Global food security and the power of potatoes: World Potato Congress webinar to provide insights

The World Potato Congress Inc. announces a webinar featuring WPC President Dr. Peter VanderZaag and Dr. André Devaux, focusing on the role of potatoes in global food security. The event, scheduled for November 28, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, will highlight the potato’s status as the world’s third most important food crop, its growing significance in developing regions, and the importance of scientific innovation for enhancing yield. Success stories and strategies for international collaboration in potato production will also be discussed.

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Golden batch: Finalists for the UK’s best fish and chip takeaway unveiled

The National Fish and Chip Awards have announced the top 20 contenders for the Takeaway of the Year title, narrowing down from an initial 40 after a stringent evaluation process. These shops have demonstrated excellence in sustainability, product knowledge, and business practices. The winner will be revealed at the awards ceremony in London on February 28, 2024, celebrating the best of the UK’s beloved fish and chip takeaways.

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Global experts rally for sustainable food security solutions at symposium

At the Food Systems Transformation symposium, experts highlighted the urgent need for a strategic overhaul of global food security methods. The event, hosted by Agrico and SeedNL, emphasized the importance of sustainable, inclusive food systems and the role of strategic policy in leveraging food as a geopolitical asset. Discussions covered the necessity of local focus, innovation, and multi-stakeholder cooperation, with a special mention of Africa’s challenges in value addition due to trade laws.

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Maine’s battle with PVY: Aroostook Farms Field Day highlights virus strains, control challenges

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension showcased a potato study at Aroostook Farm, revealing how different PVY strains affect crop health and marketability. The field day highlighted the subtle symptoms of the dominant PVY-NTN strain, challenging traditional control methods. Experts recommended early crop oil application and systemic insecticides in grains to combat the aphid-spread virus, emphasizing integrated pest management to protect Maine’s potato industry.

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Latin America: Uruguay’s potato industry’s family-owned leader shines as a seed potato producer

Vicentina S.A., a trailblazer in Uruguay’s potato industry, celebrated its legacy and innovation at the annual Vicentina Potato Day. The event highlighted the company’s global impact, advancements in seed potato production, and commitment to sustainable practices. “Our ambitions transcend national boundaries, fostering growth regionally and globally on the bedrock of innovation, sustainability, collaboration, and trust,” says Alessandro Mietto, co-founder and partner of Vicentina S.A.

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Agritechnica 2023: Dewulf to unveil its range of cutting-edge harvesting machines

Dewulf is set to showcase its latest agricultural machinery at the Agritechnica event in Hanover, Germany. Highlighting a blend of traditional expertise and innovative technology, the lineup includes the Enduro harvester, MB 34 box filler, the Certa 40 Integral planting solution, and the P3K Profi, a 1-row mounted top lifting harvester. With features like adjustable cleaning modules, Soil-Saver technology, and the unique ‘Gearbox Drive’, Dewulf aims to revolutionize the harvesting experience for farmers.

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Unveiling sustainable farming techniques: RegenAG Nation’s RANCON 2023 Conference highlights

RegenAG Nation is set to host RANCON 2023 on November 1st in Boise, Idaho, spotlighting the future of regenerative agriculture. Key speakers include Brad McIntyre, who champions sustainable farming practices, Jim Pingrey, an expert in soil health, and Sujay Senrayan from Ecostat Technologies, emphasizing biopesticides. The University of Idaho will also share their latest research findings. The event promises innovative insights into sustainable farming.

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Revolutionizing PCN management: The power of solanaceous trap crops unveiled

CHAP, one of four UK Agri-Tech innovation centres in the UK, is set to present groundbreaking research on solanaceous trap crops (STCs) for managing potato cyst nematode (PCN) at an event on October 31, 2023, in Woodbridge. The DEFRA-funded DeCyst project will showcase two innovative STC products and discuss their integration into crop rotation. The free event, featuring experts from Produce Solutions and Harper Adams University, promises insights into sustainable farming alternatives to traditional chemical solutions.

