The ‘ChangeSep’ and ‘SmartFold’: The future of farming with GRIMME’s award-winning innovations

The GRIMME Group showcased its equipment innovations at the VDMA Information Exchange in Kassel on 26-27 September 2023. They introduced ‘ChangeSep’, a hydraulically interchangeable separator for modern GRIMME harvesters, allowing a swift change between finger web and deflection rollers. This innovation caters to the diverse needs of farms cultivating various crops on different soils. Another highlight was ‘SmartFold’, a patent-pending folding mechanism for mounted windrowers, designed for efficient potato harvesting. Both ‘ChangeSep’ and ‘SmartFold’ received silver medals from the DLG ‘AGRITECHNICA Innovation Award’.

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Agri-tech innovator HarvestEye appoints global aftermarket expert as new general manager

HarvestEye, a crop insights tool, has appointed Harry Tinson as its new general manager. Tinson brings expertise from global B2B sales in engineering and transport. Previously overseeing JCB’s international network and working with Wrightbus, he will now focus on enhancing HarvestEye’s technology and expanding its market presence. HarvestEye offers visibility on crop variability during harvesting. Tinson aims to establish HarvestEye as a global leader in crop insights. Vidyanath Gururajan, HarvestEye’s managing director, highlighted Tinson’s experience as crucial for their growth ambitions.

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Kiremko: Unveiling sustainable potato processing opportunities in India

Kiremko, a leader in potato processing, strengthens ties between India and the Netherlands through sustainable practices and innovation. During the Dutch trade mission to India, Kiremko formed key partnerships, notably with Asandas and Haldiram/SK International, both for flake lines with a 2,400 kg/hr capacity. These collaborations aim to revolutionize potato processing in India, emphasizing Kiremko’s commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

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The future of agtech: and John Deere nominated for DLG-Agrifuture Concept 2023 award, a leading innovator in sustainable agtech solutions, has partnered with John Deere to introduce Dual.Volt.24M, a system for electrical and herbicide-free plant care spanning 24 metres. This innovation led to their nomination for the DLG Agrifuture Concept 2023 award. The system’s unique feature is its adjustable applicators and camera-controlled row application, ensuring precise plant care without soil disruption. Their collaboration emphasizes both companies’ dedication to sustainable agtech. will begin pilot testing in 2024, inviting interested farmers to participate.

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Weed-killing AI drones may be the future of farming

Precision AI, a leading agricultural startup, has introduced an AI-powered crop-spraying drone to combat the growing weed issue intensified by climate change. This innovative drone reduces chemical usage by up to 90%, offering a sustainable solution to weed management. This development signifies a major advancement in eco-friendly farming, blending technology and sustainability to address environmental concerns in agriculture.

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SwarmFarm Robotics launches ‘dock and refill’: Ushering in the next era of agricultural autonomy

SwarmFarm Robotics, an Australian based pioneer in Integrated Autonomy, has introduced its innovative “dock and refill” feature, allowing robots to autonomously refuel and restock. This development decouples equipment size from efficiency. Historically, larger farm tools have overshadowed smaller ones in productivity. However, larger equipment has caused soil compaction, reducing yields. SwarmFarm’s new capability ensures continuous operation without manual intervention, promoting sustainable farming and tailored solutions.

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TOMRA 3A raises the bar: AI-powered precision in potato sorting debuted at Potato Europe 2023

At the Potato Europe exhibition in Tournai, Belgium, TOMRA unveiled its latest-generation 3A sorting machine, enhanced with advanced AI. This machine, already renowned for its sorting efficiency, now offers even greater accuracy in distinguishing between potatoes and foreign materials. Demonstrations were held at TOMRA Food’s booth, where visitors engaged with the company’s potato specialists.

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A leap forward in food processing solutions: CMP and FPS unveil state-of-the-art innovation center in Canada

Charlottetown Metal Products Ltd (CMP) and FPS Food Process Solutions have inaugurated an Innovation Center in Prince Edward Island, Canada, emphasizing hygienic food processing solutions. This venture will enhance collaborations with educational institutions, government bodies, and global food processing clients. The 10,000 sq. ft. center, housing seven ongoing projects, aims to improve energy use, automation, and production yields. Both company presidents expressed their commitment to innovation and future growth.

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Discover the ‘Nex-Gem Lab Former’: Idaho Steel’s pioneering approach to flexible and creative food product development

Idaho Steel Products has launched the Nex-Gem Lab Former, a state-of-the-art machine set to transform food product development. This compact and versatile equipment allows for experimentation without large-scale production, catering to the demand for flexible food product development. It can produce a variety of products, from puffs to plant-based alternatives, in different shapes and sizes. The machine’s user-friendly interface ensures quick testing cycles, while its durable and hygienic design guarantees longevity and food safety. The Nex-Gem Lab Former will be showcased at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2023.

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Agricultural robotics and AI: A glimpse into tomorrow at Agritechnica 2023

Agritechnica 2023, set for 12-18 November, will spotlight the rise of autonomous fieldwork in agriculture. The event will explore the transition to driverless machines, the blurred lines between autonomous and automated systems, and the role of AI in enhancing robot capabilities. The expo promises a deep dive into the future of farming, showcasing innovations from manufacturers, startups, and academic institutions.

