Dutch firm debuts next-level conveyor belt for potato processors

Ammeraal Beltech has introduced the Ropanyl EM 8/2 00+02 light blue AS FG AM /60shD, a new food-grade conveyor belt for potato processing. This easy-to-clean, non-stick, and durable belt reduces starch adherence and cleaning time, aiming to minimize downtime and enhance productivity. The belt is designed to ensure product safety and improve production performance.

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StoreGuard now available in the UK: Potato growers anticipate benefits from new technology in maintaining fry colour

Biofresh Safestore, the exclusive UK distributor for StoreGuard, prepares for its first full season after securing UK marketing rights in November 2023. StoreGuard, made by AgroFresh, uses 1-MCP to maintain potato fry colour when stored with ethylene as a sprout inhibitor. The product has shown benefits in European and UK trials, reducing weight loss and fan times, and leaving no detectable residue.

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Ensuring safe food: FPS celebrates World Food Safety Day with focus on hygienic design and safety controls

In celebration of World Food Safety Day 2024, FPS Food Process Solutions (FPS) stresses the importance of hygienic design and critical safety controls in the food processing industry. With the theme “Food safety: prepare for the unexpected,” WHO highlights the shared responsibility of food businesses. FPS emphasizes traceability, accessibility, cleanability, and the need for thorough food safety preparation to prevent contamination and ensure consumer safety.

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Agricar to distribute advanced HarvestEye crop insight tool in Scotland

HarvestEye, a machine-learning crop insights tool, has partnered with Agricar in Scotland to distribute HarvestEye 2.0 and HarvestEye Handheld systems. This technology provides visibility on crop size and shape through an online portal. Agricar will showcase HarvestEye at various events, while HarvestEye’s developers seek to expand its compatibility and market reach. Farmers can secure subscription options through the HarvestEye website.

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Boost in efficiency: Canada’s EarthFresh Inc. accelerates production with cutting-edge packing line

EarthFresh Inc., a Canadian potato company in Burlington, installed a new advanced packing line to address growing demand and operational challenges, including supply chain issues and equipment aging. The new system, funded by the Ontario Supply Chain Stability and Adaptability Program, improved packing rates, reduced unplanned downtime, and enabled sustainable packaging options. This upgrade also lowered transportation costs and enhanced the local market.

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Rock-solid results: How Newfoundland farmers are overcoming stony soils with cutting-edge technology

Newfoundland’s rocky soil makes growing root crops challenging. In 2021, farmer Chris Lester and AAFC tested a stone burier and bed shaper tiller. The equipment separates stones from soil, enhancing soil bed quality. Chris Lester and other farmers were impressed with the results, leading to wider adoption. The stone burier promises better crop growth and reduced soil compaction. Data recorded with the stone burier and bed shaper also showed that water availability was more uniform throughout soils beds.

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New era in plant breeding: Ohalo’s ‘Boosted Breeding’ technology a game changer for global agriculture

Ohalo has unveiled Boosted Breeding™, a groundbreaking new technology set to revolutionize global agriculture. This innovative system allows plants to inherit the complete genetic composition from both parents, resulting in offspring with enhanced traits, such as increased disease resistance and drought tolerance. Early trials indicate potential yield gains of 50-100%+. The technology also enables the generation of genetically uniform seeds for crops traditionally not grown from seeds, like potatoes, offering a scalable, cost-effective alternative to vegetative propagation.

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How to make irrigation water as effective as rainwater: This new technology might be the answer

Rainmaker.Earth, a South African-based technology company, is revolutionizing agricultural irrigation by mimicking natural rainfall, improving water and soil quality. Their advanced oxidation process enhances water absorption, reduces runoff, and boosts soil health, benefiting high-demand crops like potatoes. This sustainable approach supports biodiversity, reduces chemical use, and promotes efficient water use. Rainmaker.Earth is expanding globally, offering farmers a sustainable, effective irrigation solution that enhances crop yield and quality.

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When the bots come marching in: AgBot makes debut to Scottish growers

Scotland’s first autonomous tractor, AgBot, was introduced by SoilEssentials, a provider of precision farming solutions. Designed by AgXeed BV in The Netherlands, AgBot offers configurations including tracked and wheeled models. It aims to enhance agricultural efficiency by reducing manual labor and increasing yields, promising a robust future for farming. Further UK demonstrations are anticipated.

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FAM STUMABO introduces ‘Scalibur’: A new cutting-edge solution for superior potato slicing

FAM STUMABO introduces Scalibur, a revolutionary potato slicer featuring dual rotation technology for superior slicing quality and efficiency. This advanced tool not only minimizes cell damage for smoother slices and increased yield but also offers versatility with interchangeable cutting heads for various vegetables. Scalibur ensures enhanced process control, reduced cost from lower parts wear, and compatibility with SureSet 16-blade heads, promising a new standard in the food processing industry.

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Top five tips to keeping your harvester digging this fall

When autumn arrives, North American farmers prepare for the critical potato harvest, heavily reliant on the performance of their potato harvesters. This guide emphasizes the importance of maintaining these machines to prevent harvest disruptions. It covers preparation, daily maintenance, handling tough conditions, post-harvest care, and proper storage to ensure reliability and efficiency of harvesters. Authored by Darren Demers of Lockwood, the advice draws from extensive field experience, aiming to optimize harvester operations and extend their service life.

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Transforming potato storage: Biofresh Safestore showcased sprout suppressant system at SPot Store event

Biofresh Safestore, a leading UK provider of potato sprout control technology, showcased its ethylene-based suppressant system at the SPot Store event on May 14th, hosted by Winters Lane Storage in Lincolnshire. The event, aimed at refining potato storage practices, featured discussions on store design and cold storage regimes. Ethylene, used since 2003, replaces traditional chemicals, meeting safety regulations without leaving residues.

