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Northern Ireland: New generic potato marketing campaign launched

It was another successful conference for the potato sector at Potatoes 2014 held in CAFRE Greenmount. NI potato campaign co-ordinator Ian Duff on behalf of the industry working group launched the NI generic potato marketing campaign.   Delegates noted why such a campaign was necessary to reverse the declining trend in potato consumption in Northern Ireland. Source: See on[Read More…]

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Duitsland: Veel aanbod van slechte kwaliteit aardappelen

Het aanbod van slechte kwaliteit aardappelen blijft nog altijd groot. Het is m.n. in de teeltgebieden van midden Duitsland (Rheinland) waar het in het groeiseizoen een aantal keren overmatig heeft geregend. Het gevolg is dat ondanks de hoge gemiddelde hectareopbrengst de aardappelen qua bewaarbaarheid het in veel gevallen niet of lastig houden. Het komt voor dat de aardappelen Linéa recta[Read More…]

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NZ: Weather woes for potatoes

While this season’s crop has not been the best for North Otago Jersey benne potato growers, there’s still enough product to meet local demand. Oamaru is famous for its Jersey bennes, a small white potato best eaten boiled with lashings of butter. Reports of a country-wide potato shortage have surfaced, with some growers reporting crops were down between 20 and[Read More…]

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Canadian breeders develop new low-glycemic potato

There’s a new spud in town, and it’s made to suit Canada’s growing number of diabetics. The new and as yet unnamed potato has a lower-glycemic-index potential, improved digestibility, and can be enjoyed without creating a big spike of sugar and insulin in the body.  Research scientist Benoit Bizimungu developed the new variety with scientists at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s[Read More…]

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Canada: PEI Potato Board increases food tampering information reward to $100,000

On November 10, 2014, the PEI Potato Board offered a reward of up to $50,000 for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual or individuals responsible for inserting sewing needles into potatoes of Linkletter Farms Ltd. which were destined for human consumption. With new industry contributions, the reward being offered is now $100,000 for information leading[Read More…]

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US: WIC policy change would be big win for all-powerful potato lobby

Under the massive new spending bill just passed by the House, low-income women would be able to buy white potatoes with vouchers issued by the Woman, Infants and Children (WIC) program for the first time ever. (“White potatoes” for these purposes are all potatoes that aren’t orange yams or sweet potatoes, which are already allowed.) It would be a victory[Read More…]

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What does McDonald’s have to do to stop its downward spiral?

After months and months of depressing earnings reports, one question must be on every McDonald’s exec’s mind: How on earth can we turn things around? Same-store sales fell 2.2 percent globally and 4.6 percent in the U.S. in November, McDonald’s reported on Monday. The chain hasn’t seen any growth in U.S. sales for over a year. How can the fast-food[Read More…]

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Bioland Pflanzgutsaison 2015: Kartoffel zählt zu Kategorie I

Mit Beginn der aktuellen Pflanzgutverkaufssaison zählt die Kartoffel nun zu Kategorie I. Damit darf nur zertifiziertes Saat- oder Pflanzgut aus ökologischer Vermehrung eingesetzt werden. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Kulturen in Kategorie I gilt für Kartroffeln eine Bestellfrist bis zum 31. Januar eines jeden Jahres. Die Gründe hierfür sind vor allem die Sortenvielfalt, sortengebundener Anbau und Vermarktung sowie die Tatsache, dass[Read More…]

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Scientists have bred and released colorful new varieties of potato

Agricultural Research Service scientists have bred and released colorful new varieties. Some have relatively high levels of beneficial red-to-purple pigments called “anthocyanins,” and others have high levels of yellow-pigmented carotenoids. ARS researchers have developed three new varieties of potatoes with red and purple flesh and skin, which are now available to consumers. Source: See on – Global Potato[Read More…]

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Pootgoed mag weer onder voorwaarden Rusland in

De formele bevestiging is er nog niet, maar alle signalen wijzen erop dat de export van pootaardappelen naar Rusland komend jaar op soortgelijke wijze gaat verlopen als afgelopen jaar. Dat laat secretaris Jan Gottschall van de Nederlandse Aardappel Organisatie desgevraagd weten. Source: See on – Global Potato News

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Japan: Airlifting french fries to ease shortage

Restaurants in Japan are rushing to secure supplies of french fries after shipment delays from the US, with one chain readying to airlift 200 tons of chips. Giants of the fast food and “family restaurant” sectors, which serve Western style meals with a Japanese twist, are dependent on imports, Kyodo News reported, citing the chains and the Japan External Trade[Read More…]