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The all-new GRIMME EVO 280: Setting new standards in crop handling and operational efficiency

GRIMME introduces the next generation of its EVO 280 potato harvester, now featuring a fully hydraulic drive system for improved performance and efficiency. The upgraded model offers enhanced user-friendliness with features like Speedtronic-Web and Speedtronic-Sep for automatic speed regulation. The SmartView display aids in operator monitoring, while georeferenced yield mapping is accessible via the myGRIMME portal.

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New Bauer E-Series reel irrigators: Improved performance and ease of use

The new Bauer E-series reel irrigators have been improved with features that make operation and maintenance easier while maintaining their reputation for strength, performance, and durability. The changes include a redesigned side guard for easier access to mechanical components, a larger battery, and enhanced remote access capabilities. Users can store up to 12 different irrigation programs.

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Eco-friendly farming:’s new hybrid herbicide sets a new standard, an agtech company, has successfully launched its groundbreaking hybrid herbicide technology in Canada. The technology offers multiple benefits including faster desiccation speed for efficient potato drying, precision that reduces bacterial infections, and improved tuber uniformity for better yields. It is weather-resistant, ensuring consistent performance and higher productivity. The solution also enhances potato quality, extends shelf life, and minimizes post-harvest losses.

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DOWNS unveils I-CropVision: The next-gen optical potato sorter

DOWNS has launched the I-CropVision, a modular and versatile optical potato sorter that can be integrated into existing installations. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the I-CropVision sorts potatoes based on quality and waste, offering three output options. The new sorter aims to address the increasing global demand for potatoes and labor shortages. It will be showcased at the PotatoEurope trade fair in Belgium and is available in various widths.

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The AVR Python: The new indispensable, flexible link in your crop handling line

AVR introduces its latest innovation, the AVR Python, a twin conveyor belt system designed for potato farming. The Python offers high capacity and is gentle on potatoes due to its moving raised edges. It is easily transportable and user-friendly, featuring a robust yet maneuverable frame. The system allows for various positioning angles and independent height adjustments for intake and discharge outlets. Enhanced features include a frequency converter, electronic length adjustment, and compatibility with AVR Line Control software.

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Crispy and healthy? The science behind air frying and traditional potato frying methods

The National Autonomous University of Mexico conducted a study comparing traditional immersion frying and air frying methods for French fries. The research found that air frying offers benefits like reduced oil consumption by 50-70% and a potential 90% reduction in acrylamide levels, a carcinogen. The study also examined how each method affects the fries’ texture, color, and moisture content, aiming to provide insights for healthier frying alternatives and influence consumer choices.

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From precision blades to a pristine website: FAM STUMABO’s brand evolution

FAM STUMABO, a prominent name in the food processing sector, has launched a redesigned website, merging two major brands. The site highlights their expertise in high-capacity machinery and precision blades, offering a detailed overview of solutions tailored to user needs. The modern logo embodies the brand’s innovative spirit. The platform invites users to delve into their approach, products, and updates, underscoring their dedication to industry excellence.

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Potato tech evolution: Dewulf to unveil groundbreaking potato technology innovations at PotatoEurope 2023

Dewulf is set to attend Potato Europe 2023 in Kain, Belgium, unveiling two major innovations. The Certa 40 Integral, a new planting technology, and the MH 241 with the Scotts Evolution cleaning module will be highlighted. Visitors can explore Dewulf’s extensive machine range, including the Enduro and RA3060 harvesters, at stand 14 and the demonstration area. Additionally, the event will feature storage solutions and advancements in harvesting techniques.

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B-hive Innovations collaborates on groundbreaking TuberTurgor project to reduce potato bruising and waste

B-hive Innovations has partnered with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) on a new project called TuberTurgor, aiming to reduce the risk of potato bruising and develop technologies to minimize supermarket waste. The collaborative research team will investigate non-destructive methods of measuring turgor pressure in potatoes, which helps cells withstand shocks and reduce bruising. By gathering extensive data and proof of concepts, the project aims to develop tools that can automatically sort fresh produce based on its bruising risk.

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FPS acquires GEM equipment: A new era of integrated food processing solutions begins

FPS Food Process Solutions, a leader in freezing and cooling technology, has acquired GEM Equipment of Oregon, renowned for its fryers and blanchers. This move enables FPS to offer an expanded product range, including end-to-end solutions for French fry and specialty potato lines. GEM will access broader global markets, while FPS, having previously acquired CMP and TSL, strengthens its comprehensive offerings for global food processors.

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GIC’s milestone: 30 years of packaging excellence to be showcased at British Potato 2023

GIC, a top UK packaging machinery manufacturer, will commemorate 30 years of producing intermittent VFFS machines and 20 years of continuous motion machines at the British Potato Show in November. Andy Beal, GIC’s managing director, highlighted the company’s commitment to quality and efficiency. The latest GIC8000 machine will be showcased at the event, boasting advanced features and a high-speed packaging capability. Over three decades, GIC has supplied over 700 machines to various sectors, including prominent names in the potato industry.

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Potato chip bags: The unexpected heroes in the fight against global warming

Researchers have developed a method to repurpose aluminium-plastic composite (APL) films, typically used in potato chip bags, into energy-efficient cooling films. Led by Prof. Dr. Markus Retsch from the University of Bayreuth in Germany, this upcycling process addresses APL recycling challenges and global energy demands. The transformed APL films, with a simple coating, act as cooling systems, reflecting sunlight and radiating heat, offering a sustainable solution to rising energy needs.

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