Scotts look to step into the global fruit and vegetable processing, pre-cleaning market

Scotts Precision Manufacturing Ltd will be exhibiting for the first time next at Fruit Logistica 2022, Europe’s premier Fruit and vegetable exhibition, held in Berlin 5th – 7th of April in Hall 5.1 B22. “Behind the scenes we have been continually developing our industry leading Evolution Separator, best known for its ability to give exceptional cleaning capacity amongst most root crops,” says Derek Scott Managing Director.

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Haith to launch its Pro-Line solution at Fruit Logistica

Haith will use Fruit Logistica to officially launch an innovative new solution for packers and processors looking for a complete turnkey solution. The Pro-Line from Haith Group is a flexible wash line platform designed to deliver maximum operating efficiencies while giving class leading gentle handling and labour reduction.

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GRIMME UK taking to the road to showcase GL 420 Exacta potato planter

GRIMME UK is taking to the road next month to showcase its latest version of the GL 420 Exacta potato planter, which now offers four-row planting in 90cm row widths with true one-pass combination planting. The demonstration roadshow or “#RowShow2022” will start in the south of England and work its way north over the coming months.

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Crop specialists: This ‘cool pest prediction tool’ comes in handy for potato growers

A weather-based decision support system that originated 15 years ago in the tree fruit orchards of Washington state has branched into the region’s potato fields. The Pacific Northwest Potato Decision Aid System (DAS) collects regional weather inputs and combines that with research-based data on local pest populations. It then alerts growers to when different insect populations may be active.

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Paardekooper’s new delivery packaging keeps fries warm and crispy for longer

Cold and limp fries is a problem that many catering entrepreneurs encounter. Dutch based Paardekoper says in a news article that with its new Depa® French fries box, this problem is a thing of the past. The company says the revolutionary material composition and shape provide the ideal combination of ventilation, absorption and insulation. As a result, fries and snacks stay warm and crispy longer than in traditional delivery packaging.

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Kiremko issued a steam peeling patent by the US Patent Office

Kiremko B.V. is proud to announce the issuance by the US Patent Office of a patent that covers the company’s system for steam peeling of products having a skin. This unique concept is reflected in the steam peeling vessel of the market-leading Strata Invicta steam peeler, developed by the globally operating company and its partners Idaho Steel and Reyco.

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AgroScout awarded for providing ‘Top 10 Most Innovative Products’

Canada’s national potato magazine, SpudSmart, has selected the AgroScout crop monitoring solution as one of its Top 10 Most Innovative Products in the Potato Industry for 2022. Industry people from across the Canadian potato industry recently voted to choose companies that they want to name as one of the companies deserving of this honour.

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Renaissance BioScience announces new patents for acrylamide-reducing yeast technology

Canadian based Renaissance BioScience Corp. is pleased to announce that it has recently received new patent allowances and grants for its non-GMO acrylamide-reducing yeast (ARY) from regulatory authorities in China, Russia, India, Australia and Vietnam. These five new ARY patent grants and allowances join previously issued patents from the U.S., Japan, Indonesia, Chile and Colombia.

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Mobile solar pump for irrigation in remote areas

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar have developed a solar power system that can be easily moved between farms to pump water for irrigation. The kit comprises solar panels and an inverter to power a surface-mounted pump.

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Potato wholesaler Wilhelm Weyers invests in new optical potato sorting machine

German potato wholesaler Wilhelm Weyers from Weeze invested in a new optical potato sorting machine from Elisam last year. Managing director Reinhard Krebbers is proud of this novelty. “Thanks to our optical sorting machine, not a single internally defective potato leaves our premises. That is unique in the world. And we are quite proud of that,” Reinhard Krebbers says.

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UK sensor technology to boost agronomy in India

Improved agronomic decisions could soon be a reality for Indian farmers, following the launch of an international sensor technology project. The collaborative work aims to deliver a cost-effective environmental sensor technology to help enhance crop productivity, reduce waste and increase profitability. The project is overseen by CHAP and Terraprima, alongside Indian organic fertiliser company, Organic Solution.

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Biological product treats stored potatoes for dry rot and simultaneously acts as sprout suppressant

Canadian based MustGrow Biologics Corp. is pleased to announce successful postharvest trials in both disease control and sprout suppression of stored potatoes conducted by a third-party independent laboratory. The company says no combination solutions currently exist that treat both disease and sprouting – making MustGrow’s application unique in addressing both postharvest issues in potatoes simultaneously.

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‘Combined processing excellence now a reality’: Kiremko and FAM Stumabo announce global partnership

Kiremko and FAM Stumabo have entered into a long-term global partnership. Kiremko is a world leader in the manufacturing of turnkey potato processing lines. FAM Stumabo is known globally for its progressive industrial potato cutting solutions and innovative shapes produced by hydro-cutting technology. Kiremko will exclusively use Stumabo knives in its innovative cutting line and hydro cutters.

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Scotts appoints RM Agricultural Engineering to support growth

Scotts Precision Manufacturing Ltd has extended its distribution network with the appointment of a new sales and service agent to cover the West Midlands in the UK. RM Agri will be offering Scotts’ full range of Trinity toppers, Microlift Pro fully mounted windrowers and harvesters, Evolution separators and their latest Grimme GT170 Windrower conversion kits.

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Colombia’s Frozen Express finds success with Elea PEF system

In August 2021, Frozen Express has installed an Elea PEF system into their production line as part of an upgrade of their processing line. The aim of the PEF implementation was to be able to produce larger fries in different shapes with better quality and to save costs in the production process.

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AgroScout interviews renowned entomologist during conference event

AgroScout is an ag-tech company that aims to improve yield quality and quantity through visual inspection in the field. Representatives from AgroScout attended the recent Washington Oregon Potato Conference 2022 event. They joined by a special guest, Dr. Alan Schreiber, the owner and operator of Agriculture Development Group, Inc., (ADG) an agriculture research and consulting company.

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Making clouds rain with electricity

“Get the hail off my crop and start making it rain on the plain with a plane”, farmers might be saying as new technology emerges. In mankind’s eternal quest to milk the clouds for rain, the latest and perhaps most promising technology involves a Cessna spray plane flying into clouds, releasing electrostatically charged water droplets.

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Syngenta announces new solution to preserve quality of potatoes in storage

Potato growers in the U.S. facing post-harvest diseases now have a new option for protection during storage. Archive fungicide from Syngenta preserves potato quality in post-harvest. “Archive is a powerful pre-mix fungicide that will help growers combat the major storage pathogens that threaten their crop,” says Heather Ambuehl, post-harvest lead at Syngenta. “This post-harvest tool is one growers can incorporate into their decay management strategy.”

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‘Think of farm data as your biggest ally,’ says John Deere’s Division Business Manager

Adrian Saenz presented last week during the Potato Business Summit, held in conjunction with Potato Expo 2022. Saenz is currently the Division Business Manager for the John Deere Agricultural & Turf Division within Deere. During his presentation, titled “Ag Technology Outlook”, Adrian Saenz highlighted the importance – and abundance – of data that modern commercial farmers are able to gather via technological means nowadays.

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