PotatoEurope 2021: Preparations of trial fields for the event kicked off

This week the PotatoEurope organisation has started preparing the potato trial fields at the event location near the city of Lelystad in the Netherlands. The organisers say this annual international potato industry event will offer visitors a glimpse into the future of the potato sector during the exhibition. Fourteen eminent trial fields will create a fascinating source of insight and information regarding current affairs, according to the organisers.

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‘Food Brings Everyone to the Table’: Celebrate America’s farmers on National Ag Day

The Agriculture Council of America (ACA) has announced it is hosting National Agriculture Day today, March 23, 2021. This marks the 48th anniversary of National Ag Day which is celebrated in classrooms and communities across the country. The theme for National Ag Day 2021 is “Food Brings Everyone to the Table.” President Joe Biden has proclaimed today as National Ag Day as well.

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EuroBlight network to host online technical meetings in March and April

The EuroBlight network announced recently that it will organise four subgroup meetings and one online workshop in March and April this year to replace the physical workshop originally planned for May, 2021. EuroBlight offers 5 minute presentations and 1 minute “elevator talks” about your work. If you want to present then please indicate the title of your presentation when registering.

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Online seminar: Foliar disease management and avoiding fungicide resistance

Miller Research in Idaho will host another of its online potato seminars. Dr Jeff Miller will discuss the strengths of weaknesses of different fungicide programs for managing early blight, brown spot, white mold, and late blight. He will also cover guidelines for responsible fungicide use with respect to avoiding the development of fungicide resistance.

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2021 online Canadian Spud Congress and virtual trade show to kick off

Spud Smart magazine partnered with provincial and national potato associations to in Canada to organize the first online Spud Congress, said to be “the most exciting Canadian potato industry trade and educational event of the year”. The event will be hosted virtually and start at 10am CST today. Potato industry professionals are invited to join others for high-level discussions and unscripted debates with the industry

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AHDB wants potato sector levy payers to vote

Following the results of the AHDB horticulture vote this week, a ballot is now running for levy payers in the UK to vote on the whether the potato levy should continue. The ballot opens today and will run until the 17th March. AHDB is appealing to voters to favour a yes result, emphasising the recent work they have done to help the British potato sector.

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Varietal resistance to late blight: Most popular varieties in the UK assessed

Varietal resistance to late blight, including the newer strains which have become prevalent, can still make a real difference to control, David Wilson, AHDB Knowledge Exchange Manager Potatoes in the UK told the online audience at the December 2020 Agronomy Week event. Performance of some of the most popular varieties were assessed with demonstration trials held by the AHDB at Eurofins in 2019.

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‘Potatoes were the pandemic powerhouse’, says Potatoes USA Chief Marketing Officer

The 39th annual Southern Rocky Mountain Agricultural Conference and Trade Show started its three-day run Tuesday, Feb. 2, on Zoom and at the Ski Hi Complex in Monte Vista. John Toaspern, Potatoes USA Chief Marketing Officer, gave an overview of potato sales from March to December of last year during his 30-minute session. His report was mostly positive. Retail sales soared and continue to do so as people stayed home during the pandemic.

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SAC Association of Potato Producers Conference: ‘Scottish potatoes in a big world’

Usually at this time of year, many potato industry folks in Scotland head to the Perth Racecourse for a day of potato chat, a mix of forward looking speakers, up to date research and more. This year, it’s not going to be possible to all meet. Instead, there will be an online conference spread over two afternoons, starting today. During these sessions the prospects for the crop in the future will be in the spotlight.

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The AsiaBlight Network looks to the future

As in many potato-growing parts of the world, late blight disease stifles production and earnings. In China, the story is no different as smallholder potato farmers lose millions of tons of potato and hundreds of millions of dollars annually in potential income due to this pathogen

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Teaching tomorrow’s producers and consumers: Grow Your Own Potatoes Programme to continue in 2021

Now in its 16th year, the Grow Your Own Potatoes Programme (GYOP) is an AHDB educational initiative that helps children in Britain learn more about where their food comes from, how it grows and the role potatoes play in a healthy, balanced diet. Since it began, it has delivered positive messages about potatoes to more than five million primary school children nationwide. AHDB announced yesterday the programme will go ahead as planned in 2021 with the support of the potato industry.

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Potato early dying disease in the spotlight at Canadian Potato Summit

Potato early dying disease, also known as Verticillium wilt, results in early potato maturity and can limit yield by as much as 50 per cent. What can Canadian growers do to protect their spuds? Mario Tenuta and Dmytro Yevtushenko of the Canadian Potato Early Dying Network (CanPEDNet) will share research updates on this disease during the upcoming Canadian Potato Summit on February 3.

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Virtual Potato Expo 2021 ready for big crowd

The first-ever digital Potato Expo is on tap for Jan. 5-7 and the event has plenty to offer the industry, National Potato Council leaders say. Registration for the 2021 Potato Expo event is available online. Earlier this month, the Packer

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‘To be or not to be’: British potato industry to discuss future direction of Potatoes at AHDB

On January 7 levy payers will gather online for an open discussion about the future direction of Potatoes at AHDB. This virtual ‘town hall’ event will give participants the chance to have a say on AHDB’s new five-year strategy and ask questions of Alison Levett (Potatoes Interim Chair) and Rob Clayton (Strategy Director). AHDB says its new strategy will put the organization in a place to deliver what the industry needs, including revamping the way AHDB works.

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UK: Strategic Potato (SPot) Farms Results Week – Harvest 2020

AHDB Potatoes in the UK invites everyone for a week of online events exploring the work from its Strategic Potato (SPot) Farms from January 19 – 21. Online sessions hosted by AHDB will bring the growers, agronomists and researchers who have delivered field trials in 2020 together to discuss the work, deliver results and talk about what they learned. AHDB’s SPot Farms this year grew everything from certified seed, through salads to maincrop for the fresh and processing markets. With a range of geographical locations, soil types and challenges – there is something to learn for all growers.

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Specialist opinion: ‘Adopting IPM on commercial farms’ – An insight from New Zealand

During the recent CropTec show in the UK – which was hosted and presented as a virtual, online event – Prof Alison Stewart from New Zealand shared her experience of developing and implementing IPM on commercial farms. She is the CEO of the Foundation for Edible Research in New Zealand. Prof Stewart says there are a large number of global challenges out there for agriculture in every country in the world, and New Zealand is no different.

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