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Lamb Weston faces market challenges: Q4 misses expectations, outlook for 2025 cautious

Lamb Weston Holdings reported disappointing fiscal fourth-quarter results for 2024, citing lower-than-expected price/mix outcomes, market share losses, and decreased restaurant traffic. The company anticipates a challenging fiscal 2025 due to continued menu price inflation impacting global demand for frozen potatoes. In response, Lamb Weston is making operational adjustments, including productivity initiatives and targeted investments, while staying committed to long-term strategic goals and customer service improvements.

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Wireworms in potatoes: Innovative biocontrol approach for effective control with beneficial nematodes

Wireworms, the larval stage of click beetles, significantly threaten potato production by feeding on underground plant parts, causing damage that reduces crop quality and marketability. Most conventional soil insecticides are banned or ineffective, but Koppert offers a biocontrol solution using beneficial nematodes, Casea and Capyphor, which reduce tuber damage by up to 30%, thus increasing yields and revenue for potato growers.

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Potato protein market expected to gain popularity across the globe

The global potato protein market is set to grow significantly from 2023 to 2031, with an expected CAGR of 6.9%. Growth drivers include rising adoption in food, beverages, animal feed, and cosmetics, a growing vegan population, and increased awareness of the environmental impact of animal farming. North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa will all contribute, with Asia-Pacific leading in growth.

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Unraveling the origin and global spread of the potato blight pathogen

Researchers from the Boyce Thompson Institute have challenged the theory that the potato blight pathogen Phytophthora infestans originated in Mexico. They discovered it likely arose in the South American Andes, then spread globally, impacting potato crops. Using genotypic data from 1,706 isolates, they traced its migration to Peru, Colombia, and beyond. Understanding these migration patterns is vital for improving disease control and enhancing global food security.

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Navigating the future of food: Wyma publishes a definitive guide to sustainable agriculture

Wyma’s guide on sustainable agriculture emphasizes reducing waste, conserving water, and optimizing land use to meet the growing food demand and counteract climate change. The guide aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals, advocating for efficient water and resource management, waste minimization, and biodiversity preservation to ensure a sustainable future for food production.

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Bayer looks to AI to combat herbicide resistance faster

Bayer’s crop science division is leveraging artificial intelligence to combat herbicide-resistant weeds, seeking new modes of action to assist farmers. Their Icafolin product, launching in Brazil in 2028, will be the first in 30 years. AI accelerates this discovery by matching weed protein structures with targeting molecules, utilizing vast data. This has tripled new mode discoveries compared to a decade ago.

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Tech against moths: “Attract-and-kill” technology to safeguard potato crops

Scientists at the International Potato Center (CIP) are combating the destructive Guatemalan potato moth, Tecia solanivora, which has plagued potato farmers in Tenerife since 1999. Using innovative techniques like “Attract-and-Kill” technology and the ILCYM Predictor, they aim to protect potato crops from severe economic impacts. These methods lure moths with pheromones and forecast pest behavior, ensuring effective pest management and agricultural sustainability.

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Global Potato Industry Award winners announced at the 12th World Potato Congress in Adelaide, Australia

On June 25, following the 12th World Potato Congress in Adelaide, Australia, an Industry Award Ceremony was held to honor nine individuals for their contributions to the potato industry. The awards, presented by WPC President Dr. Peter VanderZaag at a Gala Dinner, recognized recipients from various countries, including Nelio Campelio (Philippines), Walter Davidson (Canada), Abd-Allah Md Dhaif-Allah (Yemen), and others.

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‘HCIP210’: The new potato variety set to significantly boost incomes of smallholder farmers in tropical regions

The Syngenta Foundation and the International Potato Center teamed up with HZPC to create HCIP210, a potato variety tailored for tropical climates. The public-private partnership known as TAP5. The new variety, developed in under eight years, offers higher yields and better disease resistance compared to older European varieties. HCIP210 meets market requirements with fewer inputs, supporting sustainable agriculture and smallholder farmers in the tropics.

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NAPSO kicks off with inaugural virtual meeting, paving the way for advanced potato storage solutions

The North America Potato Storage Organization (NAPSO) held its inaugural virtual meeting on June 17, 2024, uniting industry experts dedicated to improving potato storage practices. Emphasizing the importance of efficient and sustainable storage, the founders outlined NAPSO’s mission to develop cutting-edge solutions for reducing waste, optimizing energy usage, and enhancing profitability. Future initiatives include conferences and community involvement to foster innovation and collaboration in the industry.

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Global potato starch prices to rise in June amidst strong demand and supply chain challenges

Potato starch prices are predicted to increase globally in June due to higher demand from downstream industries, rising feedstock costs, and supply chain disruptions. As buyers anticipate even greater demand later in the year, they might increase their purchases in June. Additionally, potato harvest season and economic shifts in China and the eurozone contribute to the price rise.

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Aussie potato growers first in world to access new fungicide to fight soil borne disease black scurf

Australian potato farmers are first globally to access Excalia, a new fungicide developed by Sumitomo Chemical Australia to combat Rhizoctonia solani. Launched in Melbourne, Excalia will be showcased at the 12th World Potato Congress in Adelaide. Sumitomo’s marketing manager Jock Leys highlighted its success in trials, improving yield and return on investment. The collaboration with Elders aims to ensure smooth distribution. Sumitomo will also introduce biostimulant products at the event.