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Leading the green revolution: and John Deere’s Dual.Volt.24M wins prestigious Agrifuture award

Aachen-based, in collaboration with John Deere, has secured the DLG-Agrifuture prize for their innovative Dual.Volt.24M system. This electric, herbicide-free plant management system offers a 24-meter working width. Recognized for its sustainable agricultural solutions, the award-winning technology will be showcased at AGRITECHNICA in Hanover. The system emphasizes precise crop management and will undergo pilot testing with farmers in 2024.

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Navigating late blight challenges: EuroBlight opens registration for its 19th Workshop set for May 2024

EuroBlight has commenced registration for its 19th workshop, scheduled from 13-16 May 2024 in Lunteren, Netherlands. Hosted at “de Werelt” conference centre, the event will focus on late blight control strategies, host resistance breeding, and precision agriculture. With a cap of 100 participants, priority will be given to presenters. The workshop will also address the significant late blight epidemics from 2023. Registration details are available on the EuroBlight website.

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Unlocking prosperity: Nigeria’s comprehensive National Potato Strategy unveiled

In October 2023, Nigeria introduced the National Potato Strategy, aiming to rejuvenate its potato industry. This strategy seeks to ensure food and nutrition security, promote trade surplus, and enhance incomes. Recognizing the challenges in the potato value chain, the plan involves collaboration among key stakeholders to maximize their combined strengths. The launch event highlighted the untapped potential of potato commercialization and emphasized the importance of quality seed access, strategic partnerships, and sector-wide coordination.

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‘Trick-or-Tater’: Potatoes bring surprise and delight to Halloween festivities

American neighborhoods are embracing a new Halloween trend: potatoes. Potatoes USA reports that this vegetable is now part of crafts, games, and even as trick-or-treat gifts. The tradition of carving jack-o’-lanterns originated with potatoes in Ireland. Today, people are reviving this by making “jack-o’-taters.” Potatoes are also used for crafting stamps. Marisa Stein of Potatoes USA highlights the deep-rooted connection between potatoes and Halloween, encouraging a blend of old and new traditions.

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UK: Emerald Research explores the future of regenerative potato farming at Potato Event 2023

Emerald Research Ltd. (ERL) is set to discuss the commercial viability of regenerative potato farming at the Potato Event 2023 in Yorkshire. The event will reveal the first results of the ‘Transformative Reduced Inputs in Potatoes’ (TRIP) project. ERL invites industry experts to vote on the feasibility of such farming practices. The trials have explored various sustainable farming methods, with results available for viewing at stand 193 during the event.

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TOMRA Food to showcase innovative potato sorting solutions at IFPA’s Global Produce and Floral show in Anaheim

TOMRA Food will present its advanced potato sorting solutions at IFPA’s Global Produce & Floral Show in Anaheim from 19-21 October. At Booth 3304, attendees can explore TOMRA’s latest technologies, including the TOMRA 3A and 5A sorters. Diarmuid Meagher, VP of TOMRA Processed Food, highlighted the company’s commitment to maximizing yields, reducing costs, and minimizing human labor reliance. An interactive hologram display will also feature their innovative solutions.

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Tuber tech takes center stage: International Potato Technology Expo to showcase latest innovations

The Eastlink Centre in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, will host the International Potato Technology Expo on February 22 & 23, 2024. This biennial event, celebrating over two decades, covers the entire potato industry, from seed to packaging. Shawn Murphy, Show Manager, highlighted its significance, noting attendees from all over sharing innovations. The 2024 edition introduces a two-day conference by the PEI Department of Agriculture & the PEI Potato Board. Over 100 exhibitors have registered, with others encouraged to join.

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Agricultural robotics and AI: A glimpse into tomorrow at Agritechnica 2023

Agritechnica 2023, set for 12-18 November, will spotlight the rise of autonomous fieldwork in agriculture. The event will explore the transition to driverless machines, the blurred lines between autonomous and automated systems, and the role of AI in enhancing robot capabilities. The expo promises a deep dive into the future of farming, showcasing innovations from manufacturers, startups, and academic institutions.

