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This Is the Inside of a Potato Chip as It’s Being Fried

If you enjoy fried things, and don’t enjoy gaining weight, then this picture represents the first stirrings of a science that might one day help you. It’s a picture of the structure inside a sliced potato as it’s being deep fried. Scientists at the University of Illinois have used a technique called X-ray micro-computed tomography to look at what happens inside[Read More…]

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Amistar on a high speed wave

  Today’s potato planters work faster than ever  before, with modern belt planters capable of operating at 10 to 12 km/hr – up to three times faster than conventional cup machines. That has implications for all integrated applications on the planter, including fertiliser, seed treatment and Amistar. Syngenta Technical Manager, Douglas Dyas, highlighted that the company’s new application trials are looking[Read More…]

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World Potato Congress welcomes new Directors and International Advisor

On February 18, David Thompson, President and  CEO of World Potato Congress Inc. announced three new appointments to the WPC Board of Directors and International Advisory Committee. The appointments dovetail with the adoption, during 2015, of a new strategic plan designed to encourage a more proactive role for the Congress in the global potato industry. In particular the Board wishes to facilitate[Read More…]

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Venezuela and Canada: Potato growers scammed

According to Emmanuel Escalona, director of Fenaphort in Trujillo state, Venezuela’s National Federation of Potato and Vegetable Producers (Fenaphort) denounced on Tuesday the partial breach of the contract to import potato seeds from Canada, a breach that would affect more than 7,000 potato farmers in the Andean states (Mérida, Táchira, Trujillo) as they would be unable to plant 10,000 hectares[Read More…]

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Scotland: Monitor farm programme eyes up £2m funding boost

The monitor farm programme is amongst a number of “knowledge transfer” projects to have been awarded a share in £2 million-worth of Scottish Government rural development funding. Aimed at delivering on-the-ground improvements to the farming sector in Scotland, five projects have been approved for funding through the Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund (KTIF). The latest round of the monitor farm[Read More…]

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Texas A&M University looking for Assistant/Associate Professor, Potato Breeding and Genetics

The Department of Horticultural Sciences seeks applicants for a tenure-track faculty position from individuals with expertise in potato breeding and genetics. The successful applicant will advance an outstanding program that has a proven track record of developing regionally- and nationally-adapted potato varieties and contributing to the knowledge base of potato breeding, genetics, and marker-assisted selection. The successful applicant will contribute[Read More…]

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US firm comes up with innovative way to sell potatoes

When a picture of a DVD copy of The Martian propped next to the piles of potatoes in a US supermarket was shared across Reddit earlier this week, everyone assumed this was the work of one savvy grocery store worker. ‘Only way to improve this would be to have disco playing in the produce section,’ wrote one Redditor. Putting Damon’s[Read More…]

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New GEA UK structure in place

Following suggestions from customers regarding a need for a more integrated approach, GEA has now embarked worldwide on a group alignment to ensure solutions and services are provided out of a single point of contact, which is the new GEA UK. Until last year, GEA, a supplier of equipment for the food industry, including the potato processing one, ran several independently organized companies[Read More…]

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UK: John Milner, Next Generation Potato Farmer

Getting Started spoke to John Milner, one of AHDB Potatoes’ Next Generation delegates. John explained the biggest challenges facing the potato industry, as well as what the Next Generation group has offered to him. “I joined the next generation group to gain a further understanding of all areas of the potato industry. To increase my knowledge and to utilise the[Read More…]

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Australië: watersamenstelling helpt aardappelsector

De invloed van droogte en waterkwaliteit op Australische aardappelen kan aanzienlijk worden verminderd door een onderzoeksproject van Potatoes South Australia en Landmark Australia. Resultaten uit de eerste testfase wijzen uit dat de kwaliteit kan worden verbeterd en productiekosten voor de gehele aardappelsector verlaagd. Ook voor andere AGF is er in de toekomst potentie. “We willen kijken hoe we de sector kunnen[Read More…]

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‘One vegetable children’ are least likely to ignore: Potatoes

U.S. children are not consuming enough vegetables, resulting in an inadequate intake of key nutrients, including potassium and dietary fiber, which are important for growth, development and overall health. Research published (January 2016) in a special supplement of the peer-reviewed journal Advances in Nutritiondemonstrated that children ages 1-3 years of age consumed just 67 percent of the dietary reference intakes (DRI)[Read More…]

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‘Gateway vegetable’: Challenges, opportunities for spuds

Potatoes – billed by supporters as “America’s favorite vegetable,” “a gateway vegetable,” and “the ninth wonder of the world” – are a top crop in the northern Red River Valley. National potato industry leaders know that well, which is why they make an annual winter trek to Grand Forks, N.D. Regaining lost foreign sales, boosting domestic consumption and avoiding harmful regulations[Read More…]

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España: Neiker impulsa un proyecto sobre innovación del cultivo de patata en África

