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Maine potato processor Naturally Potatoes plans $7.5 million expansion

See on – Potato News MARS HILL, Maine – One of Maine’s three potato processing companies is planning a $7.5 million expansion. Naturally Potatoes announced Friday that it plans to make improvements to its Mars Hill plant that will allow it to boost production 25 percent next year. See on

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US: Senate Committee Votes to Admit Fresh Potatoes into WIC

Early Thursday afternoon, the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee approved a compromise amendment by Senators Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) to allow pregnant women and mothers to buy fresh potatoes as part of the WIC program. The amendment calls on the USDA to conduct a new study within 90 days of being signed into law that will review the[Read More…]

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Aardappelprijs kalft nog altijd wat af

See on – Potato News Hoewel de markt naarstig op zoek is naar een (weliswaar laag) steunpunt kalft de aardappelprijs nog altijd wat af. Of er begin week 21 dan ook al sprake is van een rustige i.p.v. een flauwe stemming valt gelet op de Rotterdamnotering van maandag 19 mei voor fritesaardappelen nog te bezien. See on

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New potato campaign launched in France

See on – Potato News The potato season began in April and is increasing in all production zones. To support sales, the CNIPT has set up a radio campaign financed by FranceAgriMer that will be on air between the 12th-28th June and will boast the qualities of new potatoes. See on

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US: No fries with that – McDonald’s HQ closes before worker protest

See on – Potato News The world’s largest fast-food chain’s corporate headquarters near Chicago closed Wednesday after hundreds of McDonald’s employees threatened to protest demanding higher wages. Public advocacy group Demos released a report recently saying fast-food company CEOs earn 1,000 times what the average worker receives. See on

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Spanish new potato prices in a downward trend

See on – Potato News Unlike the 2013 Spanish new potato season, when prices were exorbitant, so far the 2014 campaign has been marked by low demand and falling prices. As discussed by some marketers, Andalusia and Cartagena’s first new potatoes of the season reached an average of around 0.34 to 0.35 Euro per kilo in the Spanish wholesale[Read More…]

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India: Odisha govt seeking CIP support for seed potato project

See on – Potato News The State Government has decided to seek support of the International Potato Centre (CIP) to set up a massive seed potato project in the State. Mr. Rajesh Verma, Principal Secretary of the Agriculture Department of the Government of Odisha, India, and Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Chadha, Director of Horticulture of the Government of Odisha, visited[Read More…]

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USDA: Mexico to expand US beef, potato imports

See on – Potato News Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says progress has been made on a number of trade issues with Mexico. An expanded import ruling will now allow increased potato imports from the United States. The U.S. Potato Board has announced it will being conducting market development programs in Mexico to increase potato consumption. See on

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UK: Blight a risk to most of the potato crop without dual acting fungicide

See on – Potato News Nearly half the potatoes planted last year in Britain were either highly susceptible or susceptible to Alternaria or early blight and with 100% of all varieties practically susceptible to late blight in the field. Consequently there is an increasing need for a double-barreled dual-acting fungicide that will prevent both blights, according to the chemical[Read More…]

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Bayerische Kartoffel geht online

See on – Potato News Die Bayerische Kartoffel präsentiert sich neu im Internet. Unter finden Nutzer alles Wissenswerte rund um die bayerische Kartoffel: von Anbau bis Zubereitung bleibt keine Frage offen. Neben aktuellen Meldungen rund um die Knollen gibt es auch Informationen zu den Kocheigenschaften, Inhaltsstoffen und Lagerung. Herzstück der Website bildet eine interaktive Karte, auf der Nutzer[Read More…]

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US Potato Board Mini-Fast Track Moves Varieties into Seed Production

See on – Potato News Bringing new seed varieties into production in the potato industry is a time-consuming and rather expensive process. However, a new process called Mini-Fast Track which bridges the gap between very small scale trials and the Fast Track Seed Program is providing the ability to test in a commercial setting about two times as many[Read More…]

