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McDonald’s burger and fries show no sign of rot after 6 years

We’re all getting older, but some of us show the years more than others. Then again, some — like a 6-year-old McDonald’s combo that’s gone viral — don’t show the passing of time at all! In October 2009, McDonald’s was shuttering its restaurants in Iceland as a result of the worldwide economic crash. On Oct. 30, anthropologist Hjörtur Smárason stopped[Read More…]

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Newly deregulated GMO potato aims to benefit health, reduce shrink

A new genetically engineered potato has been deregulated. The V11 Snowden was developed by J.R. Simplot Co. and has been engineered to benefit consumer health, improve product quality and reduce culls and pick-outs through low acrylamide potential, reduced black spot bruising and lowered reducing sugars. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service previously reviewed and deregulated these GE[Read More…]

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Japan’s New Holiday Snack: Strawberry Shortcake Potato Chips

Christmas and New Year’s are big snack holidays in Japan, specifically cake. A quick Google search will tell you that tasty treats with decorative strawberries are also popular. However, only the most dedicated to eat a whole cake by themselves, so snack brand Koikeya is introducing its strawberry shortcake-flavored potato chips starting on December 21. The manufacturers assured consumers that[Read More…]

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La pomme de terre réduirait considérablement le risque de développer un cancer de l’estomac

Une étude menée par des scientifiques chinois vient de démonter qu’en matière de développement du cancer de l’estomac, consommer de la pomme de terre pourrait être ATOUT. Mais attention, pas sous toutes ses formes. Avant d’en arriver à cette conclusion, un groupe de chercheurs de l’université de Zhejiang a compilé les résultats de 76 études différentes menées sur un total[Read More…]

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Canada: Potato Board says it will find way to keep truck disinfection system

The Prince Edward Island Potato Board says it’s looking at its options to ensure a potato disinfection service CONTINUES in the province. Under the provincially-funded PROGRAM, trucks carrying potatoes are sprayed to help prevent bacterial ring rot. But the P.E.I. government announced this fall that it will be closing the disinfection station in Borden-Carleton and removing mobile units. The government[Read More…]

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Boeren moeten aardappelen drogen met ventilator

Friese aardappelboeren hebben dit jaar meer last van rot in de aardappelen dan normaal gesproken het geval is. De nazomer is veel natter dan in andere jaren. Daardoor is het moeilijker voor boeren om de aardappelen droog te houden en te bewaren. Met ventilatoren worden de aardappelen drooggeblazen. LTO Noord raadt alle aardappelboeren aan om goede ventilatoren te kopen. Meer

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Lamb Weston, ConAgra to part ways

In November, ConAgra Foods, Inc. issued a press release announcing their plan to “separate into two independent public companies.” The first, which will focus on their consumer brands business, will be ConAgra Brands, Inc. The other company, with plants in Quincy and Warden, is Lamb Weston, and their primary focus will be the frozen potato business. The separation is expected[Read More…]

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Cola-Flavored Potato Chips Unveiled in Japan

Chips and soda are a winning pairing, but usually in the sense that a salty chip and a fizzy beverage make a nice snack. Now one Japanese snack company has decided that what the world needs at the moment is a snack that captures that experience, but without actually having to bother including a beverage, because cola-flavored chips are a[Read More…]

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‘Better Made’ book event is about potato chip history

A bag of Better Made potato chips makes a great STOCKING stuffer for those who’ve moved away from Michigan and long for a taste of home. This year, you can add a book to the holiday snack gift pile: “Better Made in Michigan: The Salty Story of Detroit’s Best Chip,” which chronicles the history of the 85-year-old company. Founded in[Read More…]

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McDonald’s Latest Concoctions Include Weird Snoopy Buns In China And Loaded Fries In Australia

McDonalds may be reeling from falling sales, but their stock has been soaring to historic highs in 2015, and that’s due in large part to various “innovations” of their overseas menu. Innovations like the upcoming loaded french fries in Australia that will feature guacamole and/or bacon and cheese sauce. Or the Beatnik Snoopy black and white buns in China that[Read More…]

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ESTOMAC: Des fruits et des pommes de terre contre le cancer

Le cancer de l’estomac est l’un des cancers les plus fréquents et entraîne près de 10% des décès par cancer. Or, la consommation de légumes blancs, dont les pommes de terre, est ici associée à un risque réduit de 33% de cancer de l’estomac –et de fruits associée à une réduction de 7%-. Cette étude chinoise, qui, par ailleurs bannit[Read More…]

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Australian R and D company announces “dairy alternative” from potato breakthrough.

