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Idaho bill to help PCN-affected potato growers dies

Idaho lawmakers have refused to introduce a bill that would have provided some financial relief to potato growers who face additional regulations in the effort to control pale cyst nematode. The bill was authored by Idaho Farm Bureau Federation and would have applied to potato growers in a federally regulated area in East Idaho. The PCN parasite, which can significantly[Read More…]

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Utz: No talks with Buffett on company

In an interview with Fortune on Feb. 25, renowned investor Warren Buffett said he has talked with Utz management about buying the company. “While we are flattered that a savvy investor like Mr. Buffett is interested in purchasing our company, no one has spoken with him or his company,” said George Neiderer, vice president of human resources. “We plan to[Read More…]

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Lamb Weston/Meijer: flinke vooruitgang in realiseren duurzaamheidsdoelstellingen voor 2020

Lamb Weston / Meijer, producent van diepvries aardappelproducten en gedroogde aardappelvlokken, publiceerde vandaag haar derde duurzaamheidsverslag. Het rapport toont aan dat er tussen 2012 en 2014 aanzienlijke vooruitgang is geboekt in de verduurzaming van haar bedrijfsactiveiten. Dat geldt voor alle fasen van de toeleveringsketen, van veld tot vork. Source: See on – Global Potato News

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British potato growers gain new active for weed battle

Potato growers are set to benefit from a new pre-emergence residual active this season, to control broad-leaved and grassweeds. Praxim has now approved and contains the new residual active ingredient metobromuron, explains Belchim marketing and development manager Simon Leak. “It can be used pre-emergence right up to cracking of the ridges. Post-emergence use is not approved and trials have shown[Read More…]

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Avebe, Ingredion to end starch distribution agreement for North America and Japan

Avebe and Ingredion on March 31 will end their distribution agreement for North America and Japan. The collaboration began in 2007 and at that time focused on sales of certain specialty product categories in North America and South America and for certain countries in Asia. While Veendam-based Avebe offers a specialty potato starch portfolio, Ingredion, Westchester, Ill., on Oct. 15,[Read More…]

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Idaho spud packers emphasize organic

Idaho fresh potato packers expect 2015 will be a big year for the growing organic spud category. Officials with locally based Potandon Produce announced Feb. 24 their first produce line marketed under the Potandon Produce brand will feature 3-pound bags of organic russet, red and yellow potatoes. Wada Farms, which has facilities in Idaho Falls and Pingree, has been sourcing[Read More…]

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Need for potato growers in Northern Ireland to embrace change

If Northern Ireland was to maintain a vigorous and possibly expanding seed potato trade growers had to come together to provide seed on a group basis using up-to-date methods of handling, dressing and storage, and even group methods, believed Mr C H Bullock, the general manager of the Northern Ireland Seed Potato Marketing Board. Source: See on –[Read More…]

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Ohio town potato chip company looking to expand nationally

A family-owned potato chip company is looking to no longer be the best kept secret of Northwest Ohio. Ballreich Bros. is looking to expand their distribution nationwide, and are being marketed as a healthier alternative to traditional potato chips. Ballreich is based in Tiffin, Ohio – a town nearly an hour outside of Toledo – and has signed a deal[Read More…]

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South Korea: McDonald’s rolling out honey butter french fries

It was bound to happen. This isn’t out of the blue. It makes perfectly good sense. In South Korea, McDonald’s is rolling out honey butter french fries. Last fall, Honey Butter Chips exploded in popularity across the country. As The Korea Times reported, the chips contained “sweet, sweet honey from beehives” and French “gourmet butter.” With rampant sell-outs and stores[Read More…]

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Neue Methode zurSchädlingsbekämpfung: Wider den Kartoffelfresser

Potsdamer Forscher haben Kartoffelpflanzen mit Molekülen ausgestattet, die in den Darmzellen des Kartoffelkäfers ein lebenswichtiges Gen ausschalten. Jetzt fressen sie, wohin man schaut, Kartoffelkraut, Kartoffelkraut. Die Stauden, erst so herrlich grün, sie werden kahl, sie schwinden hin. Der Bauer schreit: ,Was muss ich seh’n? Gleich wird’s Euch an den Kragen geh’n!‘ “ Was der Lyriker Josef Guggenmos einst im Versmaß[Read More…]

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US: Malin Potato Co-op sows $7 million in new facility

This could have been the last year for the Malin Potato Co-op. Instead, the 52-year-old company is building a state-of-the-art, $7 million facility to move it into the future of agriculture. The building is 40,000 square feet and houses equipment from New Zealand, Slovakia, and Canada. The co-op found financing help from Washington Federal on the big, $7 million project.[Read More…]

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Issues in British potato sector require closer relationships

Better relationships between potato growers and the rest of the supply chain are needed if the sector is to cope with its current downturn. The fresh potato industry has been hit by declining consumption combined with good production over the past two years which has led to dangerously high stocks, and a subsequent crash in price. The Potato Council has voiced concerns[Read More…]

