‘From fries to fortunes’: The booming growth of the frozen potato industry sector

The global frozen potato market is projected to reach $92.63 billion by 2030, up from $65.06 billion in 2022, according to The Insight Partners. This surge is driven by the growing demand for ready-to-eat foods and the popularity of convenience items. Key industry players are expanding through mergers and innovative product launches. The rising number of dual-income families and single households further fuels the demand for frozen potato products.

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‘Potatoes Forever!’ campaign launched in Europe to promote sustainable practices in the potato industry

Europe has initiated a €3.2 million “POTATOES FOREVER!” campaign, spanning three years in France and Italy, to educate the public about sustainable practices in the potato sector. Funded 80% by the European Union, the campaign aims to highlight the industry’s efforts in biodiversity protection, water conservation, and eco-friendly farming. The initiative responds to consumers’ growing demand for transparency in food production and sustainability.

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The ‘potato chronicles’: National Potato Council unpacking the latest in US potato industry trends

The National Potato Council’s ‘Spud Nation Report’, published earlier this year, provides a detailed overview of the US potato industry. It highlights a rising demand for potatoes, with sales reaching $4.8 billion in 2022. The report discusses production trends, export-import dynamics, changing consumer preferences towards organic and non-GMO potatoes, sustainability efforts, technological advancements in food safety, marketing strategies, policy implications, labor challenges, and research initiatives.

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America’s ‘veggie king’: The unwavering popularity of potatoes

At the 2023 Potato Business Summit earlier this year, Kim Breshears of Potatoes USA highlighted the enduring popularity of potatoes in America. Studies show potatoes as the top vegetable for five consecutive years. While 40% of the U.S. potato crop goes to retail and food service each, 20% is exported. Despite a brief pandemic-induced dip, food service sales are rebounding, indicating a robust future for the potato industry. The data presented by Kim Breshears underscores the unwavering popularity of potatoes in the U.S. market.

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Eye on Potatoes podcast: Defending potatoes in the 2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans process

The “Eye on Potatoes” podcast discussed the upcoming 2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA). The U.S. potato industry aims to ensure accurate potato nutrition information is considered in the guidelines. NPC CEO Kam Quarles provided testimony to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. The podcast also featured Beth Johnson, a food policy expert with over 25 years of experience, who has been working with NPC to promote the benefits of potatoes.

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A booming global potato snacks market: Flavors and health trends shape its future growth

The global potato snacks market is booming, valued at $92.31 billion in 2023 and expected to grow at a 3.1% CAGR to $125.04 billion by 2033, according to Persistence Market Research. Factors such as rising disposable incomes, increasing population, and urbanization are driving this growth. The market is also influenced by trends like demand for flavored and organic snacks, and innovative packaging. Potato snacks, including chips and fries, have become a staple in global snacking culture.

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Fries on the rise: Nearly half of potatoes now go into frozen products

The USDA’s Economic Research Service reveals that the majority of potatoes in the U.S. are now sold in processed forms like frozen, chipped, or canned products. The popularity of french fries in quick-service restaurants has led to a rise in frozen potato products since 1979. However, the trend saw a slowdown as consumers adopted low-carb diets and explored alternative foods. Despite this, frozen potato availability increased by 8% during the pandemic years of 2019–21. Quick-service restaurants account for two-thirds of french fry consumption.

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The booming demand for frozen potatoes: A decade’s outlook

The global frozen potato market is projected to grow from $60.30 Billion in 2021 to $92.70 Billion by 2031, driven by rising disposable incomes, especially in emerging economies. China’s increasing purchasing power and the expansion of fast-food chains in Latin America play significant roles. However, developed countries are witnessing a shift towards healthier food alternatives. The growth of quick-service restaurants offering budget-friendly frozen potato options further propels the market.

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‘Between health and harvest’: Europe’s debate on glyphosate use

Glyphosate, a key herbicide globally, faces potential bans in Europe due to environmental and health concerns. Its prohibition could significantly impact European agriculture, especially high-value crops. The economic effects vary by country and farming system, with potential increased costs and yield losses. The decision to ban balances health risks against economic implications.

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Potato passion: Unraveling the Germans’ deep-rooted affection for potatoes

The potato, originating from the Andes, has become a cornerstone of German cuisine and culture. In a DW Euromaxx episode, Hannah Hummel explores Germany’s 270 unique potato varieties and their deep-rooted significance. From traditional dishes like roast potatoes and potato salad to the annual consumption of 56 kilos per person, Germany’s adoration for this tuber is unparalleled. Farmers like Sebastian Klass equate harvesting potatoes to discovering “gold nuggets,” symbolizing their treasured status.

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Potatoes: More than just a staple in South African cuisine

On National Potato Day, South Africa celebrates its long-standing love for potatoes, a vital part of its culinary history. As reported by Duncan Masiwa for Food for Mzansi, potatoes have been cherished for generations. Willie Jacobs, CEO of Potatoes South Africa, highlights their unifying power and versatility. They’re not just a food source but also a symbol of unity and adaptability.

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Swedish innovation: DUG shakes up plant-based milk market with potato power

Swedish company DUG has revolutionized the plant-based milk industry with its innovative potato milk. Launched in 2021, this sustainable alternative uses significantly less land and water than traditional plant-based milks. Originating from Professor Eva Tornberg’s research at Lund University, the product boasts a unique amino acid profile and avoids common allergens. With its recent UK expansion and multiple awards, DUG is set to lead the sustainable food movement.

