Innovative crop analysis tool HarvestEye secures key distributor in Finland for potato and onion markets

HarvestEye, a machine-learning crop insight tool, has appointed Antti Hintikka of U2 Online Oy as its distributor in Finland for its HarvestEye 2.0 and handheld systems. These systems improve crop data collection and are now integrated into Finland’s potato and onion markets, providing growth opportunities and technological advancements for local agricultural practices. Antti’s collaboration with HarvestEye will enhance precision agriculture and optimize crop management through valuable data insights.

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From potatoes to premium products: Pulsemaster leads the charge in food processing innovation

Pulsemaster has launched a new industrial-scale pulsed electric field system, capable of processing up to 10 tons of food per hour. This technology enhances efficiency, taste, and nutritional value in food processing, particularly potatoes, reducing waste and oil uptake. It also supports sustainability by lowering energy and water use, aligning with global trends. Pulsemaster is set to showcase this breakthrough at Anuga FoodTec 2024, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and sustainability in the food industry.

Read More announces advanced potato desiccation applicators for 2024 growing season

As the 2024 growing season nears, invites agri-professionals to its field days, featuring the new potato desiccation applicators—an innovative solution promising 25% increased efficiency and one-pass desiccation. This German-engineered technology facilitates optimal harvesting, operates at high speeds, adheres to organic standards, and has been recognized as a leading European innovation. Attendees can arrange personal meetings with experts by registering online for the event.

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Pulsemaster’s groundbreaking innovations in PEF technology set to shine at Anuga FoodTec 2024

Pulsemaster will showcase its latest pulsed electric field (PEF) technology at Anuga FoodTec 2024 from March 19-22 in Cologne, Germany. Managing Director Mark de Boevere will present their new PEF-system for big raw-peeled potatoes, vital for french fries and potato chip quality enhancement. With a focus on the booming healthy snacks market, they’re also developing PEF for dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Pulsemaster’s innovation aligns with clean food trends and has garnered international interest.

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Royal recognition: Princess Anne tours award-winning Haith Group in South Yorkshire

On February 21st, HRH The Princess Royal visited Haith Group, a top UK vegetable machinery firm in South Yorkshire. Observing their acclaimed machinery and touring the facilities, she gained insights into their award-winning innovations like the Rota-Tip box tippler and Root Veg Polisher. Her Royal Highness unveiled a commemorative plaque and engaged with the Haith family and staff. Haith, founded in 1947, employs over 120 people and is essential to global food producers.

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Kiremko peels away limitations at Anuga FoodTec: Innovation, sustainability, and your future processing success

Kiremko is set to impress at Anuga FoodTec 2024 with their complete turnkey potato processing solutions, emphasizing sustainability with their “Less is More” approach. As global leaders and partners with Idaho Steel, they offer optimization from peeling to final product. Discover their eco-friendly, innovative equipment and strategic partnership opportunities at their booth in Cologne, Germany, or online.

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Navigating water scarcity: The promise of drip irrigation for sustainable potato farming

The CHIPS Nov-Dec 2023 issue features an article by Lukie Pieterse on using drip irrigation in water-scarce potato farming. Highlighting the technique’s efficiency in water and nutrient delivery, it offers potential for higher yields and quality produce. Despite higher initial costs, long-term benefits include savings and better production. Challenges like system clogging and soil salinity are noted. The article advocates for farmer education, government support, and technological advances to optimize drip irrigation for potato production.

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‘Tiny titans of the farm’: Nanotechnology poised to revolutionize agriculture, but cautious steps needed

Scientists from the School of Biological Sciences, Central University of Kerala anticipate nanotechnology will significantly advance agriculture, as detailed in their review published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Research. Nanotech approaches, like nano-fertilizers, biosensors, and enhanced seeds, aim to improve yields, reduce environmental impact, and combat food insecurity due to climate change and population growth. However, challenges such as potential nanoparticle toxicity, ethical issues related to accessibility, and ecological effects must be addressed responsibly.