El Instituto de Investigación y Desarrollo Agrario -Neiker Tecnalia-, dependiente del Gobierno Vasco, ha impulsado un proyecto para promover la innovación en la cadena de producción de la patata en países del este de África. El proyecto se denomina Spirit y en su desarrollo participan la empresa Inkoa Sistemas y distintos centros de investigación de Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda y Kenya, según[Read More…]

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Idaho potato truck popular with legislators

Following a presentation on the Idaho Potato Commission’s budget, lawmakers asked IPC President and CEO Frank Muir several questions about the big Idaho potato truck. The IPC’s big potato truck campaign, which brings an iconic Idaho post card to life, was launched in 2012 and features a semi truck hauling an enormous potato around the country. “I’d like to hear what your[Read More…]

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Kartoffeln: Deutschlands wahre Superstars

Der Kartoffelverzehr in Deutschland ist seit vielen Jahren rückläufig. Die jüngere Generation hat oft Vorurteile gegenüber Kartoffeln und bevorzugt eher Pasta oder Reis. Das will man nun mit einer frischen Internetkampagne für die U-30-Generation ändern. Die Fakten liegen auf dem Tisch: Für Menschen im mittleren und hohen Alter sind Kartoffeln oft unverzichtbarer Bestandteil der Hauptmahlzeiten. Sie schätzen die Vorzüge der[Read More…]

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US: Red potatoes bucking trend, experiencing rise in sales

While potato industry officials say 2015 was a slower year for sales of fresh Maine potatoes, one variety did buck the trend — red potatoes. Of the more than 20 varieties of potatoes planted by growers across the state, the russet burbank is the most popular. But the fresh potato category finished 2015 with sales volume down 2.2 percent overall[Read More…]

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AHDB looks for new Scottish potato demo farm

The AHDB is looking for a Scottish potato grower to host its first demo farm north of the border, with the aim of sharing new ideas in spud growing. “The SPot [Strategic Potato] Farm is a unique concept that improves the links between evidence-based science and practical activity on-farm,” says project lead and AHDB Potatoes’ technical executive, Claire Hodge. “We’re[Read More…]

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Researchers find spuds that could foil type 2 diabetes

Montana State University researchers have found several varieties of potatoes that could foil one of the scourges of the modern world: type 2 diabetes. Researchers in the Sands’ Research Lab at MSU’s Plant Science Department have found low glycemic index potatoes that do not cause the rapid spike in blood sugar that comes with eating starchy foods. Sugar spikes can be[Read More…]

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Idaho spud contracts require minimum three-year rotation

Sources say the 2016 Southern Idaho Potato Cooperative contract will include new language mandating a minimum of two years of alternate crops between potatoes. As of Feb. 15, SIPCO Executive Director Dan Hargraves said his organization had finished negotiations with Lamb Weston but not J.R. Simplot Co. or McCain Foods. He declined to comment on other contract details prior to completing[Read More…]

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Chinese wetenschappers zetten aardappelafval om in meststof

China beschouwt aardappelen als een veelbelovend basisvoedingsgewas voor de voedselvoorziening. Het land is echter terughoudend met de productie ervan omdat het afvalwater dat aardappelverwerkers produceren leidt tot vervuiling van meren en rivieren. Chinese wetenschappers hebben nu echter een manier gevonden om meststof te maken uit dit afvalwater, waardoor oppervlaktewaterverontreiniging effectief bestreden wordt. Liu’s team heeft een techniek ontwikkeld waarmee de CZV,[Read More…]

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US: Scientists developed laser-guided crop sprayer

When applying chemicals to crops, where the chemical is delivered is sometimes more important than how much is delivered. A team of Agricultural Research Service and university scientists has developed a new laser-guided spraying system that controls spray outputs. “Conventional spray application technology requires excessive amounts of pesticide to achieve effective pest control in floral, nursery, orchard, and other specialty crops,”[Read More…]

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‘Aardappelmarkt is ABC-virus goed doorgekomen’

De afgelopen weken zijn er voldoende aardappelen voor export weggegaan en ook vanuit de industrie is er een goede vraag naar aardappelen. “De markt is het ABC-virus goed doorgekomen”, constateert Adrie Kleinjan van de gelijknamige aardappelhandel, doelend op het wegvallen van Afrika, de beurs in Berlijn en Carnaval. “De prijs voor de frietaardappelen reageert momenteel wel wat en er is[Read More…]

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Russia: Belaya Dacha to produce potatoes for McDonalds

Russian holding company Belaya Dacha plans to cultivate potatoes in the Lipetsk Oblast, and McDonalds could be their main customer. The company plans to sign a corresponding agreement during the first quarter of the year to start work with a new investment partner, the company’s founder, Victor Semenov, confirmed. The name of the investor will not be revealed until all[Read More…]

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Scotland: Exports flourish for Caithness Potatoes

Caithness Potatoes is a leading seed potato producer and exporter, based in Scotland. As part of AHDB Potatoes’ current Next Generation programme (2015/16), participants visited the Old Fargie Farm in Perth, which is one of three farms providing seed to Caithness Potatoes. There, they heard about the company’s approach to producing and marketing Scottish seed potatoes. The business benefits from the disease-free[Read More…]

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