Volm Companies embraces sustainability: Key takeaways from the International Sustainability Summit and a call to action

The International Sustainability Summit in Vancouver saw industry leaders, including Volm Companies, focus on standardizing sustainability in the fresh produce sector. Highlights from Volm’s involvement include integrating sustainability into core business practices, fostering collaboration, and advocating for universal standards. Volm’s efforts include hiring dedicated staff, creating supplier codes, performing energy audits, and developing sustainable products. The summit aims to promote sustainability through ongoing collaboration and comprehensive action plans.

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International Day of Potato: At inaugural celebration, FAO highlights crop’s significance and further potential

The potato, eaten by over a billion people, is the third most available food crop globally. It was celebrated with its first International Day, recognizing its significance. FAO highlighted the potato’s role in food security, calling for investment in its potential. Emphasis was placed on genetic diversity, climate resilience, and economic opportunities for farmers, with initiatives supporting value chains and sustainable practices.

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Potato crop walks get underway in Ireland as blight cases emerge

Teagasc will host three potato crop walks this week to address emerging blight cases and the new EU43 blight strain in Ireland, beginning May 29 in Co. Meath. These events will provide growers with updated guidelines on blight control and strategies for the upcoming year. Shay Phelan emphasized the seriousness of the EU43 strain, which has posed significant challenges in Europe, necessitating robust new disease control programs.

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EWRN Workshop: Global experts unite to tackle wireworm challenges in potato production

The European Wireworm Research Network (EWRN) will host a workshop on July 7th at the Scandic Fornebu Hotel in Oslo, Norway, focusing on wireworm infestations in potato crops. Keynotes include experts discussing management, challenges, and risk assessment. Country updates and scientific posters will be presented, and participants will engage in collaborative discussions. This event aims to unite researchers and professionals in addressing wireworm issues.

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WPC24 welcomes climate advocate Dr. Anika Molesworth as Ambassador and radio icon Leith Forrest as MC

The World Potato Congress 2024 announced Dr. Anika Molesworth as the WPC24 Ambassador and Leith Forrest as the Congress MC for their upcoming event in Adelaide from June 23-26. Molesworth, a renowned agriculture and climate advocate, will deliver a keynote on sustainable agriculture. Forrest, celebrated for his radio work and charity involvement, will engage attendees with his expertise and community commitment. The Congress aims to enhance global discussion on sustainable potato farming and climate solutions.

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A special announcement from Lukie, editor and publisher of Potato News Today

The editor of Potato News Today, Lukie Pieterse, joyfully announces that he has become a grandfather earlier today, sharing this very personal milestone with his readers. His daughter, Annemie – the apple of his eye – finally gave birth to a baby boy after enduring a challenging journey to motherhood. Reflecting on the themes of growth and new beginnings often discussed on Potato News Today, he invites readers to share in his happiness and send kind wishes to Annemie, emphasizing the warmth this support will bring to her family.

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Transforming potato storage: Biofresh Safestore showcased sprout suppressant system at SPot Store event

Biofresh Safestore, a leading UK provider of potato sprout control technology, showcased its ethylene-based suppressant system at the SPot Store event on May 14th, hosted by Winters Lane Storage in Lincolnshire. The event, aimed at refining potato storage practices, featured discussions on store design and cold storage regimes. Ethylene, used since 2003, replaces traditional chemicals, meeting safety regulations without leaving residues.

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RPE exhibits for the first time at CPMA, ushering in a new era for potato retail solutions in Canada

RPE LLC., a North American potato industry leader, exhibited its extensive range of products at CPMA in Vancouver, including their Tasteful Selections and Farmer’s Promise brands. Highlighting its role as a year-round supplier of high-quality potatoes and onions, RPE showcased innovations such as Potatoes Your Way and a variety of packaging solutions emphasizing sustainability and local sourcing. The company also discussed expanding its Canadian supply capabilities, offering more diversity and efficiency in the supply chain to Canadian retailers.

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Cutting-edge strategies in potato pest and disease defense: Insights from the 2024 Miller Research Potato Pest Management Meeting

The 2024 Miller Research Potato Pest Management Meeting offered crucial insights into combating pest and disease challenges in potato cultivation. With presentations on bacterial pathogens, innovative fungicidal treatments, diagnostic tools for disease identification, and the potential of chemigation, the meeting emphasized new strategies to enhance sustainability and productivity in the industry. Dr. Jeff Millar’s sessions highlighted emerging research and practical applications that could transform pest and disease management, ensuring the continuous improvement of the sector.

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‘Strategic Potato Storage Day’ set to showcase groundbreaking innovations in potato storage technology

The “Strategic Potato Storage Day,” scheduled for 14 May 2024, is poised to spotlight the latest advancements in potato storage technology. This significant event, meticulously organized by GB Potatoes, Potato Storage Insight, and SDF Agriculture, is expected to draw industry leaders and agronomists. This strategic event promises to be a cornerstone for those involved in the potato industry, from growers to researchers and commercial stakeholders.

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New short course lets students of all ages get their hands dirty as tattie roguers

The UK’s unique tattie roguing course by Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) is a gateway for job seekers to enter Scotland’s esteemed seed potato industry. Offering practical training on disease identification and crop maintenance, the course equips students with a certificate indicating their competency. With increasing plant diseases, skilled roguers are in high demand, addressing the vital need for crop health preservation.