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CropX and Reinke introduce groundbreaking water management tool for precision irrigation

CropX Technologies partners with Reinke Irrigation, introducing Reinke Direct ET, an innovative product for precise water management in farming. The device measures Actual Evapotranspiration (ETa) using a sensor affixed to Reinke’s center pivot system, optimizing irrigation via direct field-specific water usage data. This partnership aims to enhance sustainable farming practices and informed decision-making, complementing CropX’s accurate agronomic farm management system and promoting efficient water use globally.

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TOMRA Food revolutionizes food processing with AI-driven solutions and new organizational structure

TOMRA Food announced an agile new structure and three AI-powered sorting and grading solutions at Fruit Logistica in Berlin. With an increased focus on customer proximity and innovation, the reorganized company combines its processed and fresh food sectors into unified regional teams (EMEA, Americas, APAC), supported by a central hub for R&D and operations. The new AI technologies promise unparalleled accuracy in grading, aiming to boost productivity and minimize waste.

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PACE’s transatlantic leap: Bringing advanced potato packaging solutions to the U.S. market

PACE Mechanical Handling, a UK-based automated potato packaging firm, aims to expand into the US market in 2024 by building a dealer network. With over 250 UK installations, a strong domestic presence, and international projects including Canada, the company offers efficient solutions to alleviate labor shortages and enhance productivity. With a successful track record in the UK, the firm is confident in replicating its success in the American market.

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HarvestEye’s groundbreaking insights tool with expanded crop compatibility to be unveiled at Fruit Logistica 2024

HarvestEye will exhibit its crop insights tool at Fruit Logistica, offering the fresh produce sector a method to assess crops’ size and variety via its updated system compatible with onions and potatoes. The technology includes a new handheld device for pre-harvest analysis. Growers can lease or rent units, gaining actionable AI insights to enhance supply chain efficiency and reduce waste.

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‘From soils to satellites’: Harnessing EOSDA Crop Monitoring for sustainable potato cultivation in the U.S.

Potato cultivation, integral to global agriculture, has evolved significantly in the U.S. with modern technologies. Satellite imagery, drones, IoT sensors, and AI analytics provide real-time insights into crop health and environmental conditions, revolutionizing farming practices. This shift towards precision agriculture enhances efficiency, sustainability, and productivity. EOSDA Crop Monitoring, a digital platform, plays a pivotal role by offering detailed analyses for optimal potato growth, marking a new era in agricultural productivity and environmental stewardship.

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Agtech’s new horizon: Five game-changing predictions for 2024

A Forbes article by Shayna Harris outlines five key predictions for the food and agtech sector in 2024. These include the pivotal role of farmland in carbon management, the resurgence of alternative proteins, the shift from carbon offsets to insets, technological advancements in traditionally ‘boring’ industries, and a more cautious investment approach focusing on fundamental strengths.

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Potato Expo 2024: Haith to showcase three cutting-edge potato handling technologies

Haith is set to debut three cutting-edge innovations at Potato Expo 2024 in Austin. The ProDry expedites drying with an advanced fan and belt system, while the upgraded Rota-Tip box tippler boasts enhanced stacking and de-stacking functions, reducing forklift movements. Additionally, the QuantaFill box filler gently transfers crops into boxes, catering to both efficiency and operator convenience. Haith anticipates a strong reception for these time and labor-saving machines at the event.

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GRIMME UK unveils New Year deals for farm machinery, offering financial relief to growers

GRIMME UK has launched new money-saving promotions for growers, including delayed payment terms on irrigation equipment, with growers able to buy now and pay later on new in-stock reels. Flexible payment options are also available for carrot, parsnip, and onion machines, and a fixed price per acre on sugar beet harvesters. Nathan Hotchen, GRIMME UK’s Sales Manager, acknowledges the challenges faced by British farming in 2023 and hopes the promotions will ease the burden for growers.

