Rathenau Institute: 'Hybrid potato breeding offers worldwide opportunities'

Hybrid potato breeding can contribute to environmental sustainability and food security. It also offers opportunities for the global market. Timely steering is essential if these opportunities are to be seized. For example, the Dutch potato sector and authorities must keep innovating and investing in knowledge development. The Rathenau Institute in the Netherlands did some research. This was into the socio-economic[Read More…]

Green Thumb Farms to expand Maine potato universe

This month, potato lovers are getting a chance to try a new variety that hasn’t been seen in New England before, the result of a partnership between Fryeburg’s Green Thumb Farms and Hannaford Supermarkets. If it works, new kinds of potatoes might be introduced to a wider range of Maine stores. Mike Hart, director of sales and marketing for Green[Read More…]

Joint venture: Agrico and S.V. Agri to offer high quality seed potatoes in India

Agrico, a world-renowned Dutch cooperative of more than 1,300 specialist potato growers, has agreed to set up a joint venture with Pune-based potato supply chain organization S.V. Agri to develop high-yield varieties uniquely suitable to India. The new joint venture, named S.V. Agrico Pvt. Ltd., will produce high-grade basic seed material under controlled conditions. Agrico varieties, which are widely accepted[Read More…]

Webinar: Feed the Future – Biotechnology Potato Partnership: Durable late blight resistance to South East Asia

The World Potato Congress (WPC) is pleased to be offering the first webinar in its 2020 series featuring Dr. David Douches on January 24, 2020 at 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (USA and Canada).  Abstract: The Feed the Future – Biotechnology Potato Partnership (BPP) is a five-year, multi-institution cooperative agreement between MSU, USAID, Simplot Company and other global institutions to develop and bring[Read More…]

US: Potato pest-management seminar to look at trial results

Results of research trials funded by the Northwest Potato Research Consortium and other publicly funded research will be discussed as part of an upcoming potato pest-management seminar, according to a report by Capital Press. Jeff Miller, plant pathologist and principal with seminar host Miller Research LLC, said the trials looked at 13 measurements on eight varieties — including new Teton,[Read More…]

Europlant France: 'Our potato varieties must meet more and more criteria'

With climate change, the CIPC ban, and the ban on insecticides and many other phytosanitary products, potato producers work hard to offer varieties meeting these new challenges. According to Léa Roussineau of Europlant France, we need varieties that have it all: Taste, tolerance to diseases, good harvest yields and good conservation, without forgetting a good ‘washability’. “We are faced more[Read More…]

Rwanda pilots ‘revolutionary’ potato seed produced by Dutch company

According to a report published by The New Times, the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) has started testing True Potato Seed, which are produced by Solynta, a Dutch firm that develops hybrid potatoes. True Potato Seed (TPS) are collected from the berries or fruits of the potato plant. One of the benefits of such seed is that as opposed to using[Read More…]

US approves three GMO potato varieties that can be grown and sold in retail outlets

Note to readers: This article was first published in February 2017 with authorization of Simplot Company Ltd, and the abstract below is a re-print of the original article. Editor, Potato News Today Three types of potatoes genetically engineered to resist late blight are safe for the environment and safe to eat, federal officials in the US have reportedly announced last[Read More…]

Webinar: Potato specialist explains how biotech project develops improved varieties for low-income farmers

The World Potato Congress (WPC) is very pleased to be offering this first webinar in its 2020 series featuring Dr. David Douches.  The Feed the Future – Biotechnology Potato Partnership (BPP) is a five-year, multi-institution cooperative agreement between MSU, USAID, Simplot Company and other global institutions to develop and bring to market improved potato products to low-income farmers in South East Asian countries.[Read More…]

James Hutton Institute: Boosting potato breeding for PCN resistance by application of modern technologies

Potato cyst nematodes (PCN), and the species of Globodera pallida in particular, have been spreading steadily across the UK over the past recent decades, posing significant threats to the sustainability of the potato industry, especially the seed potato industry, in Scotland. Despite both statutory and agronomic counter measures (primarily rotations and the use of nematicides) that have been taken, the increasing prevalence[Read More…]

Wada Farms organic programs continue to grow

With demand for organically-grown produce continuing to increase, Wada Farm Marketing Group LLC in Idaho Falls, ID, made a commitment several years ago to greatly expand its organic offerings across all of its product lines. That effort is ongoing, as the company continues not only to increase its volume of organic products but also to extend availability, with a goal[Read More…]

US: Varietals, organics continue to spice up potato business

A potato isn’t just a potato, particularly now, with new varieties and organics coming on, marketers say. “Everyone is looking for category growth, and that is coming from specialty and organic offerings,” said Scott Leimkuhler, vice president with Los Angeles-based Progressive Produce LLC in Walla Walla, Wash. Large size packs on russets (10s and 15s) are decreasing in popularity, as consumers are[Read More…]

How Peru’s potato museum could stave off world food crisis

th a climate changing faster than most crops can adapt and food security under threat around the world, scientists have found hope in a living museum dedicated to a staple eaten by millions daily: the humble potato. High in the Peruvian Andes, agronomists are looking to the ancestral knowledge of farmers to identify genetic strains which could help the tubers[Read More…]

Michigan State University growing and selling purple potatoes for chips

“In our breeding efforts we were able to come across some unique potatoes that have actually strong deep purple pigmentations.” David Douches, part of the Potato Breeding Team at Michigan State, says that coloring is thanks to anthocyanin, an antioxidant found in blueberries, grapes and red wine. “So it’s probably healthier for you,” said Douches. “We’re just playing off of[Read More…]

Reducing chemical use: British growers asked to help developing a new potato variety comparison tool

The pressure on growers to reduce their use of herbicides and pesticides continues to grow. One of the most effective tools in the arsenal of any grower is exploiting the variety of a crop for its genetic resistance to disease, according to AHDB in the UK. “We are developing a brand new tool to help you review the varieties you[Read More…]

Irish company saw 'strong demand for potato varieties'

Donegal Investment Group has reported a 61% annual increase in operating profit to €3.1 million, its latest financial results show. The potato seed and dairy producer’s group revenue increased by 11.4% to €45.2 million in the 12 months to 31 August, 2019. During the period the company saw ‘strong demand for it produce businesses’ seed potato varieties.’ However, Vance said[Read More…]

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