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Europatat unveils final program and speakers for 2024 Congress

Europatat is set to host its annual Congress in Brussels on 24 May 2024, focused on “European Potato Trade in 2030: a sector in transition”. The event will gather industry stakeholders to discuss the future environmental, economic, and social challenges of the potato sector. Renowned speakers, including legislators and experts, will provide insights and discuss solutions. Events include keynote speeches, panel discussions, and a presentation by the Platinum Sponsor, highlighting innovative strategies and the sector’s trajectory.

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Elders Ltd celebrates 185 years with landmark sponsorship of World Potato Congress in Adelaide

Elders Ltd, an Australian agricultural services company and certified seed potato supplier, has announced its major sponsorship of the 2024 World Potato Congress in Adelaide. Celebrating 185 years, Elders aims to foster innovation and sustainable practices through support of this key industry event. The Congress will focus on global industry trends, including changing markets and customer preferences. Elders invites industry stakeholders to participate in the event for valuable knowledge sharing and networking.

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From field to storage: GB Potatoes leads the way in refining potato storage practices with innovative project

GB Potatoes, with Potato Storage Insight and SDF Agriculture, is leading the Strategic SPot storage project to improve potato storage methods for better cost efficiency and product quality. Their approach includes hands-on research and demonstrations. An important event on May 14th at Winters Lane Storage Ltd. will offer expert advice and insights on storage optimizations, cold storage strategies, design improvements, and variety performance. Attendees can also enjoy a showcase of partners and visit a processing store.

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Unlocking the potential of potatoes: FAO publishes a guide for celebrating the International Day of Potato

The first International Day of Potato will be celebrated on May 30, highlighting its crucial role in fighting hunger, fostering diversity, and extending hope. The theme “Harvesting Diversity, Feeding Hope” emphasizes its importance in addressing poverty and environmental challenges with a focus on healthier consumption practices. FAO recently published an eleven page guide to the new International Day, making us aware of what each of us can do to promote sustainable potato production and consumption.

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FPS Food Process Solutions and partners lead potato processing innovation at Food Northwest Expo

FPS Food Process Solutions will display its comprehensive potato processing technologies at the Food Northwest Expo in Portland. Their alliance with OptiCept Technologies strengthens their market position by integrating PEF technology, enhancing efficiency in potato processing. Attendees are invited to visit Booth 1037 for pioneering solutions that combine innovation, efficiency, and quality.

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Pulsemaster unveils game-changing PEF technology at Anuga FoodTec 2024: A new era in food processing

Pulsemaster will exhibit its PEF technology at Anuga FoodTec 2024 in Cologne, spotlighting transformative food processing methods. Their system enhances quality, extends shelf life, and optimizes nutrient preservation, offering sustainable, cost-effective solutions. Applications range from improving vegetable oils to potato products, with a focus on energy efficiency and healthier end products. Visitors to stand G020 in Hall 10.1 can experience this innovation’s practical benefits firsthand.

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Celebrating the humble spud: World Potato Congress and FAO to launch the first International Day of the Potato

The World Potato Congress, with FAO’s support, inaugurated International Day of the Potato on May 30th to celebrate this crucial food source. Recognizing the potato’s role in feeding billions, the UN declared the day officially. The 2024 event theme “Harvesting Diversity – Feeding Hope” emphasizes its importance in fighting hunger and urges global engagement through education and a social media hashtag campaign.

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Europatat 2024 Congress: Shaping the future of the European potato trade

Europatat has opened registration for its annual Congress in Brussels on May 23-24, 2024, focusing on the “European Potato Trade in 2030.” Discussions will tackle the sector’s future challenges and the potential of new innovations. Keynote speaker Rik Vera will address business model evolution amid a transforming industry. The event features a panel discussion, journalistic moderation, and social networking functions, including a gala and farewell drinks.

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2024 Ontario Potato Conference a resounding success: Innovations and strategies against late blight unveiled

The 2024 Ontario Potato Conference & Trade Show, organized by Dr. Eugenia Banks, successfully concluded in Guelph with high attendance. It focused on combating potato late blight, featuring the Late Blight Symposium with vital insights from experts like Gary Secor. They emphasized readiness and recommended fungicides, especially Orondis. The conference also highlighted the US23 late blight strain’s threat to tomatoes and explored new solutions like the “Air Spore” system.

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Major online auction event: Surplus potato processing, bagging, and handling equipment

Baker City Organics is auctioning surplus potato processing, bagging, and handling equipment through Grafe Auction online, attracting national buyers from the industry. Significant machinery, like Kerian Speed Sizers and Marq Case Sealers, is available at competitive rates. Inspections are open March 12-13 in North Powder, OR. This event offers growers and processors a chance to enhance operations economically. Further details and assistance are available via Grafe Auction’s contact points.

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European researchers unite to combat potato pest threat at inaugural wireworm workshop

To tackle the growing wireworm threat to potatoes, scientists will convene in Oslo during the 22nd Triennial Conference of the European Association for Potato Research for the European Wireworm Research Network’s inaugural workshop. They aim to develop collaborative strategies for pest management, with a focus on new research, monitoring methods, and sustainable practices to protect potato crops, enhancing food security in Europe and globally.

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A-INSIGHTS hosts exclusive webinar: Exploring ‘Trends of the Frozen Potato Industry’

A-INSIGHTS announces a free webinar on March 28th, focusing on the frozen potato industry’s trends and forecasts. Analyst Mathieu Geuskens will explore 2023 supply-demand, 5-year projections, local initiatives’ effects, and sustainability practices. The online event aims to transform public data into growth opportunities for food businesses. Register to learn from A-INSIGHTS, a firm with over 15 years of sector experience.

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