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Podcast: ‘From Peru to Kenya – The Potato’s Journey of Resilience’

The first episode of ‘Crop Chronicles,’ a podcast by Crop Trust, explores the global significance and history of potatoes. Traveling from the Peruvian Andes to Kenyan farmlands, the podcast discusses the resilience of potatoes, innovative farming techniques, and scientific efforts to preserve potato diversity amid climate challenges. You can listen to the 20 minute long podcast on Spotify.

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Volm Companies embraces sustainability: Key takeaways from the International Sustainability Summit and a call to action

The International Sustainability Summit in Vancouver saw industry leaders, including Volm Companies, focus on standardizing sustainability in the fresh produce sector. Highlights from Volm’s involvement include integrating sustainability into core business practices, fostering collaboration, and advocating for universal standards. Volm’s efforts include hiring dedicated staff, creating supplier codes, performing energy audits, and developing sustainable products.

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Ensuring safe food: FPS celebrates World Food Safety Day with focus on hygienic design and safety controls

In celebration of World Food Safety Day 2024, FPS Food Process Solutions (FPS) stresses the importance of hygienic design and critical safety controls in the food processing industry. With the theme “Food safety: prepare for the unexpected,” WHO highlights the shared responsibility of food businesses. FPS emphasizes traceability, accessibility, cleanability, and the need for thorough food safety preparation to prevent contamination and ensure consumer safety.

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Report: Global processed potato market expected to reach $45 billion growth milestone by 2028

The global processed potatoes market is expected to grow by USD 45 billion between 2024 and 2028, driven by enhanced production capabilities and technological advancements according to Technavio. Key growth factors include investments in advanced technology and infrastructure, especially in North America and Europe. Challenges such as fluctuating raw material prices and regulatory standards persist, but sustainable practices are being adopted. Major players include Lamb Weston, McCain Foods, and The Kraft Heinz Company.

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Wyma champions sustainability in global food production with new comprehensive guide

Wyma, a leader in post-harvest equipment, released a sustainability guide highlighting the urgent need for innovative and efficient food production to address global challenges such as climate change and resource scarcity. By 2050, with an expected 35% population increase, food production must double. The guide emphasizes the importance of aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and underscores key strategies, including water conservation, handling and processing improvements, and sustainable land use, for a sustainable future.

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Global heatwave: Earth experiences unprecedented year of record-breaking temperatures

Over the past year, the planet experienced record-breaking temperatures every month, with the global average soaring to 1.63 C above pre-industrial levels. The United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, urged immediate action to curb greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. Scientists are alarmed at the rapid warming. The call to action stresses the urgency for world leaders and corporations to address the crisis.

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FPS Food Process Solutions’ global headcount now over 1,000 strong

FPS Food Process Solutions, a global leader in turn-key food processing solutions, has expanded to over 1,000 employees in 20 locations across six continents since its inception in 2010 with eight staff. The company’s growth encompasses strategic acquisitions and partnerships, enhancing its manufacturing, R&D, engineering, service, and sales. FPS continues to innovate and expand, aiming for continued growth in the food processing sector.

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International Day of Potato: At inaugural celebration, FAO highlights crop’s significance and further potential

The potato, eaten by over a billion people, is the third most available food crop globally. It was celebrated with its first International Day, recognizing its significance. FAO highlighted the potato’s role in food security, calling for investment in its potential. Emphasis was placed on genetic diversity, climate resilience, and economic opportunities for farmers, with initiatives supporting value chains and sustainable practices.

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EWRN Workshop: Global experts unite to tackle wireworm challenges in potato production

The European Wireworm Research Network (EWRN) will host a workshop on July 7th at the Scandic Fornebu Hotel in Oslo, Norway, focusing on wireworm infestations in potato crops. Keynotes include experts discussing management, challenges, and risk assessment. Country updates and scientific posters will be presented, and participants will engage in collaborative discussions. This event aims to unite researchers and professionals in addressing wireworm issues.

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Carlos Ochoa: Rightfully named the ‘Indiana Jones’ of the potato world

The latest installment of Krishak Jakat’s ‘Seed Heroes’ series honors Peruvian scientist Carlos Ochoa for his significant contributions to understanding and improving potato varieties. Known as the “Indiana Jones of the potato world,” Ochoa’s adventurous expeditions led to the discovery of numerous wild potato species. His work has greatly enhanced crop resilience and food security in Peru and beyond. Ochoa’s legacy is celebrated on International Potato Day, 30 May 2024.

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International Potato Day: Celebrating diversity, nutrition, sustainability and hope in a global staple crop

The International Potato Day, to be first celebrated on May 30th following a UN resolution, honours the potato’s versatility and significance as a staple food. The German Potato Industry, employing 110,000 people, is the largest EU producer with 264,700 hectares of cultivation. Potatoes are rich in nutrients, highly versatile in cooking, resilient, and sustainable. The event underscores their role in global nutrition, food security, and reducing ecological footprints, according to a recent press release issued jointly by German potato organizations UNIKA and DKHV.

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New era in plant breeding: Ohalo’s ‘Boosted Breeding’ technology a game changer for global agriculture

Ohalo has unveiled Boosted Breeding™, a groundbreaking new technology set to revolutionize global agriculture. This innovative system allows plants to inherit the complete genetic composition from both parents, resulting in offspring with enhanced traits, such as increased disease resistance and drought tolerance. Early trials indicate potential yield gains of 50-100%+. The technology also enables the generation of genetically uniform seeds for crops traditionally not grown from seeds, like potatoes, offering a scalable, cost-effective alternative to vegetative propagation.

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