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Potato shipper Mack Farms joins Fresh Solutions Network

Mack Farms Inc. is the latest potato grower-shipper to join the Fresh Solutions Network. The addition of the Lake Wales, Fla.-based company brings a major Southeast potato grower with significant early-season volume into the San Francisco-based Fresh Solutions Network, according to a news release. Mack grows primarily red potatoes, but also has yellows, whites, russets and fingerlings, as well as[Read More…]

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Potandon Produce launches a new organic line and a new brand

The first potato line ever launched under the Potandon Produce ™ brand name will soon be available. Potandon Produce™ is proud to announce the launch of its newest brand, Potandon Produce™. For now, the brand will be used to market organic potatoes and will be available this week. “Growth in the organic sector has been double digits for over a decade[Read More…]

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US: Black Gold Farms expands potato production and packing capabilities with latest acquisition

Black Gold Farms, an industry leader in potato production, sales and marketing, recently acquired the legacy potato production operation, George Wood Farms located near Camden, North Carolina. This acquisition includes all associated production and packing operations. Black Gold Farms will be responsible for production, sales and distribution of all products grown on the farm. The potato production will consist of[Read More…]

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New Zealand: The chips are down

New Zealand’s national dish is under threat … from a shortage of spuds. Potatoes New Zealand business manager Andrea Crawford said this season had been “a perfect storm”. “The winter growing season was not a good one and the store of old potatoes that usually cover the seasonal gap before the new potatoes are ready was not available. “The weather[Read More…]

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Germany: Insort GmbH winning gold medal at International FoodTec Awards

Insort GmbH is one of the winners of the International FoodTec Awards in the category GOLD. Insort received the award for its Sherlock Food Analyser (Sherlock Analyst). The analytical data acquired in-line with the Analyst helps to automate the process of potato processing and significantly increase the quality and output. The peel scanning function, which makes it possible to control[Read More…]

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Colourful and healthy: researchers develop two new potato varieties

Researchers have developed two new varieties of potatoes which have high nutritional value and are highly suitable for industrial processing. Developed by the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development, NEIKER-Tecnalia, a state-owned, not-for-profit public corporation, the new varieties are striking in appearance: ‘Miren’ has bright yellow flesh and ‘Entzia’ is purple. As well as its vivid colour, Entzia is characterised by a[Read More…]

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US: NPPGA elects new chairman, honors industry veteran

Last week the Northern Plains Potato Growers Association held its banquet, which was attended by 249 people. The event included the passing of the chairman’s gavel from Rick Vivatson of Cavalier, ND, to Don Suda, a chip and frozen processing potato grower from Grafton, ND. Additionally, Ron Norman was honored with the Meritorious Service Award. Grafton potato grower and North[Read More…]

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Idaho lawmakers close to setting budget for college of ag

As lawmakers prepare to set a fiscal year 2016 budget for University of Idaho’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, CALS Dean John Foltz is explaining to legislators how state funding for the college is helping Idaho’s farmers and ranchers. Foltz highlighted several research projects CALS scientists are working on that have or will benefit Idaho farmers and ranchers. CALS[Read More…]

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Indian potato minimum export price scrapped as domestic prices stabilize

The Indian government has relaxed the minimum export price (MEP) on potatoes that was initially introduced last June to stabilize domestic supply and contain inflation. Eight months later the availability of the country’s staple vegetable has increased and domestic prices eased. On June 26, 2014, an MEP of US$450 per metric ton (MT) was introduced as prices had increased by[Read More…]

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Potato chip flavour contest seeks ideas representing Canada’s regions

Canadian potato chip lovers are being asked to draw inspiration from their taste experiences in the country’s regions to create a new flavour.That’s the twist for the third year of the Lay’s Do Us a Flavour contest.The suggested flavour should remind entrants of where they had a really memorable dish, whether in Western Canada, Ontario, Quebec or Atlantic Canada. Source:[Read More…]

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Neiker creates two new potato varieties of great nutritional value

Potatoes, an essential food in human nutrition, have two new varieties produced by the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development, NEIKER-Tecnalia. They are ‘Entzia’ and ‘Miren’, characterised by their great nutritional value and suitability for industrial processing. They are both striking in appearance since ‘Miren’ has a bright yellow flesh and ‘Entzia’ a purple one. Source: See on[Read More…]

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Peru expects to produce 4.5 million tons of potatoes in 2015

Domestic potato production could amount to 4.5 million tons this year, said the president of the Peruvian National Potato Producers Coordinator (Corpapa), Edilberto Soto Tenorio. He indicated that there would be approximately 215,000 hectares of potato cultivated in 2015 in 19 of the 24 regions. The main producing areas, he said, were Junin, Huanuco, Puno, Huancavelica, Ayacucho, Cerro de Pasco[Read More…]

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