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NL: ‘Red-skinned potato growth mostly in organic and culinary’

Dutch potato wholesaler Leo de Kock from Purmerend wouldn’t call itself an expert in red potatoes per se, but that doesn’t stop the business from putting in the odd segment or two. “We distinguish basic red, organic-red, culinary red and mini-red. Where the consumption market has been slightly down in recent months, we see the demand for red-skinned potato stabilizing,[Read More…]

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McCain komt met koelverse frites

Nieuws van McCain. De frietfabrikant komt met McCain Prime Chill’ koelverse frites. Aanleiding voor de introductie is de toenemende vraag van cafetariahouders naar kwalitatief betere koelverse frites. De stap is opmerkelijk, McCain zwoer altijd bij diepvriesfriet. Het bedrijf was daardoor nog niet eerder actief met koelverse frites. Kijkend naar de cijfers, dan is de lancering logisch. Met de introductie van[Read More…]

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US: Low prices put commotion into potato promotion

Price still leads potato promotions, although displays are also popular. The problem with display-based promotions is that they can be expensive for retailers. “We still utilize point-of-sale materials and secondary merchandising displays, but the execution of those presents a challenge with the cost and effort involved,” said Chris Wada, director of marketing and export programs for Idaho Falls, Idaho-based Wada[Read More…]

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US: Domestic potato season starts strong; exports slow

Domestic potato shipments are off to a good start, but delays at ports on the West Coast have slowed export shipments. “We’ve shipped more this year than last year, to-date,” Seth Pemsler, vice president of retail and international sales for Eagle-based Idaho Potato Commission, said in late November. “It’s a good year so far,” he said. Others agree. Source:[Read More…]

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ConAgra Foods’ European Joint Venture to Expand Potato Processing Operations in Netherlands

Lamb Weston / Meijer, a joint venture between US-based ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston and Netherlands-based Meijer Frozen Food, recently announced plans to invest approximately $150 million (€ 120 million euros) to expand its frozen potato facility in Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands. This strategic investment will add a second production line to the plant – increasing capacity for making french fries[Read More…]

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Sprout Contol during storage topic of latest Focus on Potato webcast

The lastest “Focus on Potato” webcast provides an update on Potato Sprout Control, by Nora Olsen, Ph.D., Professor and Extension Potato Specialist at the University of Idaho. The presentation will update potato growers and industry personnel in the US on potato sprout control options. Specifically, advances in technology, development of new products and formulations, and coordination of control programs have[Read More…]

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Potato Shortage In NZ Impacts Fijian Supply

Source: The effects of major shortage of potatoes in New Zealand have trickled down to Fiji as major supermarkets around the country have started running out of stock. Three big supermarkets contacted yesterday confirmed the shortage attributing wet weather conditions in New Zealand as the reason potatoes could not be harvested. Even a local potato chips manufacturer, FMF Foods[Read More…]

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AU potato variety sought in Fiji

The Ministry of Agriculture has plans to source potato seed materials for the red pontiac variety from Australia as it continues its efforts to boost local production. Deputy permanent secretary Uraia Waibuta said 40 tonnes of seed material were imported this year for planting in April-May.“All of that potato has been harvested. We used to import our seed material from[Read More…]

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Europe – Belgians unite in UNESCO bid to reclaim ‘French’ fries

Belgians seldom agree about anything, but they all know their country’s unity hangs by a potato thread. The thread is in fact one centimetre thick, rectangular and fried twice, most often in beef fat. People around the world call it “French fry”. But that, the Belgians say, is a “misnomer”. The origin of potato fries – or chips, as the[Read More…]

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US: Creating a better spud

Do you ever wish your potato would bruise less or didn’t turn brown after being peeled? So did researchers at J.R. Simplot Co., and they have created a new potato variety—Innate—that promises that and more. After a decade of scientific development, safety assessments and extensive field tests, the U.S. Department of Agriculture recently gave its final stamp of approval to[Read More…]

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Potato and rapeseed – sources of future cardio-vascular health?

Potato and rapeseed industry produce vast amounts of protein-rich by-products, which could be utilized in the production of high-quality foodstuffs. In her thesis, Sari Mäkinen, Research Scientist at the MTT Agrifood Research Finland has developed methods of producing bioactive peptides from the food industry by-products In her thesis, Sari Mäkinen, Research Scientist at the MTT Agrifood Research Finland has developed[Read More…]

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