PotatoMagic Pty Ltd, an Australian R&D company, recently announced a new product development that will change your view of the humble potato. The PotatoMagic lab has produced a dairy alternative based on potato (dairy is a USD$334B global industry.) The company has made cheese, milk and ice-cream alternatives in the lab, based on their potato processing innovations. The company is now[Read More…]

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UK: Top safety honour for Produce World potato site

Produce World Group’s site at Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire has become one of only 61 companies to be awarded the British Safety Council’s Sword of Honour for excellence in managing health and safety risks at work. Operations director for the potato processing and packing site Katie Stark said: “This is a fantastic endorsement for the work of the whole team at Produce[Read More…]

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Australia: Decades-old spud wars may soon end

Maverick West Australian potato grower Tony Galati claims the end is nigh for the state’s outdated spud regulation regime, but the industry association insists it’s “business as usual”. Mr Galati, who has for the past two decades fought fiercely for deregulation, claims it may happen by Christmas. “They can see it is not working, we need to have a free market, for[Read More…]

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UK: Are you prepared for next season’s nematicide shortages?

With British potato growers facing nematicide shortages next spring a new publication gathers together the latest information and experimental results on control of free living nematodes to help inform pest management decisions. A new publication from AHDB Potatoes aims to help potato growers and agronomists make decisions on pest management plans for free living nematodes in light of expected shortages of nematicides in 2016. With[Read More…]

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Idaho potato industry awaiting results of field tests of trap crop to eliminate pale cyst nematode

The first Idaho field tests of a so-called trap crop that researchers hope can significantly reduce pale cyst nematode numbers in infested potato fields went well, at least from an agronomic standpoint. Now the state’s potato industry is awaiting the release of research results that will show how well litchi tomato fared in actually reducing PCN numbers. Those results are expected to[Read More…]

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Aussies still love their fizzy drink and chips

Salty processed snacks and sweet soft drinks, consumed individually, are definitely on the list of ‘occasional foods’. But it appears Australians like to double up on their treats, with research revealing that people who snack on potato chips, corn chips, Twisties and Cheezels in an average seven days more often than not also drink flavoured soft drinks in the same[Read More…]

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Bloggers tour Idaho potato harvest

A food bloggers and foodservice tour of the Idaho potato harvest is portrayed in a new video from the Idaho Potato Commission, which has invited the writers to post the Idaho Potato Heart Badge on their blogs. The video runs about nine minutes and was shot by Sara O’Donnell, who blogs as Average Betty. “We are very proud of the long-standing relationships[Read More…]

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New modular system for the production of stackable fried chips

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), one of the world’s manufacturers of baking and process systems, has introduced a new stackable chip system that enables the efficient, high-volume production of fabricated stackable fried chips. The stackable chip system is a modular production system capable of producing between 250-750 kg/hr, depending on the fryer capacity. The system includes the mixing system, sheeter and rotary[Read More…]

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US: Progressive Produce reporting outstanding crop of organic potatoes

Depending on the season, Los Angeles-based Progressive Produce’s growing regions span California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and western Canada. “The quality of our organic potato crop is outstanding this year, and yields are better than expected,” said Scott Leimkuhler, sales manager for the company. “Organic potatoes are more plentiful than they have ever been. The heat lasting longer than normal in the[Read More…]

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Fries with a side of acrylamide

A chemical commonly found in heavy industry has now also been found in french fries. The chemical is known as acrylamide, and researchers are uncovering ways to reduce exposure to it from french fries. In studies, the chemical was found to increase cancer risk in rats, and although research on the chemical is incomplete in humans, the Agency for Research on[Read More…]

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Canada: Prince Edward Island potato disinfection dispute needs to be settled soon, says committee

A legislative committee says it’s time a dispute over the potato disinfection service comes to an end and both sides of the debate come together immediately. The committee committee is recommending the Department of Agriculture and the Prince Edward Island Potato Board resume discussions. Under the program, trucks carrying potatoes are sprayed to help prevent bacterial ring rot. The debate began after the province[Read More…]

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Irrigation method saves 50 percent of water needed for potato growth

University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researchers have found an irrigation method that uses 50 percent less water than traditional systems to grow potatoes – an important finding for the $131 million-a-year Florida crop. The system is called “hybrid center pivot irrigation.” With this method, about two-thirds of the water used to help grow potatoes is sprayed[Read More…]

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Potato Expo 2016 features first Food Truck Chef Competition

For the first time, Potato Expo 2016, the largest conference and trade show for the potato industry in North America, will host a food truck chef competition highlighting the broad appeal of potatoes and mobile food trucks. During the Spud Nation™ Throwdown on January 12, three food truck chefs selected as finalists of a nationwide competition will present their most[Read More…]

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