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New partnership in agri-tech: Tolsma-Grisnich and Invaro Group collaborate on cutting-edge sorting technology

Effective May 1, 2024, Tolsma-Grisnich and the Invaro Group will collaborate intensively in optical sorting for potatoes and onions. Tolsma-Grisnich will manage all commercial and service aspects of the Schouten Optica Q and CS globally, while Invaro Group continues developing and producing Optica technology. This partnership leverages the strengths of both companies to offer advanced, quality-enhancing solutions to growers and processors.

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Syngenta unifies agronomy tools: Introducing myField app for streamlined potato crop management

Syngenta has integrated BlightCast and Quantis Heat Stress Alert into a single myField app, enhancing decision support for potato growers. This digital tool provides advanced warnings on disease and heat stress on a field-by-field basis, combining personalized weather and agronomy data. The app, replacing older web-based systems, offers detailed forecasts, visual risk indicators, and alert emails to optimize blight strategies and heat stress management.

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Scotts Precision Manufacturing Ltd: A leader in innovative root crop and vegetable harvesting systems

Scotts Precision Manufacturing Ltd, established in 1994, specializes in innovative root crop and vegetable harvesting and cleaning systems. Utilizing advanced 3D design and state-of-the-art manufacturing, they offer a diverse range of equipment, including the Evolution Separator and Microlift Pro, to a global clientele. Recently, they expanded their market presence with dedicated websites for USA and French-Canadian customers.

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New DJI agricultural drones launch globally with upgraded SmartFarm app

DJI has launched two new drones, the Agras T50 and T25, enhancing its Agras line for both large and small-scale agriculture. The T50 features advanced capabilities like a dual-rotor design and fast charging, ideal for large fields, while the portable T25 suits smaller farms. Both integrate with the SmartFarm app for efficient farm management. These drones aim to boost yield, decrease chemical use, and reduce environmental impact, supporting DJI’s commitment to data safety and precision agriculture.

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FPS Food Process Solutions opens India office in heart of commercial sector

FPS Food Process Solutions has expanded its global presence by opening a new office in Ambli, Ahmedabad, India, enhancing service capabilities like sales, parts, and retrofitting. This office makes FPS a comprehensive hub in a key commercial zone. FPS, with its acquisitions and partnerships, positions itself as a one-stop shop, especially in the French Fry/Specialty potato processing industry. This move is part of FPS’s strategy to strengthen its footprint and offer integrated solutions from start to finish.

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Haith expands machinery lineup with new box filling and handling solutions to boost potato processing efficiency

Haith has enhanced its agricultural machinery range with the Quanta Fill box filler and the RotaTip PRO, which feature a novel potato layering system and an all-electric box clamping system, respectively. These innovations are designed to improve efficiency in potato handling by reducing forklift use and optimizing box filling and stacking processes. The technologies were well-received at the Potato Expo and are anticipated to set new industry standards.

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Indian agricultural scientists develop innovative, eco-friendly wind operated insect trap to enhance pest control

Scientists at ICAR-CPRI in Shimla, led by Dr. Kapil Kumar Sharma, have developed an innovative wind-operated aerial insect trap, which has the potential to revolutionize pest management in agriculture worldwide. This versatile and eco-friendly device addresses gaps in Integrated Pest Management by providing real-time, accurate data on insect populations. With the ability to function without electricity and collect diverse insect samples for analysis, the invention has secured a patent in India and looks to foster global collaborative research and commercial production through partnerships.

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AVR celebrates 175 years with limited edition PUMA 4 harvester and a year of festivities

In its 175th year, Belgian company AVR celebrates with a limited edition PUMA 4.0, a blend of tradition and technology. Starting as a small forge in 1849, AVR evolved into a leader in potato harvesting machinery. The anniversary PUMA 4.0 symbolizes this legacy, alongside a series of events thanking its community. With over 550 PUMA harvesters worldwide, AVR’s impact is substantial, promising continued innovation and sustainability for the future.

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PepsiCo’s Veurne plant in Belgium embraces cutting-edge automation for crisp production

PepsiCo is transforming its Belgian Veurne factory, collaborating with Mecalux to install a cutting-edge Automated Storage and Retrieval System for managing 2 million daily bags of crisps. Incorporating a Mecalux Automated Pallet Shuttle and a seamless 100-meter-long conveyor, this overhaul, complemented by Mecalux’s Easy WMS, aims to boost efficiency and sustainability in PepsiCo’s large-scale snack production.

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TOMRA Food inaugurates new regional center in Valencia, main HUB for Southern Europe and North Africa

TOMRA Food, a leader in sorting and peeling solutions, has restructured to better serve regional markets globally. The Valencia center is key to their personalized approach, focusing on demonstrations, customer support, training, and after-sales service for EMEA. They are introducing new technologies like Spectrim X to enhance sorting efficiency and return on investment for clients.

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Maximize potato yields with Riegogel water-retaining

Riegogel introduces a biodegradable gel that retains water for up to 45 days, boosting potato crop yields by up to 20% and reducing irrigation needs by 50%. It combats drought, enhances soil health, and efficiently utilizes water and nutrients. Proven effective in trials, it offers a sustainable solution for various crops, aligning with climate resilience efforts.

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‘Terra Carbono’: Pioneering a greener future in the potato industry

Terra Carbono, an innovative Hungarian ag-tech company, focuses on sustainable potato cultivation, aiming to reduce carbon footprints and improve agricultural productivity. They create biodegradable, carbon-negative products that boost yield, conserve water, and minimize chemical use while enhancing soil health. Terra Carbono is engaged in several partnerships for community betterment and sustainable practices.

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