns. But the company is also trying to appeal to more finicky eaters who have moved on to upstart competitors like Smashburger and Chipotle, which market their quality ingredients and food customization. Full story

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India: Farmers may soon get late blight-resistant seed potatoes

The Horticulture Research Centre at Somanahalli Kaval near Hassan in the Indian state of Karnataka has been doing research on providing quality potato seeds that can withstand late blight disease, for the benefit of farmers. The centre is now doing field experiments on a seed variety called D-125, cultured by the Central Potato Research Institute, based at Shimla. Vishnuvardhan, head[Read More…]

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UK: Drip irrigated potatoes

This video covers a year in the life of a Netafim irrigated processing potato crop destined to be potato crisps (chips) produced by Pepsico. The project was designed, commissioned and managed by Netafim’s UK technical partner, Eden. Watch video

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The use of soil moisture probes in potato fields

With the use of soil probes and agrometeorological weather stations, this potato field in Ontario, Canada will receive the proper rate of irrigation evenly, conserving water and improving yield and crop quality. Watch the video

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Why we need to store potatoes

A presentation by Dr Romke Wustman of Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands. In his talk he touch on several aspects of importance to the storage industry: Potatoes on a global scale, the aim of storage in Europe and other parts of the world, highlights of major potato producing countries around the world, and storage developments from now[Read More…]

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Scotland: Turning tatties into top tipples

Arbikie, the new distillery behind Scotland’s first premium potato-based vodka is preparing to launch its first gin product, after establishing the brand’s foothold in some of Britain’s most well-heeled grocery outlets. Produced by brothers Iain, John and David Stirling, all veterans of the brand development industry, with a speciality in premium spirits, Arbikie vodka is distilled on the farm out[Read More…]

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Seed potato production in Ireland discussed at meeting

Farmers from across the country attended the Seed Potato workshop organised by Teagasc, Bord Bia and the IFA in the City North Hotel, Dublin on Wednesday 4 March. The workshop addressed the important aspects of seed potato production in Ireland. Seed exports have dwindled from over 10,000 tonnes per annum, a little over 10 years ago, to negligible volumes today. Dr Barry[Read More…]

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GM potato research the Irish way

Ewan Mullins is the Teagasc scientist in charge of an Irish potato trial talks about the effect of an EU decision to let member states ban EU-approved genetically modified crops. He is in charge of the only trial of genetically modified crops in Ireland. This is an EU research project, across 15 countries, studying GM potatoes’ potential resistance to blight. Full[Read More…]

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Scottish seed potato sector on track for record

The Scottish seed potato sector is on track for a record number of exports this year. According to Scottish Government figures, 81,968 tonnes of seed have been exported to non-EU countries since July 2014, with another 3,000 tonnes expected to be exported by the end of the season in June. Exports are already up on last year, when nearly 78,000[Read More…]

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Canadian Potato Museum wins major tourism award

The Canadian Potato Museum in O’Leary has been chosen winner of the 2014 Premier’s Award for Tourism. The prize was presented at the Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island awards gala Wednesday night.

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