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Weathering the storm: How Europe’s potato industry navigated 2023, according to Raiffeisen CEO

The European potato industry has faced an unprecedented year of highs and lows, according to Raiffeisen’s CEO, Ferdi Buffen, who opened the 33rd Weuthen Potato Day in Germany recently. Extreme weather, soaring and plummeting prices, and supply chain disruptions have marked this year as an “unimaginable roller coaster ride.” Despite these challenges, the industry is adapting and gearing up for future opportunities, proving that even in extreme years, resilience and innovation shine through, Mr. Buffen said.

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Eco-friendly farming:’s new hybrid herbicide sets a new standard, an agtech company, has successfully launched its groundbreaking hybrid herbicide technology in Canada. The technology offers multiple benefits including faster desiccation speed for efficient potato drying, precision that reduces bacterial infections, and improved tuber uniformity for better yields. It is weather-resistant, ensuring consistent performance and higher productivity. The solution also enhances potato quality, extends shelf life, and minimizes post-harvest losses.

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Crary Ag’s grand gathering: An exclusive evening with YouTube’s farming legends

Crary Ag is hosting Full Pod 2023 on November 30th in Fargo, ND, featuring renowned agricultural YouTube personalities including The Millennial Farmer, Brian’s Farming Videos, Larson Farms, and Tony Fast of Fast Ag Montana. Fans can enjoy a live meet-and-greet, a catered buffet, and a Q&A session with the stars. The event promises door prizes, giveaways, and a goodie bag for attendees. Tickets available at

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From cultivation to processing: PotatoEurope 2023 set to impress in Belgium

PotatoEurope 2023, an international event dedicated to the potato industry, is set to be hosted by Belgium in Kain, near Tournai, on 6th and 7th September. This event, which rotates among the top four potato-producing countries, will gather experts and professionals from the entire potato supply chain. Attendees can expect insights on cultivation, materials, and processing. The event promises to be the most significant and best edition yet.

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Potatoes: More than just a staple in South African cuisine

On National Potato Day, South Africa celebrates its long-standing love for potatoes, a vital part of its culinary history. As reported by Duncan Masiwa for Food for Mzansi, potatoes have been cherished for generations. Willie Jacobs, CEO of Potatoes South Africa, highlights their unifying power and versatility. They’re not just a food source but also a symbol of unity and adaptability.

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GIC’s milestone: 30 years of packaging excellence to be showcased at British Potato 2023

GIC, a top UK packaging machinery manufacturer, will commemorate 30 years of producing intermittent VFFS machines and 20 years of continuous motion machines at the British Potato Show in November. Andy Beal, GIC’s managing director, highlighted the company’s commitment to quality and efficiency. The latest GIC8000 machine will be showcased at the event, boasting advanced features and a high-speed packaging capability. Over three decades, GIC has supplied over 700 machines to various sectors, including prominent names in the potato industry.

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Oslo awaits: Norway to host EAPR’s 2024 Triennial Conference, registration now open with a call for abstracts

Registration for the 2024 EAPR Triennial Conference in Oslo is now open. Hosted by Norway for the first time, the event, led by EAPR President Arne Hermansen, will focus on “Sustainable Potato Production.” The conference will feature keynotes, scientific sessions, and excursions to potato-growing regions. Early registration is advised due to favorable exchange rates. Separate workshops are also available for booking. Visit the official website for details.

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Mastering pesticide management: The must-attend course for potato farmers in a post-Brexit era

The “Managing Pesticides in Fresh Produce” course, offered by Practical Solutions International Ltd, aims to clarify the challenges of pesticide use and residue management, especially post-Brexit. Designed for technical managers working with European retailers, the course, tutored by Ian Finlayson, covers topics like EU pesticide legislation, sampling, and data analysis. Scheduled for September and November-December, it offers an interactive learning experience with practical examples. Testimonials praise the course’s practicality and relevance.

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