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Eerste meldingen van phytophthora in aardappelen

See on – Potato News Teeltspecialisten van Agrifirm Plant hebben de eerste meldingen van Phytophthora in aardappelen gekregen. In Nederweert en Odoorn is Phytophthora gevonden in volkstuintjes. Door de grote hoeveelheden neerslag, die in korte tijd is gevallen, was de kans op een vroege aantasting vanuit de grond erg groot. See on

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Canada/U.S. agreement on PCN supports potato trade

See on – Potato News The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have adopted revised guidelines to manage potato cyst nematode (PCN) that will support potato growers, help facilitate international trade, and maintain protection against the pest. Effective immediately, seed potato growers can be eligible to export three crops without any additional[Read More…]

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Key’s Marco Azzaretti on grading and sorting technology

See on – Potato News The quest for quality perfection is ongoing and Key Technology’s Marco Azzaretti, the company’s Advanced Systems Product Manager, points out in this article how new technology can help get closer to this goal. As potato processors around the world search for new ways to solve outstanding product quality and production challenges, they often look[Read More…]

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US: Regional poly bags to promote locally grown produce

See on – Potato News Black Gold Farms has recently kicked off its 2014 summer red potato harvest with its popular locally grown programs. The programs correspond with Black Gold Farms’ harvesting schedule, which starts in Texas and transitions through additional growing regions including Georgia and the Mississippi Delta before heading north into Indiana and the Red River Valley.[Read More…]

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Lunor a stoppé sa production de pommes de terre

See on – Potato News Le groupe Lunor, spécialisé dans la pomme de terre précuite, a arrêté la production, à Chaulnes (Somme). Soixante-dix salariés se retrouvent au chômage. Ils ont, pour la plupart, entre 45 et 50 ans. Un reclassement au siège, en Seine-Maritime, leur est proposé, mais les 180 km refroidissent une grande majorité des salariés. See on[Read More…]

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Italia: Las patatas tempranas del norte de África, líderes en el mercado

See on – Potato News Hubo un tiempo en el que las patatas italianas dominaban los mercado del centro y el norte de Europa . “Las cosas empezaron a cambiar hace veinte años. Las patatas nuevas italianas fueron reemplazadas poco a poco por las variedades ‘tempranas’ de Israel y Egipto, que están disponibles desde febrero”, explica Domenico Citterio. See[Read More…]

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Produce Investments digs into Jersey Royals market

See on – Potato News Produce Investments gained a grip on one of the world’s most famous potato varieties by buying Jersey Royal Company, which has suffered two years of losses. Produce Investments agreed to pay £15m for Jersey-based Jersey Royal Company, one of the biggest growers of the Jersey Royal potato prized, besides for its taste, as an[Read More…]

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UK: Potato Council predicts frozen spud spike will continue

See on – Potato News Already buoyant sales of frozen jacket potatoes could be further boosted by supermarket expansions into the foodservice sector, the Potato Council has predicted. Brits are increasingly switching from fresh to frozen jacket potatoes: over the past year, volume sales of frozen jackets have risen by 11.7% and value sales have shot up 21.9% to[Read More…]

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Potato prices hot up in Valley as Indian supplies lead to Pakistan

See on – Potato News Kashmir valley is witnessing a surge in potato prices as supplies from India are reaching neighboring Pakistan, besides fears of lower local produce this year, due to snow in March. The price of potato are presently showing an upward trend with prevalent market rates of two main varieties, white and red touching Rs 25[Read More…]

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Aardappelschilbedrijf start met frietwagen

See on – Potato News Aardappelschilbedrijf ASN heeft een eigen frietwagen in gebruik genomen. De aardappelverwerker uit Dronten wil met de mobiele unit ‘uitdragen welke producten in het assortiment zitten en een tegenhanger zijn van de frietfabrieken’. Met de frietkar wil ASN uit Dronten de aardappel als basisvoedsel en het merk ‘Pommetje’ promoten, zo schrijft See on

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