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Transforming agri-business: Key technological trends to watch in 2024

The agricultural industry is embracing advanced technology amidst extreme weather and supply chain challenges. CEO Ron Baruchi outlines five key trends for 2024 that could transform the industry: Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI), digital twins for field trials optimization, regenerative agriculture innovations, cloud-based technologies, and sustainable packaging solutions. These trends aim to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and productivity as the industry adapts to a growing population and evolving consumer demands.

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Agricultural innovators: Pioneering project calls for British farmers to help train robots in slug control

A groundbreaking trial in the UK will equip farmers with special rigs to train robots to detect and treat slugs in arable crops. The project, part of SLIMERS, aims to develop sustainable slug control strategies using advanced technology and biological agents. Farmers can participate in a webinar on January 10 and receive payment for their involvement. The initiative seeks to enlist farmers with a strong understanding of pest control and a willingness to embrace new technologies.

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A new era in precision agriculture: How the Picketa LENS tool is changing the game for crop nutrient management

In 2023, Picketa Systems introduced the Leaf-Evaluated-Nutrient-System (LENS) to offer real-time plant nutrient analysis, enabling adaptive input management. The LENS, an alternative to time-consuming lab protocols, provides accurate nutrient uptake data, helping manage fertilizer costs and adapting to fluctuating crop conditions. Used by agronomists and growers for instant agronomic feedback, it has aided in operational cost savings, improved decision-making, and enhanced crop quality. Plans to expand LENS to support additional crops like corn are underway.

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Pulsemaster revolutionizes food processing with new innovative Compact PEF system

Pulsemaster has launched a compact industrial-scale pulsed electric field (PEF) system, designed to process up to 10 tons of tubers, roots, vegetables, and fruits per hour. It’s a revolutionary fit for small and mid-scale production lines due to its minimal footprint, rapid startup, and commitment to sustainability. It uses electroporation for tissue softening, enhancing food quality. Particularly beneficial for frozen foods, it enhances flavor and maintains cell structure. Pulsemaster’s new system illustrates their dedication to advancing food quality and production efficiency globally.

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From spuds to fuel: Researchers develop hydrogen fuel from potato peelings, waste products

Researchers at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) in Canada are developing a sustainable and cost-effective method to produce hydrogen from waste materials, including used plastic and potato peelings. This innovative approach involves using a catalyst to break down waste and release hydrogen gas. The research aims to align with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable energy sources, potentially transforming the energy sector.

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GRIMME UK’s Toppa 600: A game-changing haulm topper, boasting German craftsmanship and novel design

GRIMME UK is releasing a new three-bed folding haulm topper, Toppa 600, in time for the 2024 potato harvest. As the first of its kind to be built in Germany, Toppa 600 will span six rows and is equipped with hydraulic depth control and a special blade configuration. It requires only a 140hp tractor, thereby reducing soil compaction. The Toppa 600, along with two other models, will be available with 0% finance and a five-year warranty.

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Innovations in irrigation: Bauer unveils upgraded E-Series reel irrigators

Bauer’s new E-series reel irrigators offer several enhanced features to aid with operation and maintenance without compromising the product’s performance and durability. Upgrades include a side guard cover that uses catches instead of bolts for easier access, and a larger battery to power a touch-screen controller with capabilities for multiple irrigation programmes. The product also incorporates a ‘Smart Rain’ remote monitoring and control app and the Ecostar 6000 controller. These innovations make the Bauer E-series more user-friendly and efficient for irrigation management.

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From 1963 to 2023: Haith Group’s journey with the iconic mobile grader

Haith Group recently celebrated the diamond anniversary of its mobile grader, which debuted in 1963 and has since become one of its best-selling machines, with over 300 produced. Haith continues to prioritise customisation and meeting customers’ bespoke needs. Their latest grader model, the PRO SF 2400S, bought by BH Savidge & Son, features all the standard options and is capable of handling over 100 tonnes per hour. Haith expects an increased interest in mobile machinery in the coming years.

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