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U.S. potatoes prove resilient: Retail dollar sales hit $16.9 billion for the 52-week period 2022-2023

U.S. retail potato sales soared 16.8% from July 2022 to June 2023, reaching a five-year high of $16.9 billion. Despite a 19.9% price increase, potatoes remained affordable at $2.36/pound. All potato categories, including frozen, canned, and fresh, saw growth in dollar sales. Russet potatoes led the fresh category with a 23.5% sales increase, while larger pack sizes faced declines.

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The end of an iconic era? Scotland’s fish and chip shops at a crossroads due to economic challenges

Scotland’s renowned fish and chip industry in East Neuk of Fife is under threat, with escalating costs forcing cherished shops to close. The war in Ukraine, Brexit complications, and rising energy costs have made it increasingly difficult for these businesses to survive. The National Federation of Fish Friers warns that up to a third of the UK’s 10,500 shops might close, marking a potential “extinction event” for this iconic British industry. As costs continue to rise and economic conditions worsen, the future of the industry remains uncertain.

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‘A Cut Above’: Side Delights unveils new premium potato line for its foodservice program

Fresh Solutions Network (FSN) is set to showcase its A Cut Above potato line at the IFPA Foodservice Expo in Monterey, California. The premium-quality, three-tier program is designed to enhance kitchen operations and boost profitability. The line includes fresh whole, whole-peeled, and fresh-cut potatoes. Kathleen Triou, CEO of FSN, highlighted the products’ exceptional taste and consistent texture, making them ideal for creating signature potato dishes.

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Why do we love crunchy potato chips? The science behind it

The enjoyment of crunchy potato chips is not just about taste, but also the sensory experience of sound. Food sensory researchers suggest that the crunchiness of chips adds excitement to eating and is associated with freshness. Foods that don’t make much noise don’t provide the same level of stimulation. The crunchiness of fresh carrots, apples, and celery signals that the food is fresh and nutritious.

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McCain’s soil health mission: A story of french fries, regenerative agriculture, and a beloved TV character

On National French Fry Day, McCain, the world’s largest french fry producer, is using the revival of a beloved TV character, Barb, to demonstrate the potential of regenerative agriculture in restoring eroded farmland. McCain aims to apply regenerative practices to all its potato farms by 2030, promoting farm resilience, crop diversity, and reduced chemical impacts.

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The Grocer: British potato prices soar by up to 100% in a year as supply tightens

Potato prices in the mults have jumped by as much as 100% on last year’s levels, research by The Grocer has found. As Grace Duncan reports in a news story published by The Grocer, after wholesale prices hit their highest-ever rates in May, The Grocer’s research found on-shelf retail prices for potatoes have also soared. Tim O’Malley of Nationwide Produce said prices had hit the “highest levels I’ve ever known”.

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Canada ready to approve Veg of Lund’s innovative potato-based beverage patent

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office intends to approve Swedish based Veg of Lund AB’s patent for “vegan potato emulsion”, a vegetable milk alternative. This comes after patent approvals in Europe and Sweden for the potato-based beverage sold under the DUG brand. Veg of Lund is also pursuing patent approvals in Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the UAE, and the USA.

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Feeding Gen Z consumers: Insights into their eating habits, relationship with potatoes

A panel of five Generation Z consumers shared their attitudes and buying habits toward food, including their perception of potatoes at the Potatoes USA annual meeting. The panelists discussed the factors that influenced their food choices and how they use social media platforms. to find recipe inspiration. Their preferences varied, but some of them were health-conscious and preferred home-cooked meals. There’s an opportunity to educate this generation on their benefits.

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National Fish and Chip Day: Just Eat unveils the UK’s biggest fish and chip lovers

Just Eat data shows the North East is the UK’s top region for fish and chips, with over 50,000 orders this year. Cod is the most popular takeaway fish, and 73% of North East orders are for fish and chips. Across the UK, vinegar is the favourite condiment, especially among over 55s, while 18-34-year-olds prefer ketchup. Fluffy, thick-cut chips are most popular. Fish and chips rank as the seventh most popular UK cuisine on Just Eat, up from eighth in 2022.

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‘The secrets within’: How the potato is reshaping the food industry

The potato, a globally prevalent food staple, plays a pivotal role in the food industry and holds untapped potential. As the interest in plant-based products grows, the potato, rich in protein and fiber, proves increasingly valuable. This Food Matters Live podcast, partnering with Royal Avebe, investigates the potato’s journey and its potential contributions to the modern food industry.

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‘The Age of Snacks’: Frito-Lay and Quaker unveil summer snacking habits in the U.S.

Frito-Lay and Quaker have launched their inaugural U.S. Summer Snack Index, uncovering consumer snacking habits to enrich summer experiences. The report indicates that pre-planned snacks reduce road trip stress for 85% of Americans, and snacks are often prioritized over clean restrooms by younger road trippers. The study highlights the vital role of snacks in enhancing morale during trips and reducing traffic stress, with 41% of people preferring control over snacks rather than music during travel.

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‘The great repackaging’: Snack industry’s shift towards sustainable solutions

Florencio Cuétara co-founded Okeanos to create eco-friendly packaging using calcium carbonate, after encountering plastic pollution firsthand. British company Two Farmers developed 100% compostable eucalyptus cellulose packaging, while Frito-Lay introduced bags made of 85% polylactic acid. These innovations come amid increasing pressure for snack companies to find sustainable alternatives to traditional plastic packaging.

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